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About Us

Ben’s Natural Health was formed in 2000 when our founder, Ben Ong faced a health crisis …

His doctors offered him various drugs, but barely had a few minutes to explain how they worked, and they waved him away when he asked about the side effects. So Ben decided to do his own research and after learning about the nasty side effects of the drugs he was offered, Ben threw them in the bin.

Unwilling to accept that these poison pills were his only options, Ben spent years becoming an expert in the field. He dug deep into the research, looking at alternative options, cutting edge scientific advancements, natural options, eastern medicine, and other medical traditions...all in the pursuit of a plan that would restore him to good health.

And it appeared to Ben that the way to do that was simple...he was going to have to make his own supplement. But if it was going to work, Ben knew it was going to have to be better than everything else out there. So he created four rules for his supplement:

  • We only use the highest quality ingredients
  • We only use them if they have been proven to work in independent, peer-reviewed double-blind studies
  • We always formulate them in clinically significant doses of the most bioavailable form
  • We find a way to get every ingredient into a single bottle.

Ben wanted a total solution, that was effective, natural and side effect free. He wanted it to be backed by doctors, scientists, nutritionists and naturopaths. But such a high quality supplement just didn't exist.

That's when Ben's Natural Health was born, the world’s first high-quality, all-natural, scientifically-proven clinical supplement company. Ben brought together a team of naturopaths, nutritionists and medical researchers to help him create real, side effect-free solutions to serious metabolic health conditions.

Ben's first supplement was “Total Health for the Prostate” which is designed lower PSA, provide symptomatic relief and address Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It is a supplement that has helped over 1 million men get rid of their symptoms, lower their PSA, restore their health and take back control of their lives.

However the clinical nutrition team of doctors, nutritionists, researchers and scientists at Ben’s Natural Health soon realized that they could take this philosophy and help many more people. So they got to work, making clinical grade nutritional supplements that are backed by scientific evidence. Real side effect-free solutions to serious health conditions.

Today, Ben’s Natural Health operates internationally and has expanded to offer a full range of clinical supplements for prostate health, type 2 diabetes, low testosterone, high estrogen, joint pain, cognitive function, anti aging and many more.

The team at Ben's Natural Health is still driven by that simple mission, which is why we are still hard at work creating real side effect-free solutions to serious health conditions. And we still follow those 4 simple rules for formulating our supplements, which is why we can proudly say we make High Quality, Natural, Proven, Effective supplements that really work.