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Emily Stuart (RD)

Registered Dietician

Expertise: Diet & Nutrition

Highlights, Experience & Education

Emily Stuart is a Registered Dietitian with a BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. She has several years’ experience working in the National Health Service in the UK, in digital health and the private and corporate sectors. Emily is also experienced in health writing and recipe development, and her clinical specialties include weight management, critical care, and cardiac nutrition.

Company Dietitian for leading food manufacturer apetito. Apetito produces food for the NHS, Meals on Wheels in the community, Care Homes and the education sector. We have a world-leading range of Specialist Nutrition products including texture modified and allergy-free, and are the parent company to Wiltshire Farm Foods, who deliver award winning frozen meals to people all over the UK.

London Metropolitan University, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietetics/Dietitian
Bsc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics leading to HCPC registration as a Dietitian

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