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Dr. Chinedu Anthony Anene

Lecturer in Bioinformatics

Expertise: Oncology and cardiovascular research

Highlights, Experience & Education

Dr. Anene has built software tools for predicting the risk of prostate cancer progression and mapped the immune cells in tumor samples.
He has also published articles describing how different skin cancers progress to advanced diseases through changes in their DNA makeup.

He believes that patient care should be evidence-based and personalized. Research into the molecular mechanisms that drive cancer development and progression allows him to act on his beliefs and provide a better way for disease management.

Dr. Chinedu Anthony Anene is an experienced computational biologist with over eight years of experience applying informatics methods to broader medical science research. For his PhD, he characterized the miRNA mechanisms underlying the deregulation of endothelial cell function by platelet microparticles in cardiovascular diseases.
Following on from the above, he moved to Queen Mary University of London to perform research in cancer development and progression. He worked on the different aspects of cancer genomics and gene regulation in prostate and skin cancers. In his current role at London South Bank University and Queen Mary university, his current research is focused on applying novel computational approaches to multi-omics datasets to characterize the molecular mechanism of diseases (including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases) and using such insight to develop new tools for patient management and therapeutics.

Dr Anene graduated with distinction from University of Bradford, UK with a master’s degree in biomedical sciences. He completed his doctoral research in cardiovascular diseases and molecular biology at University of Bradford.

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