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Dr Nizar Abdelfattah


Expertise: Ophthalmology

Highlights, Experience & Education

Dr. Abdelfattah is an Ophthalmologist with special interest in volunteerism, medical education and academic research. He has attempted to make volunteer mentoring an interwoven part of the fabric of his medical career. He mentors students, residents, and fellows.

He is a well-known ophthalmology scientist who is double fellowship trained at the University of Southern California, and the University of California Los Angeles. Dr. Abdelfattah is a lead on multiple retinal imaging research studies. His research interests include etiologic and pathogenic factors contributing to chronic eye diseases, quantifying risk factors of macular diseases, applications of artificial intelligence in retinal imaging, global ophthalmology and medical education.

Dr. Abdelfattah obtained his medical degree from the University of Alexandria with upper first class honors. He is now an Ophthalmologist.

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