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Ben's Total Health for the Prostate vegicaps

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  • Boosts Immune System and Energy levels

  • Supports Memory and Nerves

  • Maintains prostate, kidney and bladder health

  • Worry less about getting up at night

  • Improves urination


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Living a healthy lifestyle in this high-tech and pressured modern world with quick instant meals on the run isn’t easy. We all try to eat right, exercise appropriately and control stress, but the reality is: this world we’ve created conspires at every turn to make us look and feel old, ill and weak. We breathe polluted air, we stress about bills, traffic and the economy, we don’t always get enough sleep or exercise, we don’t always eat organic foods, and when we do, even the best natural foods are not as abundant in micro-nutrients as they once were. Some of the most critical nutrients are missing entirely—and this loss of nutrients is only getting worse with the constant commercial pressure to increase crop yields and the potentially health damaging technologies employed. Living in a thoroughly modern world isn't easy and after decades of doing and eating the wrong things it isn’t surprising that our bodies start giving us problems. Which is why taking a daily highly bio-available, high-potency multivitamin-antioxidant supplement is well overdue for a 50 year old.

Total Health for the prostate is specifically designed to provide complete nutrient support for men approaching or over 50 years of age. All areas of the body are assisted with a special focus upon the prostate, sexual and urological system. With 23 high-quality ingredients at high dosages, total health is a unique formulation. It is the only multi-vitamin/multi-mineral/multi-nutrient that includes active ingredients to combat inflammation (the cause of so many diseases) and also nutrients that may prevent the onset and development of cancer. Total Health for the prostate represents the culmination of 15 years of research and discovery, and has helped hundreds of thousands of men. It is the superior multi-formula for restoring and maintaining health, youth and vitality. Most men as they approach and get into their 50s experience urinary symptoms such as getting up at night from nocturia, slow stream, slow to start, and urgency and they are at greater risk of getting prostate cancer. Many of these symptoms can be alleviated for most men with the use of our total health for the prostate supplement.


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