All About The Prostate

All About The Prostate 10th Edition is our collection of over twenty years of research around how to naturally address Prostate disease. First written by Ben in 2001, it has since been reviewed, expanded and updated by a host of medical experts. It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you lower your PSA levels and naturally heal your prostate without drugs, surgery, or nasty side effects. Men who use the guide in All About The Prostate are 4 times more likely to achieve significant results than men who try to restore their prostate health without it.
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“If you're having prostate concerns, knowledge is key. When my prostate issues created fear and uncertainty, reading this book alleviated those concerns. It's clear, concise and easy to read. Most importantly it offers natural, well researched effective therapies that actually help”

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What’s Inside The Book?

whats inside?
  • Learn about a popular diet that will help restore your prostate health.
  • Uncover the real cause of your prostate disease and why your doctor is wrong about Testosterone.
  • Find out which common medications are actually doing your prostate more harm than good.
  • A proven, natural, step-by-step method to lowering PSA levels and restoring prostate health.

About The Author

My name is Ben Ong and 20 years ago I was diagnosed with a metabolic condition.

My doctor pushed drugs, biopsies, and even surgery. But I didn’t like the sound of any of them, so I began doing research and what I discovered was shocking. I discovered that people with prostate problems were stuck between choosing to hide symptoms with ineffective drugs that caused nasty side effects or gambling with their long-term health by choosing invasive surgery.

I poured over hundreds of scientific studies and dove deep into everything from conventional drug research to ancient Ayurvedic scrolls and other Eastern medicine traditions.

I spoke to prostate cancer specialists, doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical reps, and men enduring a terrible quality of life, all in pursuit of a cure.

Fast forward to today, and I've helped Over One Million Men Solve Their Prostate Problems who are using the same all-natural method I created 20 years ago.

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All About The Prostate

Containing 204 pages and 20 chapters, this book is a complete guide on how to naturally lower your PSA levels and reverse BPH.

This 204-page and 20-chapter book is a complete guide on how to naturally lower your PSA levels and reverse BPH. It arms and empowers readers with the knowledge they need to improve their quality of life.

An enlarged prostate affects 50% of men over 50, rising to 90% once they reach 80 years old. Doctors typically recommend traditional treatments, like medication or surgery, which often come with a list of side effects that are worse than the prostate disease they are meant to help. In addition, many of these treatments simply mask the symptoms rather than address the root cause of the problem, so they won’t shrink your prostate or reverse BPH. All About The Prostate contains a proven method, backed by doctors and supported by countless studies and clinical research, designed to tackle the root cause of your prostate disease and heal your prostate naturally, without ineffective drugs or side effects.

The book is written in layman's terms, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their medical knowledge. By providing clear, actionable guidance, it is an invaluable tool for all men who wish to learn more about improving their prostate health naturally.

Studies have found that certain foods and physical inactivity can increase your risk of BPH. You can heal your enlarged prostate and reverse BPH in just a few months by taking a proactive approach to your diet and exercise. All About The Prostate contains complete diet plans, laying out exactly which foods you should include in your diet and the foods you want to stay away from, as well as a full workout guide with instructions on how to do each exercise at home.

Many men feel fear and uncertainty about their prostate problems, wanting to heal their prostate naturally but not knowing where to start. All About The Prostate has done all the research for you. With clear and detailed instructions, readers gain a practical roadmap for implementing effective strategies. This tried and tested step-by-step guide clearly lays out scientifically proven and all-natural methods used by millions of men to reverse prostate disease.

Five Start Review

Trusted By Medical Experts

“Ben Ong delivers a comprehensive review on the underpinnings of prostate disease, an exposes the sometimes less than ideal forces at play in the world of oncology and what true ‘healthcare’ should look like for prostate illnesss. A must read for any man over 40!”

Dr. Eric Wood
N.D., Integrative Oncology & Biotoxin Specialist

Dr Eric

Trusted By Medical Experts

“All About The Prostate,” contains a wealth of information for men concerned about their prostate health. The book clearly and consistently take the reader on a journey towards understanding the male prostate, its function, the problems caused by it, and changes that can help reduce problems. ”

Dr. James Occhiogrosso
N.D., M.H., Prostate & Natural Health Specialist

Dr James

A Peek Inside
All About The Prostate

All About the Prostate, the 10th expanded and updated edition is a complete breakdown of everything you ever wanted to know about the prostate, BPH and your urinary symptoms.

Prostate Restoration

Uncover the real reason that men get prostate disease, what really causes it and how to undo the metabolic damage inflicted by an enlarged prostate.

(pg. 15-20)

Inside All About The Prostate

Hormonal Balance

How hormonal balance has been shown to help maintain optimal health.

(pg. 21-24)

Inside All About The Prostate

PSA Reduction

Everything you need to know before having a PSA test or prostate biopsy.

(pg. 26-28)

Inside All About The Prostate

Treatment Myths

The Shocking truth about which conventional treatments for urinary disease actually work and which ones DO NOT.

(pg. 40-45)

Inside All About The Prostate
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Diet Guide

The number 1 diet and list of all-natural foods that can help support healthy urinary function. An effective urinary weapon against urinary problems.

(pg. 76-78)

Inside All About The Prostate

Foods To Avoid

How to avoid processed foods that cause Nocturia (nighttime waking) and damage the urinary, and what to eat instead.


Inside All About The Prostate

Urinary Flow Workout

Why getting enough exercise is absolutely essential to improving your urinary health.

(pg. 105-109)

Inside All About The Prostate

Weight Loss Workout

An examination of urinary supplements, do any of them really work, including the full range of urinary supplements offered by Ben’s Natural Health.

(pg. 133-145)

Inside All About The Prostate

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