Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice: Aid Infections, Acne & Healthy Hair

Benefits of cranberry juice are numerous, from preventing infection to delaying the severity of chronic diseases and supporting heart health. Cranberries are a very important and healthy fruit that can be incorporated into your diet regularly to gain its benefits. 

It is recommended to choose unsweetened cranberry juice or to consume it in moderation as a part of a balanced diet. Overall, cranberry juice can be a healthy beverage option when consumed in moderation and without added sugar.

1. Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

The majority of the people are aware of the benefit of cranberrry juice for UTIs because this is exactly why they opt for drinking cranberry juice in the first place. 

According to research, cranberry juice is effective for preventing urinary tract infections

Cranberry juice does this by helping keep the harmful bacteria and microbes away from sticking to the bladder walls, which may then cause them to start their infectious process. 

This way, the risk of UTIs is prevented by up to 30% after drinking cranberry juice regularly. 

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2. Helps Promote Heart Health

Cranberry juice was seen to impact the heart positively. It does so in numerous ways, starting with helping a person lose cholesterol from their body, which has a long-term impact in fighting against heart diseases. 

Moving on, consuming cranberry juice was also seen to help people unclog their arteries that had been filled with lipid or cholesterol and were posing a significant risk factor for atherosclerosis. 

3. Help Protect Against Cancer

Cranberries are seen to be enriched with phenolic compounds. These phenolic compounds are greatly beneficial when dealing with a deadly disease like cancer. 

This compound helps inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in the body and, in case cancer has already been diagnosed, helps stop its progression to worse states. 

4. Helps Fight Constipation

In the majority of people, constipation develops due to dehydration. People do not drink enough water, and as a result, the accumulated stool is not softened enough to pass outside the body easily. 

However, if these people drink cranberry juice regularly, then they may escape the frustrations of dealing with constipation because cranberry juice helps fight off dehydration and also has a mild laxative effect, which could cause the stool to pass away easily. 

5. Tone Down The Oxidative Stress

Cranberries are packed with antioxidants that greatly help the body fight off the free radicals and the resultant oxidative stress accumulating in the body for so long. 

This benefit indirectly helps the body fight off some diseases before they get manifested by clearing out oxidative stress. 

6. Reduce Acne

Cranberries contain a great amount of Vitamin C. This Vitamin C imposes its anti-inflammatory effects and helps acne-prone people fight off their acne. It reduces the development of comedones, whiteheads, pimples, etc. 

Vitamin C in cranberries was also seen to cause a visible resolution in acne scar marks

7. Relieve Colds and Flu Symptoms

Thanks to the Vitamin C contained in cranberries, the immune system gets the necessary kick that it needs to function well and in a way that helps reduce the severity of the symptoms of common colds and flu. 

However, keep in mind that cranberries do not prevent colds and flu from happening; they just tone down the symptoms. This could be of great help as colds and flu could be greatly disarming for the people suffering from them. 

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8. Reduce The Risk of Stomach Ulcers

Drinking cranberry juice regularly was found to stop the growth and progression of Helicobacter pylori, which is an important cause of stomach and duodenal ulcers

Stomach ulcers are very painful. And once they appear, they persist for longer times while causing major inconvenience to the affected person. Cranberry juice proves to be a helpful product when dealing with problems like these. 

9. Promotes Healthy Hair

The Vitamin A and C contained in the cranberry juice help people with hair fall and other similar hair-related issues cope with this problem easily. 

Both these vitamins promote hair growth while also making them shiny and healthier in appearance. This makes it a life-saving product for hair fall, but only if used for longer periods. 

10. Aid Liver Detox

The polyphenols and antioxidants in cranberry juice serve an important function: to aid the liver in detoxifying itself and removing all the potential toxins from within itself. 

The iron-chelating properties of these compounds make it easier for the liver to detoxify itself and stay in its optimal, healthy condition. 

11. Boosts Hormonal Health

Cranberry juice is not just a refreshing drink. In reality, it has been seen to boost your internal health and functions and make you feel all good and refreshed in no time. 

In terms of hormonal health, cranberry juice was seen to especially help women dealing with PCOS. It helped lower the testosterone levels in the bodies of those women who had PCOS. 

When testosterone was lowered, it ultimately led to a decrease in the symptoms and risks of PCOS such as infertility, excessive hair growth, acne, etc. 

12. Promote Better Sleep

Time for all the insomniacs to take notes! Cranberry juice is enriched with enormous quantities of Melatonin

This Melatonin helps people sleep better as it is popularly known as the ‘sleep hormone.’ Therefore, some people even go on and drink cranberry juice before their bedtime so that it helps them go to sleep earlier and better than before. 

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13. Improves Dental Health

Cranberry juice is considered a blessing in disguise for people dealing with oral health issues and dental problems. 

All of this is possible due to the Proanthocyanidins contained in cranberry juice. This nutrient is the major component that helps fight off dental issues and prevent tooth decay. 

Firstly, it prevents unhealthy bacteria in the mouth from sticking to the teeth. This prevents plaque from forming on the teeth. Secondly, it reduces damage to the tooth enamel by reducing the formation of acids in the mouth. 

14. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

Cranberry juice has a significant effect on the blood pressure of those individuals who often deal with abnormal blood pressure levels throughout the day. 

In these people, the flavonoid contained in cranberry juice helps dilate or ‘soften’ the arteries, which helps in increasing the blood flow through them. 

With the restoration of the normal blood flow, the blood pressure is seen to return to its optimal state when you are a regular drinker of cranberry juice. 

15. Support Eyes Health

With lots of vitamins and their important nutrients, cranberry juice becomes of great help when keeping the eyes healthy and the vision brighter and better than ever. 

It promotes healthy blood circulation to and from the eyes and keeps the blood vessels healthy and optimal.

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Cranberries are a very important and healthy fruit that needs to be incorporated into your diet regularly to gain its benefits. 

We saw above how consuming cranberry juice helps put several bodily functions into action while at the same time, also helping these functions proceed at a better and improved pace. It adds a much-needed boost to your immune system and ensures your health is maintained in its optimal state. 

Therefore, it would be a great option to add cranberry juice to your daily routine.

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