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Dr. Tom Leaver

NHS GP Registrar and Medical Writer

Expertise: General Practice

Highlights, Experience & Education


Dr. Tom Leaver is currently a GP registrar within the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust. Dr Leaver has made notable contributions to medical literature with published works in reputable journals such as the Bone & Joint Journal and the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics.


With years of post-graduate experience across various medical fields, Dr. Leaver has amassed a broad spectrum of expertise. His professional journey has taken him through numerous medical specialties, including general surgery, cardiology, geriatrics, orthopaedics, ENT, and paediatrics. This diverse clinical background has laid a solid foundation for his career in general practice, where he aims to apply his wide-ranging knowledge for the benefit of his patients.


Embarking on his medical career, Dr. Leaver earned his medical degree from the University of Southampton Medical School. He further honed his skills and knowledge during his foundation training at Poole Hospital in Dorset. Currently, he is progressing through his GP training at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust, with an anticipated completion in 2025.

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