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The Prostate Health Program: BETTER, FASTER, and MORE EFFECTIVE Than Total Health

Low PSA In 1 Month - GUARANTEED!


Hello friend. Ben here!

If you’re reading this, then it means you’re eager to hear more about my new and exclusive Prostate Health Program.

It’s the culmination of all of my 20 years of research, formulation and work in metabolic and prostate health.

Like I’ve told you before, prostate disease is a complex, metabolic disease with many different causes, side effects and symptoms.

You already know that prostate disease is something that you developed over decades. The buildup of metabolic damage irritating and enlarging your prostate. So it's probably no surprise to you that it is difficult to fully reverse the damage… and it's nearly impossible to do it quickly.

But, what I am about to announce… is something really incredible. A fast and permanent solution to all prostate disease.

Something even better than my Total Health for the Prostate!

Something that can fully restore prostate health faster than anything else in the world… not just faster than supplements, but faster than drugs or surgery and without the side effects or expensive price tag.

Sounds great right?

So let’s get straight into it!

Over the last 20 years I have discovered that for many men, a single supplement (even one as powerful as Total Health) is just not enough. That's because it is impossible to fit everything many men need to restore their prostate health into a single supplement.

Only a complete program of supplements could address all of the individual causes of prostate disease and could truly reverse it...

But a truly complete program that could work for any man, and provide a full, permanent and side effect free solution to prostate disease would be very difficult to create and very expensive to buy…

Which is why it took me almost 20 years to design, formulate, reformulate and perfect it.

So today I am really excited to introduce the Prostate Health Program.

A Full, Permanent And Side Effect Free Solution To Prostate Disease...

It’s a combination of 3 of the most effective supplements for prostate health in the world. Each one is designed to work synergistically together while addressing different facets of prostate disease.

Each one with a proven track record of helping men beat BPH, inflammation and high PSAs… so individually they are powerful, but when you put them together... something truly amazing happens.


So What Is The Prostate Health Program And Why Did You Create It?

I have been on a mission to help men improve their prostate health for almost 20 years now. But over the last few years, I began noticing a trend...a select group of men who took my supplements but seemed to be getting better, faster results than everyone else.

Now, of course I know that everyone’s health, diet, exercise regimen and situation is different. So initially I didn’t think much of it, I just put it down to variance. Different men, eating different foods, doing different workouts, getting different results... It made sense, so I never really gave it much thought.

However, the customer service team did…

Why did they give it so much more attention than me? Well it's because they noticed a pattern. They noticed that this group of men always wrote testimonials earlier than everyone else. For some reason they were feeling the impact of the supplements earlier, and to a greater degree than everyone else.

Now I read every comment, testimonial, complaint and question that gets sent through, because your testimonials light up my day – hearing how men have improved their health and are feeling happier, stronger, fitter and feeling younger all while sleeping through the night – literally puts a massive smile on my face.

The pattern the customer service team noticed was that the men who got the best results in the shortest time: WERE ALL TAKING 3 SPECIFIC SUPPLEMENTS…

And this pattern went back for years. We tracked down old testimonials all the way back all the way back from 2008 and we saw the same thing.

Those that got the best results… same three supplements.

Those that got the fastest results… same three supplements.

Those that saw the biggest improvement in symptoms and the largest reduction in PSA levels… same three supplements.

Looking back on it, it is a little embarrassing that I didn’t work it out sooner. Because just like those men, I take all three of these supplements everyday to maintain my now healthy prostate.

What are those supplements?


Total Health for the Prostate, Prostate Healer and Prostate Power...

A multi vitamin, multi-mineral approach, combined with a Herbal tincture and an all-natural symptom alleviator.

Which got me thinking… was there a way that I could design a program that had these three supplements, a bunch of exclusive bonuses, a big discount and some added extras?

total Health


Heck yeah there was! And It's not just going to lower your PSA, shrink your prostate and get rid of your BPH for good. it's going to save you money as well!


But first,  here are just a few testimonials left by men taking these supplements. You can read about their fantastic results in their own words below!








testimonials testimonials












This is a program trusted and successfully used by men just like you.

But it’s also the only all natural prostate supplement program endorsed by REAL, PRACTISING, US Based Doctors.

"The Only Prostate Supplement Program Trusted by Doctors"


"Ben's Total Health has an inclusion of many research validated nutrients with diverse mechanisms at work to support optimal healthy prostate function (which in turn helps things like controlling frequent and night time urination). Moreover, the evidence of it countering cancer growth and progression is impressive."

- Dr Eric Wood


"I hate the thought that any man out there suffers because he didn’t realize that there was anything else he could do for his prostate. Yet the answer is simple – start with the Ben’s Total Health for the Prostate and make it your foundational supplement. Stay on the healing journey and read, read, and study the great info provided on Ben’s site and with the product"

- Dr Donna Schwontkowski

So why do I need a program?

One of the most common questions I get, is “why do I need a program, why 3 supplements?”, “and why deliver them monthly?” To put it simply, there are 4 reasons; firstly different nutrients, compounds and ingredients need to be prepared in different ways, to ensure maximum bio availability and efficacy. The herbs I use are all cold pressed and preserved in alcohol, the minerals are all chelated with amino acids and the vitamins are all fully natural and never synthetic. Different preparations and different treatments mean that it would be impossible to bottle them all together in a single supplement.


Secondly, There are just too many nutrients to fit in a single bottle, my supplements are complex, proprietary formulations,, Total Health alone has 23 ingredients, Prostate Healer has 9 and Prostate Power has high doses of another 3. Each ingredient needs to be in clinically significant quantity.. otherwise they are not effective and it’s simply not possible to get all of that into a single bottle.


Thirdly BPH and an enlarged prostate is a complicated metabolic disease, it’s caused by decades of metabolic damage building up in your system… that’s why it’s so common in older men, this is a disease that has been building for decades. It’s a disease with numerous causes, side effects and symptoms. And each one of these needs to be addressed and resolved if you want to beat it. A single capsule of cheap ineffective artificial ingredients cannot fix your BPH, nor can some toxic pharmaceutical, they don’t cure; they are full of side effects… some of which can be permanent and some of which are worse than the disease itself.

And finally, the reason I send it monthly is because it’s more affordable for you that way. High quality supplements are not cheap, but then again they work… everyone knows you get what you pay for. By sending them in monthly doses to you, I make it affordable for as many men as possible. And don’t worry, I DON’T charge you shipping, even though it costs me every month, shipping is always free to those on the program.

So what is included in the Prostate Health Program?

Well, I’m glad you asked! The program consists of 3 supplements that all target BPH and the prostate differently


total health for the prostate

The first of which is my Total Health for the Prostate, it contains 23 ingredients, and each of them was carefully selected for its beneficial effects for prostate health. This combination has significant synergy, meaning that each of these ingredients BOOSTS the effects of the others!  Each nutrient in Total Health for the Prostate is backed by dozens of independent, Peer reviewed and double blind scientific studies that prove their efficacy. And each ingredient is of the highest quality and in a clinically significant dosage.

Let me highlight just 3 of the powerful, all natural and proven ingredients that make Total Health so effective…

Total health contains 750mg of Beta Sitosterol per daily dose. But this is not just any Beta Sitosterols, it’s a 90% pure plant sterol blend, the highest percentage plant sterol you can make before the nutrient becomes unstable. It has been shown through clinical research to be the most powerful, proven, and effective nutrient for prostate health in the world.


Study after study has demonstrated the effects of Beta Sitosterol, from lowering prostaglandin levels (increased prostaglandin supports tumor growth), to significantly improving urine flow and decreasing urgency and frequency, and quickly decreasing prostate size. In addition to prostate health, Beta Sitosterol has also been used as a chemo-preventive agent. That means that it helps prevent cancers across the board in laboratory animals.

Beta Sitosterol has been shown to be 3000 times more effective than Saw Palmetto for reducing prostate size and lowering PSA.


Total Health contains 200mg of natural Quercetin, Quercetin is a flavonol, derived from plants; in the case of Total Health it comes from the flower buds of Japanese Sophora. Laboratory studies show it may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are beneficial for men with prostate disease. Quercetin has been shown to reduce prostate-related pain and swelling.

Taking Quercetin seems to reduce pain and improve quality of life, and helps relive the urinary difficulty associated with prostatitis. It is currently being investigated for a wide range of potential health benefits .

Science also supports the powerful effects of Quercetin. Studies in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry, in Urology, and in the prestigious Japanese journal Daizu Tanpakushitsu Kenyukai Kaishi, all confirm quercetin’s beneficial effects on prostate health. A study conducted at the Mayo Clinic and published in Carcinogenesis showed that quercetin has a strong value against prostate cancer. Very few supplement formulators will include this ingredient, but we strive to bring you the most cutting-edge, scientifically proven, high-quality ingredients for prostate health!


And the third nutrient I wanted to highlight, for you is Vitamin D. Total Health contains 5000IU of Vitamin D3, (the non-synthetic vitamin D).  Being Vitamin D deficient has been linked to higher risks of Prostate cancer. There is also evidence that suggests a strong link between Vitamin D deficiency and heart disease, depression, and faster weight gain.


The Vitamin D Council, which is a scientist-led group promoting Vitamin D deficiency awareness, suggests Vitamin D3 treatment might be found helpful in treating or preventing, auto-immune disease, cancers, depression, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, flu, neuromuscular diseases, osteoporosis and BPH.

It is surprising that nearly all the research on Vitamin D and the prostate has only come to light in the last eighteen years. There are over a dozen clinical studies proving the importance of Vitamin D in prostate function. These include studies in such journals as Cancer Research, Anticancer Research, Prostate, Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer Letters, Surgical Forum, and other respected international journals. One study at Stanford University treated men with prostate cancer solely with Vitamin D3 with very impressive effects and no other therapy.

And these are just 3 of ingredients; there are 20 more in Total Health for the prostate alone. It’s also worth noting that all our minerals are chelated, which is to say that they are bonded to an amino acid. Chelation has been shown to significantly increase the bioavailability of minerals. Part of the incredible synergy of our ingredients is the fact that we maximize bioavailability of all of our ingredients, allowing the body to fully absorb and process them. We are the ONLY prostate health supplement makers who use chelated minerals, an important point!

Now normally a bottle of Total Health on its own is $109.95, but because you are on this page… you are going to get an exclusive discount, so you won’t be paying anywhere near this much!

But Total Health is not the only supplement in the program; I also include my Prostate Healer


This unique tincture took years of work to perfect. Along time ago I was researching Ayurvedic medicine, (an ancient Indian naturopathic approach to health), I was reading over a translation of a 5000 year old Ayurvedic document, when I came across a recipe for a Prostate tincture.

The recipe kept appearing in a number of ancient Ayurvedic documents, in fact I found references to it in no less than eight ancient documents.

The ingredients were interesting to me because I had seen recent research into several of these herbs. So I set my product development team to work. And only a month later we had managed to recreate the exact tincture from the manuscript. We sent it over to our clinical team and had them analyse it. And that said it was okay, but not amazing

Prostate Healer Boottle image
Prostate Healer Boottle image


What followed was years of R&D, formulating, testing, reformulating and perfecting. Eventually by using herbs so fresh they are still wet from the morning’s rain, and by macerating and maturing them in a pharmaceutical grade alcohol we managed to create a herbal prostate tincture that is so much more powerful than anything else on the market. It has a proven track record of clearing out both chronic and acute prostatitis, reducing urgency and lowering PSA. It is a perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, and has become one of my best selling supplements.

A month’s supply of my prostate healer tincture would normally be $89.95 but because you bought the guide today and because you are on this page… you are going to get another exclusive discount, so you won’t be paying full price for this either.

And last, but not least, my Prostate Power, this potent little supplement is a natural and side-effect free urinary symptoms alleviator.


What that means is unlike the other two it isn’t primarily meant to restore prostate health. Basically prostate power is modelled on the pharmaceutical approach. It does the same thing as the drugs, it won’t cure BPH, but it will stop you waking up and night with an urgent need to urinate. And unlike typical pharmaceutical medication, Prostate Power is 100% SIDE EFFECT FREE and is actually GOOD for your prostate.

Prostate Power

Prostate Power combines a pure Rye flower pollen extract with a 45% saw palmetto Berry extract. In our own trials, we have discovered this combination to add a powerful symptom alleviator when combined with either Total Health or the Prostate Healer supplements. A study in January 2003 at the National Centre for Natural Products Research, located at the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Mississippi, reviewed published data concerning the ability of flower pollen extract to provide symptomatic relief in men suffering from lower urinary symptoms.

Prostate Power

The conclusion was that this rye flower pollen extract is safe, provides relief of symptoms and improves the quality of life for men with BPH and prostatitis when used in combination with other dietary supplements. We then reviewed 19 studies from 1981 onwards on the effects of symptoms in BPH and prostatitis of a combination of rye pollen 45% extract and saw palmetto berry extract.

They all show a significant improvement in the symptoms experienced by men taking this combination. Generally the studies reported an improvement in between 75% to 90% of men. There also was an improvement in being able to empty the bladder completely. By adding in a Boron Glycine complex we could make it even more effective.

You would think that a supplement like this is expensive, and normally it is… costing you $59.95 per month. However due to the fact that you are on this special promotional page, you are not going to pay full price for this.

There are 35 different nutrients, minerals, vitamins, herbs and compounds included in the Prostate Health Program. Each one of these is included in a clinically significant dosage, to ensure you get the optimum result. Needless to say, every ingredient is carefully sourced and tested to ensure it is of the highest quality, purity, and efficacy.

Go ahead and hover your mouse over the labels below to read the details of each ingredient included in my Prostate Health Program.

Total Health

total health ingrident

Prostate Healer

total health ingrident

Prostate Power

total health ingrident

How much is this program going to cost me?

Once I realized that you could get better results taking a program of 3 supplements instead of just one supplement, I set to work on how I would make it as affordable as possible. Because I know that 9 bottles of premium, all natural, supplements every 3 months would be expensive.



In fact normally, a 3 month supply of these 3 supplements would cost $779.55…. (Don’t Worry, you are not going to pay anything close to that today!)

So I sat down and started thinking… How could I lower the price of the program and make it more affordable for as many men as possible?

First things first, I realized that if I offered it as a monthly supply it would greatly reduce the upfront cost, bringing it down from $779.55 to $259.85.


Free Shipping

Now if you are thinking, “slow down Ben, shipping every month instead of every 3 months means triple the cost of shipping”... Don’t worry, I thought about that as well.

If you are on the program, I will pay for the shipping.

Sure it will cost me more to ship it to you every month, but you will never pay a single cent for shipping.


And I will even ship it USPS first class, so it gets to you faster… (The operations team was less than thrilled to learn about our new shipping bill!) 

Alright, so that made it more affordable, and free shipping is nice, but I was still thinking - what else could I do to make Total Health, Prostate Healer and Prostate Power more affordable?

Well, what if we made it not just monthly, but also made it an auto order? Then we can bring down the price by another 5%. That’s a good start...but I wanted to go one better


Exclusive VIP Discount

I re-ran the numbers and decided that I was also going to knock 20 dollars flat off the price for every single bottle of Total Health, Prostate Healer and Prostate Power for those on the program.

That's right, $20 more affordable for every bottle on the Prostate Health Program - that’s $60 saved every month!

So free shipping, less expensive upfront, and an exclusive discount.



That's right...As a VIP Member, you can join the Prostate Health Program for only $199.75!

  • Shrinks The Prostate
  • Lowers PSA
  • Improves Urination
  • Ensures Uninterrupted Sleep
  • Reduces Urgency
  • Combats Infections
  • Relieves Urinary Retention
  • Alleviates Bladder Irritation
  • Zero Side Effects
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
Prostate Healer

1-888-868-3554 (Call Us Toll Free)


That’s already a heck of a deal… but I'm going to go above and beyond.

Because this program is more than just supplements.

We both know that if you are not armed with the knowledge of how to eat right,  you are only fighting half the battle.

And if you don’t know the truth about prostate and metabolic health you are doomed to end up following some “best -intentioned” but “ill-informed” Doctor or Pharmaceutical Reps advice.

So how could I design a program to ensure that you have all the diet and lifestyle information that you need?


Priority Support



Well the first step is that everyone on the program will be getting a free upgrade to our priority support.

This means that if you are on the program and send us a request for information, nutritional advice or even just a customer service inquiry, my team and I are responding to your request first thing.

No waiting around, no back of the line, no first come first served.

But that’s not all.

Because support is one thing, but as the customer service team pointed out, those men, the ones that get the best results, are also the men that are the most informed, the ones that have the most up to date and relevant prostate health information.

Well, we are currently working on the next edition of all about the Prostate, my best selling guide to prostate health, scheduled to be released in June 2019... It has more content, updated research and vital new information.




Everyone on the program will receive a physical copy of the brand new, updated and expanded edition of All About The Prostate, my best selling guide to prostate health for FREE once it's ready. That's a guide that normally costs $89.95 for FREE...and you will get it before everyone else.

Now in it's 10th Edition, this guide has helped over 1 million men take control of their prostate health over the last twenty years, and is a must-read for any man over 40.



But I want this program to really WOW you...

So, I'm going to give every man on the Prostate Health Program ALL of my upcoming Health Reports for FREE!

If you are not familiar with the health reports, they are a series of scientific reports broken down into plain English covering a range of important prostate and metabolic health concerns. I co-author them with various researchers and doctors and they normally cost $100 each. The most recent one was on the excessive amount of added sugar in the American diet, which leads to obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease and cancer – and you will receive this $100 report today, for FREE, when you join the Prostate Health Program


VIP Health Reports

You will receive one of these exclusive health reports IMMEDIATELY by joining the program, 1 more later this month…and 2 more over the next few months. Worth an incredible $400 in total!



The Prostate Drug Report: this is an in-depth look at the 8 most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical solutions for an enlarged prostate. I’m going to be breaking down the research to answer once for all which drugs work best, which have the worst side effects, which is the safest and which drugs actually increase your chance of needing prostate surgery.



The Toxic Sugars Report: an updated complete scientific and nutritional analysis of the health and prostate health impact of sugar and common sugar alternatives, purchasable in the supermarkets. This is a must read for anyone with prostate disease, diabetes, or cancer!



The Prostate Cancer Report: The Prostate Cancer Report: this report examines the long term quality of life outcomes of the seven most common primary prostate cancer treatments. With recent press attention and medical surveys focusing on the high rates of unnecessary invasive treatments and their permanent and severe side effects, we wanted to get to the bottom of the long-term associated risks and see if there were any new treatments on the horizon that might be better.

Erectile Dysfunction


The Erectile Dysfunction Report: The Erectile Dysfunction Report uses the latest scientific research to take an in-depth look at the complex relationship between prostate health and sexual function. We wanted to give you a complete, unbiased understanding of erectile dysfunction, looking at the causes, common myths associated with it, as well as pharmaceutical treatments, common side effects associated with each, and their efficacy.


That’s $400 of reports that you will get for FREE simply by being on the program.

report collection

Still not convinced the Prostate Health Program is great? Well then, allow me to really wow you...

FREE Seasonal Supplements For VIP Members

Anyone who joins the Prostate Health Program today will get FREE SEASONAL SUPPLEMENTS FOR LIFE! That's right, every few months I’m going to include free bottles of supplements in with your normal program, meaning you will actually be getting extra supplements for FREE!



And no - this isn’t just random, assorted leftover, or distressed stock, that's not what I’m about.

These are high quality, all natural supplements that I formulated for specific purposes being given to you when you need them most.

What supplements you ask?

this Month's FREE Supplement (Krill Oil):

  • It maintains optimal brain health, meaning your memory is sharp and your mind is clear
  • It promotes cardiovascular and gastric health to keep you strong and fit.
  • It contains powerful antioxidants that fight oxidative damage and cancer.
  • It empowers your immune system helping you avoid or shrug off colds, bugs and viruses.
  • It lubricates and maintains joints and eases inflammation and pain.
Krill Oil
  • YES you can keep the discounted price for as long as you want.
  • And YES the Prostate Health Program is covered by a 100% money back guarantee

But hurry... because this is a limited time EXCLUSIVE OFFER and once this promotion ends these bonuses will no longer be part of the Prostate Health Program



1-888-868-3554 (Call Us Toll Free)



money back

I stand behind every product that I formulate and do not want you taking any risk, so here’s what my guarantee looks like:

If at any point you are unsatisfied, simply return any unopened bottles and you'll get a no questions asked, hassle free refund.

And even when you get your refund, I'll still let you keep all the bonuses!

So how long does the Program Take to work?

Every man is different, everyone’s health is different, your PSA may be higher or lower than other men, you may have prostate infections or cancer or inflammation or just BPH

So it’s hard to say exactly how long it will take to work.

But here is what I can tell you.

You will feel it working fast.

If you take the supplements every day, follow the program, dietary advice and do the exercises that I recommend in my guide you will notice the difference in a matter of weeks or days.

Lowering PSA GIF
Lowering PSA GIF

This isn’t like some other ineffective supplement with their false promises. What I am offering you is a real, permanent, side effect free solution to your BPH.

Depending on your health that might take you days, weeks or even months.

But you can get there

But here is another promise I will make you, I’m going to be right beside you the whole way.

With advice, recommendations, and support – if you are on my program you can ring me or email me anytime and my team and I will jump on your case straight away to help you get the results you want.

30-day boundel

Join Now

Ben's Prostate Health Program

  • Shrinks The Prostate
  • Lowers PSA
  • Improves Urination
  • Ensures Uninterrupted Sleep
  • Reduces Urgency
  • Combats Infections
  • Relieves Urinary Retention
  • Alleviates Bladder Irritation
  • Zero Side Effects
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
Prostate Healer

1-888-868-3554 (Call Us Toll Free)


Is the Program Safe? Do I have to Pre-Pay?

Look, you know me. I have been an industry leader for almost 20 years and I am on a mission to help men beat prostate disease. These are the same high quality products that have a proven track record of lowering PSA and shrinking the prostate.


And NO you dont have to Pre-Pay… you only pay when you order is shipped.

Every month, 10 days before we ship you your next month’s supply of the program, we will contact you to confirm that you still want it. If you don’t we won’t charge you and we won’t ship it.

Like I said, I have been in this business for 20 years. My track record speaks for itself – you can read all the testimonials you want on my website, or on amazon.com, or from doctors all over the US.

Even if you forgot to cancel your membership to the program, don’t worry, you are protected by my 100% money back guarantee. Simply send us the unopened bottles back and we will give you a full refund.


So you have ZERO RISK


  • There is no minimum subscription length, you can cancel anytime with no penalty or charge.
  • You only pay for what you order.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee on all my supplements.
  • You can edit, change or adjust your order at anytime, without charge.
  • There are no hidden fees, cancellation costs or surprise charges.
  • You can lock in your exclusive discount for as long as you want.


That means that every month, we will notify you 10 days before your next shipment, giving you time to let us know if you want it. And then you will only be charged if you decide to stay on the program and when your next 3 supplements are shipped.

And don’t forget, the program comes with a complete money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy or don’t want to continue with the program, simply return any unopened bottles for a full refund.  

Ben's Prostate Health Program


Priority Support




VIP Health Reports


VIP Member's Discount


Free Seasonal Supplements


Free Shipping



30-day boundel


Join Now

1-888-868-3554 (Call Us Toll Free)


Frequently Asked Question

By joining the Prostate Health Program today, you’ll receive 2 FREE health reports (worth a total of $200) straight to your inbox. And over the next few months, you’ll receive 2 additional health reports (worth another $200) for free. We'll notify you when these reports are ready and send them to you via email.”

If you do not have a copy of the current version of All About The Prostate then we will ship you one for FREE with your first month's delivery of the program.

Everyone who signs up to the Prostate Health Program will automatically receive a 2018 edition of our best selling guide  “All About The Prostate” as soon as it is printed and ready to be published. It will be going to the printers within the next few months but we will keep you updated on our progress and ship it to you as soon as it is ready.

For maximum effect take the program as follows:

All 6 Total Health veggie caps should be taken with your first meal of the day.

1 veggie capsule of Prostate Power should be taken with each of your main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

A 10ml dose of Prostate Healer Tincture should be taken with your last meal of the day.

VIP support means we answer you requests for information quicker, your tickets and emails go straight to the top of the customer service and clinical nutrition teams systems, meaning they deal with them first.

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