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Estro Clear contains ingredients clinically proven to:


Reduce excess estrogen

Studies have shown that the active ingredients in Estro Clear have strong “antiestrogenic” effects when consumed as a “dietary supplement”. Estro Clear can therefore help you flush excess estrogens and phytoestrogens from your body [1].


Restores Hormonal Balance

Estro Clear is clinically formulated with ingredients that have been proven in clinical trials to produce an anti-estrogenic effect, helping to rebalance your hormones. Restoring hormone balance has a positive impact on prostate and sexual health [3].


Regain Masculine Traits

High levels of estrogen can lead to a feminization of your body and a loss of masculinity. By restoring hormonal balance and flushing excess estrogen from your  system you can regain  masculinity [2].


Support healthy weight loss

Excess estrogen results in male breast growth and increased storing of fat around your belly. By lowering estrogen levels, you may find it easier to shift that weight naturally.

Estro Clear

The World Most Powerful, All Natural Estrogen Lowering Supplement.






Reduces inflammation and flushes excess estrogen from your blood.

Cyperus Extract

Cyperus Extract (Tiger Nut)

A potent estrogen lowering extract that is also used to treat impotence and combat bacterial infections.



An adaptogenic herb that helps your body to adapt to stress and control cortisol levels, which may help reduce elevated estrogen levels.

Curcuma Zedoaria Extract

Curcuma Zedoaria Extract

An immensely powerful, anti-inflammatory which helps protect against and reduce arthritis, swelling, pain and stiffness.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper ( Peppercorn, organic)

Increases the bioavailability and the absorption of Curcuma Zedoaria. May also reduce the risk of developing breast cancer as a side effect of high estrogen levels.

Calcium D Glucarate

Calcium D Glucarate

A potent compound that your body naturally converts into Glucaric acid. Glucaric acid purges excess estrogen from your blood.


Supplement Facts

Suggested Usage

Suggested Usage

For best results, take 4 capsule per day with food.


Curcuma Zedoaria:

Not be used during pregnancy




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Why Estro Clear works



Estro Clear is an estrogen-clearing formulation designed to flush excess estrogen from the male body and help restore optimal hormone health. This powerful supplement is a clinical strength, proven, all natural formulation based on peer reviewed and published clinical research.

Research conducted in 2003 at the AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver has suggested that calcium-d-glucarate could be just as effective as one of the most common drugs used to treat Estrogen dominance. The study also noted that calcium-d-glucarate may be as effective in preventing cancer. In another study, calcium-d-glucarate was able to reduce the number of Estrogen receptors human cells by 48 percent. It's also been shown to lower serum Estrogen levels by 23 percent.

These studies are just one of the reasons we choose to include 985 mg of high quality, pure calcium-d-glucarate in our Estro clear formulation.

Another powerful ingredient we included in our Estro Clear formulation is Diindolylmethane, which has been well studied and shown to have potent effects on Estrogen metabolism. Diindolylmethane keeps estrogen levels in your body healthy and balanced. Many studies have also shown that Diindolylmethane exerts numerous anti-carcinogenic effects in the body and it is currently being studied as a potential treatment for breast and other forms of cancer. That's why Estro clear contains 200mg of Dim in every dose.

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