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Dr. Ke Ran Tee

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Junior medical doctor, researcher, first aid provider, and trainer.

In her early childhood, Ke Ran was inspired by the healthcare team behind her mother's journey to cancer remission to pursue a career in healthcare. She is a firm advocate for humans’ right to health. Being in the field has empowered her to serve her community with her acquired knowledge and skills. She is intrigued by the vast library of medical knowledge and strongly believes in lifelong learning to provide comprehensive care for her patients and their family. During her undergraduate training, she developed an interest in family medicine and psychiatry.


Ke Ran is a junior medical doctor with over 5 years of experience in providing pre-hospital care, first-aid training, and home nursing care. During her free time, she enjoys volunteering with charity organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGO) as a pre-hospital care provider, first aid trainer, and clinic assistant. As a St. John Ambulance member, she has participated in many flood relief efforts and blood and organ donation campaigns. She also enjoys writing medical education blogs to empower her readers and as part of her continuous development.


Ke Ran obtained her Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from The University of Malaysia (UKM). She was also Malaysia’s delegate in exchange programs to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand. She is currently undertaking a training program as a para-counselor for an NGO.

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