About Us

Ben’s Natural Health creates high quality supplements and educational materials which support typical health problems for aging men. Specialising in prostate health, Ben's offer one of the most comprehensive prostate supplements on the market, with 20 years of research on the subject through our best selling book.


Our Products

Our supplements are formulated by our team of nutritional experts, using only natural ingredients which have been clinically proven in human, peer-reviewed and double-blind studies, to help tackle nutrient deficiencies and support healthy, symptom free aging for men.


How Our Affiliate Program Works

You can join the Ben’s Natural Health affiliate programme through either ShareaSale

Once you’re an approved partner you will have access to all of our most effective, tried and tested sales materials including display banners, email series, brand copy and imagery. We can also create bespoke materials and copy just for you.

  • Earn up to 12% commission
  • Last Click Attribution
  • Average Order Value: $155
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Quality Control

We manufacture our products to the highest standards in GMP-certified and FDA-audited facilities with further testing in independent laboratories to ensure clinically recommended dosages and composition.

Global Shipping

Our products are sold globally with free shipping to clients in the United States. And our in-house team of naturopaths, nutritionists and medical researchers are continually providing the most-up-to date information and education to our community.