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  1. Mind & Memory Product Details
    Mind & Memory
    • Rejuvenates mental & physical health
    • Improves memory, focus & concentration
    • Powerful anti-aging formula
  2. Beta Glucan - Ben's Natural Health Product Details
    Beta Glucan
    • Strengthens immune response
    • Speeds up recovery from injury & disease
    • Protects against flus, colds & viruses
  3. Joint Care Pro Product Details
    Joint Care Pro
    • Alleviates joint pain without side effects
    • Reduces joint swelling & stiffness
    • Repairs joint & cartilage tissue
  4. New & Improved Deep Sleep Product Details
    New & Improved Deep Sleep
    • Helps you get to sleep faster
    • Improves quality of sleep & sleep depth
    • Zero drowsiness or side-effects
  5. Daily Energy - Ben's Natural Health Product Details
    Daily Energy
    •  Increases strength and balance
    •  Strengthens immune response
    •  Supports and maintains energy levels
  6. Clear Vision - Ben's Natural Health Product Details
    Clear Vision
    • Combats age-related vision loss
    • Improves vision sharpness and clarity
    • Restores dry, red, & tired eyes
  7. Ben's Rejuvenayte Plus 90 Capsules Product Details
    Ben's Rejuvenayte Plus
    • Rejuvenates mental & physical health
    • Improves memory, focus & concentration
    • Powerful anti-aging formula
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General Health

Including a high quality, natural health supplement as part of your daily health routine is just as important as eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. Here at Ben’s Natural Health, we offer a broad range of health supplements that offer essential nutritional support, from energy-boosting B-vitamins and inflammation-reducing omega 3 supplements to natural sleep aids and immune-boosters. Best of all? We offer free delivery with every order you make!

Natural Health Supplements

Vitamin B Complex 

We offer B Complex Mega Plus to make sure you’re getting all the essential B vitamins your body needs to be at its best.

Krill Oil Supplements

Omega 3 fatty acids also play an essential role in maintaining both a healthy body and mind.  Countless studies show that omega-3s from foods and/or omega 3 supplements can help improve your health by fighting conditions associated with inflammation.

Natural Sleep Aids

Overcoming sleep deprivation can feel challenging, but natural sleeping aids containing melatonin and valerian can help. Valerian root contains several compounds that may promote sleep and reduce anxiety, helping to promote a relaxing night’s sleep.

That’s why we offer Deep Sleep, a powerful combination of melatonin and valerian root to help support deep, restful sleep.