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Dr. Aimen Sohail

Medical Writer

Expertise: Medical Writing and Physical Therapy

Highlights, Experience & Education


Dr. Sohail has a strong background in healthcare, medical education, and wellness. She is a regular contributor to reputable health publications, translating complex medical topics into easily digestible content.

Dr. Sohail’s passion for making a difference in people's lives has led her to seek a profession in healthcare.

She feels every day is an opportunity for her to provide quality treatment and knowledge to everyone.

What truly inspires her is the ever-changing nature of healthcare, the constant learning, and the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team of experts to make a real difference in people's lives.


Dr. Sohail’s knowledge has been polished through extensive clinical practice in hospitals, emphasizing geriatrics, women's health, and critical care.

She has had the opportunity to deal with a broad patient group throughout the years, acquiring vital insights into their specific needs and problems. She has also been honored with being the best doctor in her department multiple times.

Dr. Sohail’s passion for writing has been a constant presence in her journey, starting with contributions to university publications and evolving into a professional career collaborating with research firms and online health platforms.

Her current writing niche is demystifying healthcare and supplements, striving to present complex information in an accessible and engaging manner for the wider public.


Dr. Sohail completed her degree of Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) from the University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. She is currently pursuing her post-graduation master's degree. Additionally, she is an active member of UHS’s alumni association and has attended multiple conferences that have improved her healthcare skills and knowledge.

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