How to Increase DHEA Naturally in Men

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about the importance of hormonal balance. 

Men must keep their testosterone in check. Otherwise, it can get in the way of their sex life. But, how about DHEA levels? 

As you age, your DHEA level can be as low as 10-20% of what it was in your prime. 

Your goal should be to counter the decline in testosterone and DHEA as you grow older. Here, we will show you exactly how to increase DHEA naturally. 

What Is DHEA?

The adrenal glands are a key component of the endocrine system. The adrenal glands located on top of the kidneys produce aldosterone, pregnenolone, and cortisol levels. But the adrenal glands also produce a hormone known as Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). 

Cortisol and DHEA are the most abundant hormones released by these glands. DHEA is a steroid hormone that comes from cholesterol. It stands for dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate. Small amounts of DHEA are also created by the skin, brain, fat tissue, and gonads. 

Compared to any other hormone, the drop in DHEA gets significantly higher in old age. But, the levels are the highest when you are in your 20s. After which they start to plummet by roughly 10% per decade. 

Benefits of DHEA for Men’s Health

There has been a lot of speculation that DHEA supplementation can turn back the clock on the aging process. But, there isn’t enough data to back those claims. We know that taking DHEA can benefit conditions such as osteoporosis and depression

DHEA supplementation has also shown a beneficial outcome on body composition. It can lead to tiny yet meaningful improvements in body composition in older male patients. 

There are not enough studies that DHEA treatment can lead to better muscle strength, fat loss, or muscle gain in younger individuals. 

But, DHEA supplementation may have the potential to help with muscle mass, skin health, energy, sex drive, and obesity prevention. According to research, low DHEA is associated with poor bone density. Low DHEA also has an impact on cognition, mood, and overall health. 

Some experts suggest that keeping the DHEAs levels stable to boost testosterone levels can aid with ED. As a result, this hormone has been praised as a viable alternative to hormone replacement therapy. More precisely – testosterone replacement therapy

So, finding the right ways on how to increase DHEA naturally can really come in handy. Whether you are looking for supplementation or a natural option to keep the dehydroepiandrosterone in check, the tips below can help. 

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How to Increase DHEA Naturally in Men

For people who want to know how to increase DHEA naturally, food sources packed with this hormone don’t exist. Wild yams feature a similar substance, which is meant to create this hormone in the lab. 

The human body is more than capable of manufacturing its own DHEA sources. But, there are some options that can provide a modest effect at best. Working on the hormonal imbalance can help with that. 

Experts suggest you:

Get good quality sleep

Sleep deprivation can set your vitality and hormones in a downward spiral. It also heightens the possibility of heart disease

Manage stress

Stress is linked to a range of health issues. It’s no wonder that it can affect estrogen, cortisol, and DHEA sulfate. The increase in cortisol results in elevated blood pressure and heart rate. While the excess of estrogen triggers unnecessary havoc through the body. 

Implement vigorous physical activity 

Activities such as football, swimming, running, or weight training aid with DHEA production. They are also a great way to combat weight gain. 

When working with dehydroepiandrosterone, supplementation is often the go-to choice. It can help with adrenal imbalance. It might also have some effect on obesity, depression, skin, and certain psychological conditions. But, research is often mixed and sometimes contradictory. 

Be sure to talk to a doctor about DHEA replacement. Ask them about oral DHEA and whether it is right for your estrogen. 

Before you start working on your DHEA deficiency, adrenal insufficiency, or any other issue you might have, the doctor will advise you on the best course of action to take with serum DHEA. This is a useful tip for both men and postmenopausal women. 


DHEA has a major role to play in the loss of libido and adrenal fatigue. But, this hormone is a lot more important than just for sexual health. Healthy levels of this hormone can benefit mental and bone health.

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