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About Us

Ben’s Natural Health was founded in 2000, when our founder Ben Ong faced a health crisis and couldn’t find a high quality, all natural supplement that would help him restore his health.

Ben believed that you should not compromise when it comes to your health.

And it was on that basis that Ben began formulating supplements more than 20 years ago… and it's something we still believe to this day.


Our Team

Nowadays we work with a large team of doctors, clinicians and researchers to ensure that all our formulations contain clinically significant dosages of the highest quality, and most effective vitamins, minerals and nutrient compounds. Ensuring quality, efficacy and fast relief.


Ben Ong

Leading authority on Prostate Health & Diabetes

Dr. Eric Wood

Specialist in HIV/AIDS care, physical fitness training and weight loss

Dr. James Occhiogrosso

Natural health practitioner, master herbalist, author of several books including "Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life".

Dr. Phranq Tamburri

Professor of Clinical Urology at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine


Our Products

All of our formulations are formulated with 100% natural earth grown nutrients, and we never use artificial fillers, bulkers or synthetic vitamins. We always use the most bioavailable form of the nutrient, and whenever possible we use organic ingredients.

Our Products


Just like we don't compromise on quality,
we never compromise on our values.


Our Sourcing

We are committed to sourcing our products and choosing our partners, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. We maintain visibility of every stage of our supply chain, and work with partners to ensure a living wage for everyone involved.

That is why all of our ingredients are sourced in the US and Europe, and all of our manufacturing is done in FDA audited and cGMP compliant USA based facilities.

That is why we work with the GEMS supply chain excellence program to ensure we can track every vitamin, mineral and nutrient in our product back to their point of origin.



We believe in honest marketing and effective, fast-acting, clinical-grade formulations.

The nutraceutical industry is full of bad actors, who formulate products that don’t work. Cheap ineffective ingredients in fancy packaging. Big claims for little pills…

Ben’s Natural Health has the opposite approach. We work hard to ensure that our formulations are fast and effective and we partner with doctors to medically review all and any claims we make.

We are the only natural health company to offer a before and after, bloodwork and lab test guarantee. Meaning that if we cannot prove our products improved your health, you can have your money back.



But we also know that good health cannot just be achieved just by taking a pill. That's why we work with doctors, fitness experts, nutritionists and other experts to create articles, meal planners, recipes, workout guides specifically to help you restore your health and improve your quality of life. And if you need any help or advice, we also have a dedicated customer support team, available by phone and by email 18 hours a day 7 days a week.

Ben’s Natural Health is an ethical supplement company, committed to formulating high quality and effective products.

We believe that taking care of our health shouldn't come at the expense of our planet. We know it's hard to stay healthy in an unhealthy world…

Which is why Ben’s Natural Health is committed to being carbon neutral by 2030. And we are working to reduce our plastic use by more than 75% and use 100% recycled materials in our packaging.



When you take a Ben’s Natural Health supplement you can rest easy, knowing that it is a high quality, pure effective and ethically sourced formulation.

Oscar Scheiner
CEO, Ben’s Natural Health