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Kwame Otchere

Registered Nutritionist

Expertise: Nutrition & Health

Highlights, Experience & Education

Kwame Otchere is a Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) with a Bachelor's Degree (BSc) in Sport and Exercise Sciences from The University of Birmingham as well as holding a Masters (MSc) in Nutritional Sciences from The University of Nottingham.

Regulatory affairs professional with a passion for nutrition and health. I have experience working with food categories such as food supplements, infant formula and sweeteners.

I am a Senior Regulatory. Associate at Reckitt. I am responsible for regulatory matters regarding infant nutrition and food supplement products in the UK & Irish markets.

Registered Associate Nutritionist (Anutr)
University of Nottingham Master of Science (MSc), Nutritional Sciences
University of Birmingham Bachelor of Science (BSc), Health Sciences

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