"Ben’s Glyco-Optimizer has helped my H1c level remain at a good level"

-Ray Johnson

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Glyco-Optimizer contains ingredients clinically proven to:

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Clinically formulated to help reverse type 2 diabetes, regenerate your pancreas, normalize insulin and blood sugar levels and restore optimal health.

Aid Weight Loss

All-natural ingredients work alongside your diet and lifestyle to boost the speed and ease of your weight loss.

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Powerful nutrients work to restore cell function and lower blood sugar levels, preventing oxidative damage and preventing the progression of diabetes.

Alleviate Diabetes Symptoms

The supplement combines synergistic compounds that work together to alleviate symptoms and protect against diabetic neuropathy.

Recommended By Doctors

A blood sugar stabilizer that stands out. This product has just the right potency and effect to help keep my insulin sensitivity in check. I’m very impressed with the difference before and after taking the supplement. Now I am on my second bottle and I look forward to the results. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs diabetic support.

Dr Ahmed Zayed
MD Medicine

The ingredients of Glyco-Optimize are very useful for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The disease is variable, and I recommend taking it alongside medical treatment. The anti-inflammatory, insulin-boosting, and lipid-lowering ingredients of Glyco-Optimizer are very promising to prevent the complications of diabetes.

Dr. Alberto Parra
M.D. Sports Medicine & Diagnostic Imaging

Glyco-Optimizer is a supplement consisting of a combination of herbal extracts that work in a synergistic manner to alleviate symptoms and debilities of diabetes.

Dr James Occhiogrosso
Natural health practitioner, master herbalist

Introducing Glyco-Optimizer

In Every Bottle

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Blood Sugar Control

Glyco-Optimizer naturally aids blood glucose management by improving insulin release and enhancing insulin sensitivity.


We source our products in an environmental and sustainable way. We maintain visibility of every stage of our supply chain, and ensure a living wage for everyone involved.


Each and every ingredient is expertly selected for the highest absorption, providing you with an effective product for a great price.

Unrivalled Purity

We strive to support you with true quality in our product and our procurement team is continually seeking the purest ingredients from the finest suppliers around the globe.

7 Key Ingredients Including...



Chromium plays a vital role in metabolizing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, as well as helping you maintain normal blood glucose levels.



Controls blood sugar levels by inhibiting the absorption of sugar in the intestine and enhancing insulin production.



Improves the ability of cells to absorb glucose and helps normalize blood sugar and insulin levels.




Supplementation of L-Leucine has been shown to significantly reduce HbA1c levels, improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.


Cinnamon Bark

Aids in blood glucose management by improving insulin release and enhancing insulin sensitivity.


Bitter Melon

Increases insulin secretion while decreasing insulin resistance, helping to restore normal blood sugar levels and pancreatic function.



When taken as an oral capsule, concentrated extracts enhance insulin sensitivity, which in turn leads to improved glucose control.

Supplement Facts

Suggested Usage

For best results, you should take 3 capsules daily with a meal.

Turmeric: Not to be used during pregnancy


This formula has been developed by Ben Ong to support various health objectives when used in conjunction with his recommended diet and exercise program as described in his books

100% American Supplements Made In The USA

To ensure that every capsule of Glyo Optimizer meets our high quality standards the entire formula is sourced and manufactured in the USA at a GMP certified and FDA audited facility and tested at a independent 3rd party US based laboratory.

100% American Supplements, 100% All Natural Ingredients, 100% Side-Effect Free.

The Science

Glyco-Optimizer is an all-natural, clinical-grade supplement designed to work as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle to help manage type 2 diabetes. Glyco-Optimizer is formulated to lower your HBA1c levels and restore normal insulin sensitivity.

Glyco-Optimizer is a powerful formula designed to normalize insulin, lower blood sugar levels and restore optimal health.


Berberine is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, with research noting its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A 2012 study conducted at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana concluded that a 500mg dose of Berberine was "comparable to the effect of metformin." Study participants saw their HBA1c levels fall by 2%. This is why we formulated Glyco-Optimizer to contain 400mg of 98% pure, clinical strength Berberine extracted from all-natural Phellodendron Bark.


Chromium is a trace mineral that has received growing interest when it comes to diabetes management. In a four-month study published in 2015, 71 patients with poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes taking 600 mcg of chromium daily showed a significant improvement in fasting and postprandial (after-meal) glucose levels, along with an improvement in A1C levels. It has also been shown to improve fasting glucose and cholesterol levels.



Banaba is a lesser known nutrient included in Glyco-Optimizer because of its powerful, diabetes-reversing effects. It contains the bioactive ingredient corosolic acid, which has been shown to help increase the amount of glucose absorbed by our cells. It does this in 3 different ways: firstly by mimicking insulin, secondly by improving glucose transportation, and thirdly by increasing the amount of glucose absorbed by your cells. All of which help normalize blood glucose levels.

Glyco-Optimizer is perfect if...

  • You want to help manage type 2 diabetes
  • You want to lower blood sugar levels naturally
  • You want to normalize insulin levels
  • You want to aid and support weight loss

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