Does Doxycycline Make You Feel Tired?

Doxycycline is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. 

Although doxycycline is effective in managing bacterial infections, it can also cause a few side effects. 

This article discusses whether doxycycline will make you feel tired or weak and what you can do to avoid these side effects.

Does Doxycycline Make You Sleepy?

Tiredness is not a typical side effect of Doxy, but a small number of patients might experience tiredness or fatigue while using Doxycycline. 

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Why Patients Might Feel Tired When Taking Doxy

The exact mechanism through which doxycycline tiredness occurs is not clearly understood. 

However, some theories have attempted to explain the potential mechanisms that could contribute to these side effects.

1) Your Infection Could Make You Feel Tired

You may experience tiredness as a result of the infection you have that requires treatment with Doxycycline.

Tiredness and fatigue are more common in patients using doxycycline for Chlamydia. It is typically described as a state of feeling tired or weak and being short of energy despite limited physical activity. 

Extreme fatigue and weariness are the typical signs of Chlamydia and many other infections for which doxycycline is prescribed. 

Hence, it is difficult to determine whether these side effects could be attributed to the medication or the underlying condition. 

2) You May Feel Fatigued Due To The Impact Of Doxy On The Brain

Some medical experts propose that tiredness could be the result of the impact of Doxy on the brain. 

Doxycycline affects the levels of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, in the brain. 

These neurotransmitters play a role in regulating mood and energy. The imbalance in the level of these neurotransmitters can lower your energy levels, causing tiredness and fatigue.

3) You May Feel Tired Due To The Extra Burden On Your Immune System

In addition, even after the infection is treated and cleared with antibiotics, the patient may continue to experience weakness and exhaustion. 

These signs are likely to occur due to the extra burden experienced by the immune system while fighting the infection.

When To See A Doctor

If you feel very tired while using doxycycline despite limited physical activities, inform your doctor. 

Discuss your weariness with your physician, especially if it persists for long or seems to become worse, as these could be the signs that the infection has spread or not cleared completely.

Your doctor might change the dose of doxycycline if it is confirmed that the medication is the source of your weakness and fatigue. 

Your doctor might also recommend an alternative antibiotic for managing your condition if doxycycline is suspected to be ineffective in clearing the infection.

Is it Bad to Sleep Right After Taking Doxycycline?

It is important to avoid sleeping or lying down for at least 30 minutes after taking the dose of doxycycline. 

Doxycycline can cause stomach irritation and worsen the symptoms of gastritis or hyperacidity. Lying down immediately after taking the dose can cause reflux of the acidic gastric secretions into the throat due to which your symptoms may become worse. 

Hence, it is advisable to avoid lying down immediately after taking doxycycline.

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How to Manage Fatigue While Taking Doxycycline

Here are some strategies that will help you manage fatigue while taking doxycycline:

Eat a nutritious and balanced diet

Make sure you follow a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet that comprises all the essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 

This will help to heal the damaged tissues, support your recovery, and allow you to avoid fatigue.

You can also include foods with moderate amounts of complex carbohydrates, such as fresh fruits and whole grains, in your diet to ensure your body receives a steady supply of energy. 

This will help you feel fresh and energetic while using Doxy and provide relief from the potential side effects.

Take adequate rest

Make sure you receive enough rest and sleep until the infection has cleared completely. 

Get regular exercise

Engaging in moderate physical activities will increase your energy levels and improve your physical and mental health. 

It will also boost your immunity and enhance the body’s disease-fighting mechanisms. 

These benefits of exercise will help clear the infection and prevent side effects such as fatigue and tiredness.

However, it is important to avoid strenuous physical activities when you are having a severe bout of infection as it might drain your energy and worsen your symptoms.

Manage stress

Lowering your stress levels by practicing yoga and meditation or taking part in hobbies such as reading or gardening will help improve your emotional wellness. 

It will also allow you to cope with the symptoms of the infection as well as the side effects of the medication more easily.


Although the precise mechanism by which Doxycycline causes tiredness or weariness is not clear, it is believed to occur due to changes in neurotransmitter levels. 

These side effects may even be the symptoms of the infection. 

It is crucial to discuss your tiredness and exhaustion with your doctor when you are taking doxycycline in order to identify the potential source and establish the most effective course of action.

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