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Do These Symptoms Sound Familiar?



You just can't get your bladder to co-operate, you stand and stare at the toilet, you strain every muscles but nothing comes out, despite the urge to urinate.


Weak Flow

Eventually you manage to find release and start a flow, but its barely going, it's dripping, it's stopping and starting, it's just not what it should be.



You only just went to the toilet 30 minutes ago but you feel the urge to urinate again. You feel like a prisoner in your own home, unable to move more than 100ft from the nearest toliet.



Throughout the day you suffer a humiliating inability to stop occasional dribbling leading to uncomfortable or even embarrassing pants wetting.



You wake constantly during the night to urinate, it doesn't matter how many times you go to the toilet, you know you will be back there in an hour or two.



It doesnt matter how many times you go to the toilet, you feel like you cannot empty your bladder completely.



The highly bio-available and 100% drug-free ingredients
in Total Health work synergistically to:

  • IMPROVE urinary flow and function
  • REDUCE inflammation and discomfort
  • BOOST your immune system
  • MAXIMIZE your natural hormone production
  • LOWER stress hormones
  • SUPPORT normal blood sugar levels
  • IMPROVE cognition, memory and healthy brain function
  • FIGHT oxidative damage to your cells
  • PROVIDE maximum cancer defense
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This Is A 100% Natural Formula To Improve Prostate & Overall Health With..



Total Health is the only all-natural supplement that combines multiple plant extracts with a complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and multi-nutrient formula at a clinically proven therapeutic dose for maximum prostate recovery.


Total Health's comprehensive 3 pronged approach means it is the only supplement in the world that heals and protects your prostate at a cellular level.


Total Health is the only unique proprietary blend of proven prostate health ingredients that is backed by hundreds of peer reviewed, double blind and independent studies.

Medical Science Has Proven The
Benefits Of These Healing Compounds

While cheap fake supplements often only have 1 or 2 small capsules a day and do nothing to heal your prostate, Total Health contains six capsules per day to ensure you get clinically significant dosages of high quality and effective ingredients.

Every bottle of Total Health is manufactured in a US based FDA monitored and audited facility, to ensure optimal quality. Our quality control goes far beyond GMP, FDA or ESDA requirements. We use third-party, independent and certified laboratories to ensure that every bottle is of the highest standard.


"Peer-Reviewed Double Blind Studies on Our Ingredients"

But the health advantages of our custom formula does not stop there!

Total Health was specifically developed to provide multiple anti-aging benefits to help men maintain their youth and vitality.

Dedicated To Providing You
With The Purest And Most Effective Ingredients Available


Every bottle of Total Health is manufactured in an FDA monitored and audited facility but we go far beyond FDA requirements in terms of quality control.

Each ingredient is carefully sourced and rigorously tested for purity and quality using The United States Pharmacopeial and/or American Herbal Products Association recommended standards.

We also use near-infrared spectroscopy as well as third-partyverification by an ISO 17025 certified laboratory to ensure that each product meets all identity, strength and composition specifications.

This dedication to superior quality is just one of the many aspects that sets us apart from other supplement manufacturers.


Featuring The Optimum Concentration Of Maximum
Strength, All-Natural Ingredients

Each ingredient in our proprietary formula is backed by multiple clinical studies:


Beta-Sitosterol (90% Total Sterols)

Beta Sitosterol is a plant sterol ester commonly found in vegetables, nuts and seeds. Studies have shown that this compound can reduce inflammation and help combat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).


Boron Glycine Complex 10% (Albion):

Boron helps keep the skeletal structure strong by adding to bone density, preventing osteoporosis, treating conditions like arthritis, and improving strength and muscle mass.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 (Coleclciferol)

Vitamin D3 is essential to protecting your prostate. Dozens of clinical studies suggest that Vitamin D deficiency maybe directly linked to prostate disease and cancer.



Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body and plays a key role in vascular contraction, vasodilation, muscle function, hormonal secretion and many more processes in the body.


Zinc (as Zinc Oxide Rice Chelate) 15mg:

This essential mineral for a healthy prostate, which plays a vital role in a wide spectrum of bodily functions (including many aspects of hormone metabolism), was shown as long ago as the 1970s to reduce the size of the prostate gland and to diminish symptoms.


Copper (as Copper Carbonate Rice Chelate) 2mg:

The prostate health benefits of copper are clear and numerous. Copper helps to prevent BPH and prostatitis and may even work to fight off chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS).


Selenium (as Sodium Selenite Rice/Soya Chelate) 70mcg:

Selenium is a trace mineral that is crucial for your immune system. It helps maintain high cognitive function and fertility for both men and women. There is evidence that a selenium rich diet protects against certain carcinogens.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E (Mixed Tocopherals)

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects your cells from free radical damage. Multiple studies suggest that Vitamin E supplementation can improve prostate function and health


Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide Rice Chelate) 70mg:

Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps to maintain normal bone, nerve and muscle function. Studies have shown magnesium helping to reverse cognitive decline and working to increase your natural free testosterone.


Chromium (as Chromium chloride picllnate) 13mcg:

Chromium supplementation may help to regulate diabetes and obesity by bringing blood sugar levels to normal. Chromium may have other health benefits. Chromium supplementation may also impact on the brain activity in older individuals. Chrominium may improve cognitive function by improving insulin activity in the brain.


Pomegrante (Hull)-Elllagic Acid 40% 200mg:

Clinical tests also show that ellagic acid prevents the destruction of the p53 gene by cancer cells. Additional studies suggest that one of the mechanisms by which ellagic acid inhibits mutagenesis and carcinogenesis is by forming adducts with DNA, thus masking binding sites to be occupied by the mutagen or carcinogen.


Iodine (as Potassium Iodide Rice Chelate) 150mcg:

Iodine is a vitally important nutrient, crucial for normal growth and development when you are young and mainlining your health as you get older. Iodine is also essential for healthy thyroid function and to maintain an efficient metabolism.


Molybdenum (as Sodium Molybdenum Rice Chelate) 75mcg:

Molybdenum helps your body to maintain a healthy state by breaking down substances in the body, including proteins. Your body can store molybdenum for a limited time for future use, but most of the molybdenum you eat is excreted through your urine.


Strontium (as Strontium Chloride Rice Chelate) 100mcg:

Strontium plays a vital role in bone formation and preventing bone loss. Alongside calcium it works to thicken bones and is an important part of any regiment designed to prevent, bone thinning and Osteoporosis. A radioactive form of strontium has been shown to kill cancer cells and ease pain associated with prostate cancer.


Manganese (as Manganese Carbonate Rice Chelate) 2mg:

Manganese works to support everyday brain function, production of sperm and sex hormones. It has strong positive effects on your libido, and works to maintain your sexual health. This trace mineral is critical in supporting cognitive facilities and functions.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is absolutely necessary for the growth and repairing of body tissues. It is also a powerful antioxidant and can help prevent free radical damage and boost your immune system


Vanadium (as Sodium Metavanadate Rice Chelate) 1mg:

Research suggests that vanadium accelerates some chemical reactions in the body, and thus may be involved in the production of energy production and fat burning. Vanadium may help in the building of bones and teeth and is a vital micro-mineral for reproduction.


Silicon (as Silicon Dioxide Rice Chelate) 10mg:

As a supplement it has beneficial uses for osteoporosis and heart disease. It has also been shown to help prevent hair loss, improve nail quality, bone health and improve the rate at which your digestive system and skin recovers from injury.


Japanese Sophora (Flower Buds) Quercetin 95% 200mg:

Laboratory studies show it may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are beneficial for men with prostate disease. Quercetin has been shown to reduce prostate-related pain and swelling. Taking quercetin by mouth seems to reduce pain and improve quality of life, and helps relive the urinary difficulty associated with prostatitis.


Tin (as Stannous Chloride Rice Chelate) 100mcg:

Clinical tests also show that ellagic acid prevents the destruction of the p53 gene by cancer cells. Additional studies suggest that one of the mechanisms by which ellagic acid inhibits mutagenesis and carcinogenesis is by forming adducts with DNA, thus masking binding sites to be occupied by the mutagen or carcinogen.


Nickel (as Nickel Sulfate Rice Chelate) 100mcg:

There is evidence that nickel is needed by the body for maintaining iron absorption levels. Nickel would therefore have positive effects on anemia, and on treating weak bones.


Turmeric (Root) 4:1

Turmeric contains compounds that have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Research suggests that one of these compounds called curcumi nmay inhibit the growth of cancer cells.


Cobalt (as Cobalt Carbonate Rice Chelate) 10mcg:

Cobalt is another mineral that is thought to work to repair myelin, which coats nerve cells. Cobalt also helps in the formation of hemoglobin, which is the iron-containing metallo-protein around red blood cells. Cobalt also helps regulate and stimulate the production of some co-enzymes.

Here's What Just A Few Of Our Customers Have Had
To Say About How Total Health Has Changed Their Lives:








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"The Only Prostate Supplement
Trusted by Doctors"

"Bens Total health has an inclusion of many research validated nutrients with diverse mechanisms at work to support optimal healthy prostate function (which in turn helps things like controlling frequent and night time urination). Moreover, the evidence of it countering cancer growth and progression is impressive."

- Dr Eric Wood

"I hate the thought that any man out there suffers because he didn’t realize that there was anything else he could do for his prostate. Yet the answer is simple – start with the Ben’s Total Health for the Prostate and make it your foundational supplement. Stay on the healing journey and read, read, and study the great info provided on Ben’s site and with the product"

- Dr Donna Schwontkowski


Try Total Health RISK-FREE For 90 Days With Our
100% Money Back Guarantee


We stand behind the effectiveness of every bottle of Total Health and with thousands of happy customers, we are more than confident that our high-efficacy prostate supplement is the right solution for you.

That's just one reason why we offer an ironclad money back guarantee on your results!

Here's how it works:


Before beginning your three-month course of Total Health, simply document your PSA test results.


Follow the diet and lifestyle advice that we include with your purchase and take your Total Health supplements daily for 90 days.


After the 90-day period, take one more PSA test and compare your results to your first test.

You are guaranteed to see a rapid and dramatic improvement in your symptoms and a significant reduction in PSA scores.

If your PSA scores have not dropped, then simply contact us and we will send you a complete refund, no questions asked!





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If this is your first order of Total Health, we are going to include a FREE copy of Ben Ong's bestselling book, All About The Prostate.

Inside, you'll discover a gold mine of information to help you restore and rejuvenate your prostate using diet and lifestyle strategies that have worked for thousands of men all over the world.


You'll discover:


  • Why your diet plays such an important role in your prostate health...
  • How to avoid toxic overload...
  • The benefits of calisthenics and interval aerobic exercise...
  • Simple ways to reduce the stress and anxiety that wreaks havoc on your body...
  • The amazing connection between antioxidants and prostate health...
  • What to do when your PSA begins to rise...
  • Important facts about mainstream BPH treatments that every man should know...
  • Why prostate cancer re-occurs after mainstream treatment...
  • Key facts about prostatitis, prostate cancer and urinary problems...
  • Organic tinctures that can help you heal right now...
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And much, much more!


With 133 pages of information and advice (and thousands of happy readers), this is the most comprehensive guidebook to prostate health that you will find anywhere...


...and were going to send it to you completely FREE with your order!

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Total Health helps get your life back...

Now you can naturally reverse prostate damage and dysfunction without doctors or the
dangerous side effects of drugs!

What Total Health IS NOT

  • A magic bullet or quick fix solution that only masks the symptoms rather than treating their causes
  • A pharmaceutical drug with dangerous side effects
  • A low-grade supplement full of fillers or inactive ingredients

What Total Health IS

A powerful formula that will help you:

  • FIGHT the signs of aging
  • RESTORE the health of your prostate
  • IMPROVE your cellular health
  • BOOST your immune system
  • LOWER your cholesterol
  • ELIMINATE urinary problems
  • REJUVENATE your body
  • TURN BACK the clock on your body
  • FEEL younger and healthier every day


...and with all of these research-backed benefits, wouldn't you say its worth investing $2.60 per day
in your health? We certainly think so.

Our founder, Ben Ong, overcame prostate disease using the same holistic formula we're giving you with Total Health.

As long as you follow the diet and lifestyle instructions we provide for you and take your Total Health supplement every day, you WILL get the relief you are looking for and you WILL have significantly lower PSA scores...guaranteed.

It's time to join the thousands of men who have successfully restored their health with the Total Health formula.


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