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We have all the health supplements you need at Ben’s Natural Health. Our product range covers sexual health supplements to support low testosterone or high estrogen; prostate supplements for men dealing with symptoms of BPH or prostatitis; diabetes supplements to support those managing type 2 diabetes, or people who are looking to naturally lower their blood sugar levels; and finally a broad range of natural health supplements that support everything from heart and brain health, to immune support and natural sleep aids.


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Total Health for the Prostate | Prostate Supplement - Total Health is an all-natural, clinical-grade, prostate-relief supplement, formulated to help you lower your PSA , shrink your prostate and combat BPH. With a complete formulation of 23 minerals, vitamins and nutrients designed specifically for prostate health, and formulated in clinically significant dosages, Total Health truly is the only supplement your prostate will ever need.


Clinical trials show beta-sitosterol increases maximum urinary flow rate by about 45% and men report improved urinary symptoms, and works by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase and reducing inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin production. Which is why Total Health contains a 750mg dose of high purity beta sitosterol.

Curcumin, the bioactive ingredient in the Indian spice turmeric, is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and has been shown to improve urinary function in men after 2 to 6 months. Another study providing a 1 gram dose of curcumin alongside a 300mg dose of beta-sitosterol for 30 days to men with a high PSA saw PSA levels drop from 6.48 to 4.65.

While the United States National Institutes of Health conducted a study on Quercetin for its ability to help with prostate disease, urinary and prostate infections and groin pain. They concluded quercetin supplements work and resulted in "significant symptomatic improvement" for men suffering from impaired prostate health. Which is why Total Health contains a 200mg dose of 95% pure quercetin.

Based on this research, and using only the purest quality, all-natural and organic ingredients, we have created Total Health: a scientifically proven formulation to treat symptoms of BPH and lower PSA.

Prostate Healer | Prostate Supplement - Prostate Healer is a safe, proprietary, unique blend of the world's 9 most powerful prostate healing and rejuvenating herbs. Concentrated extracts of these herbs have been blended into a powerful and effective tincture, cold pressed and then combined to increase the potency and lifetime of each ingredient.


Prostate Healers antiviral ingredients help prevent and fight off urinary tract infections. Its potent anti-bacterial herbal ingredients keep your immune system strong. One of the common side effects of BPH, Prostatitis, and bladder infections is erectile dysfunction. Prostate healer is specifically formulated to restore full sexual function and combat ED. Using Prostate Healer to restore your prostate health will ensure no more groin or urinary pain, no more interrupted sleep, no more night-time rushing to the toilet and no risk of bedwetting.

To ensure the efficacy, potency and freshness of Prostate Healer we pick fresh herbs at the peak of season and mix them within 6 hours of being harvested. Then the solution is macerated and matured for 7 days before being sent to an advanced processing facility that takes the 7 day matured formulation and puts it through a cold processing treatment that purifies, amplifies and intensifies the effectiveness of the tincture, without corrupting it.

Based on this research, and using only the purest quality, all-natural and organic ingredients, we have created Prostate Healer: a scientifically proven formulation to reduce symptoms associated with BPH and prostatitis.


Prostate Power | Prostate Supplement - Prostate Power is a unique formulation designed to reduce the number of urinary interruptions and nighttime bathroom trips. This powerful supplement is a clinical strength, scientifically proven, all natural formulation based on 4 decades of clinical research.


Prostate power contains a high quality blend of rye flower pollen and saw palmetto berry extract. Rye flour pollen is a recognized BPH and prostatitis treatment and has been commonly used in Europe for over 35 years. Multiple double blind clinical studies have shown it to be an effective treatment and symptom alleviator for men struggling with BPH or an enlarged prostate.

There are 19 studies conducted on the safety and efficacy of rye flower pollen combined with saw palmetto berry. These studies show that 75- 90% of men who take this combination of active ingredients see significant improvement in their symptoms and their ability to empty their bladder completely. That’s why Prostate Power contains 1278g of high purity rye flower pollen and saw palmetto berry extract in every dose.


Total Health Advanced | Prostate Supplement - Total Health Advanced is a specialized version of our flagship Total Health for the Prostate supplement. It contains all the same powerful and potent nutrients as Total Health for the prostate, alongside an additional 9 powerful anticarcinogenic ingredients.


Prostate Health Program | Prostate Supplement - A combination of 3 of the most effective supplements for prostate health in the world. Exactly what you need to restore your prostate health, delivered straight to your door, every month. Each one is designed to work synergistically together while addressing different elements of prostate disease.


Together they help restore and maintain optimal prostate health, shrink the prostate gland, alleviate symptoms, lower PSA scores and clear out urinary, bladder and prostate infections.


Different nutrients, compounds and ingredients need to be prepared in different ways to ensure maximum bioavailability and efficacy. All herbs are cold pressed and preserved in alcohol. Minerals are chelated with amino acids. Vitamins are natural, not synthetic. By creating a program of 3 supplements, you can have different preparations and different approaches, allowing you to maximize the potency and efficacy of each individual supplement.


All About The Prostate - All About The Prostate is the definitive guide to prostate health that shows how to reduce daytime urinary frequency, stop nighttime urination, and lower PSA levels using a scientifically-proven and all natural method.


Now in its 10th Edition, the step by step process to restoring prostate health laid out in this book are the result of 20 years of research and have helped tens of thousands of men take back control of their prostate health and overcome BPH, shrink their enlarged prostates, and clear out bladder and prostate infections using 100% natural methods.

Advanced Home PSA Test Kit - Ben's Advanced Home PSA Blood Test Kit is a collaboration between ourselves and independent third party specialist laboratories in the United States. You can now get quick, accurate and easy to use professional laboratory results from the comfort of your own home, without having to wait around in a doctor's office or book appointments.


Estro Clear | Estrogen Blocker for Men - Estro Clear is an estrogen-clearing formulation designed to flush excess estrogen from the male body and help restore optimal hormone health. This powerful supplement is a clinical strength, proven, all natural formulation based on peer reviewed and published clinical research. Research conducted in 2003 at the AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver has suggested that calcium-d-glucarate could be just as effective as one of the most common drugs used to treat estrogen dominance.

Testo Booster | Testosterone Supplement - Testo Booster is a formulation of 7 herbs and concentrated extracts that has been clinically proven to naturally increase testosterone levels, resulting in greater strength, increased muscle growth, higher sex drive, and stronger erections.


Testo Booster works by activating receptors in the pituitary gland, which in turn sends signals to the testes to increase production of testosterone. Ingredients such as tongkat ali work by blocking enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen from working. One study showed that Tongkat Ali was proven to increase free testosterone levels by up to 61%.


Male Boost Tincture - Male Boost Tincture is a powerful formulation designed to naturally boost your sexual energy and stamina, increase libido, and reverse ED. As a tincture, Male Boost is a proprietary blend of 10 concentrated phytonutrients suspended in a solution of pharmaceutical grade alcohol. These potent phytonutrients have multiple positive effects on your sexual, urinary and general health immune systems, as well as having a toning and calming effects on the nervous system.


Organic Concentrated Garlic - Our Organic Garlic Tincture lowers blood lipids and high blood pressure. The tincture improves blood circulation by improving the flow of blood through small blood vessels and capillaries. In larger doses, it can help clear capillaries and address erectile dysfunction. This is because the genitals are one of the three main areas of the body that have large networks of capillaries which support the main arteries alongside the heart and lungs.


Sexual Health Program - The Sexual Health Program combines Testo Booster, Estro Clear, and Male Boost to create the most complete and effective natural treatment for low testosterone, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction available. By combining 3 unique supplements to work on 3 different fronts, what you get is a program that will reboost your testosterone levels and flush away excessive estrogen quickly, safely, and without any side effects.


Glyco-Optimizer | Blood Sugar Support Supplement - Glyco-Optimizer is an all-natural, clinical grade supplement designed to work as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle to help manage type 2 diabetes. Glyco-Optimizer is formulated to lower your HBA1c levels and restore normal insulin sensitivity.


B-Complex Mega Plus | B Vitamins - B-Complex Mega Plus is a powerful, clinically significant B-vitamin formulation with added folic acid and fortified with Tri-Methyl Glycine (TMG), making it a leading B vitamin complex formulation and supplement.


Deep Sleep | Natural Sleep Aid - Deep Sleep contains powerful, all-natural, sleep-promoting compounds that have been scientifically proven to promote good sleep health. It contains 100% natural valerian root, and melatonin. These potent, sleep-inducing extracts will ensure that you fall asleep within minutes and wake up feeling fully refreshed, energized and ready to face the day.


Clear Vision | Eye Health Supplements - ClearVision is an all-natural, clinical-grade supplement, based on the the national Age-Related Eye Disease Study and Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2, (AREDS, AREDS2). These studies concluded that supplementing Lutein and Zeaxanthin lower your risk of advanced Age-Related Macular Degeneration by 18%, and slow the progression of cataracts by 32%. This has been subsequently confirmed in more recent clinical trials.


Beta Glucan | Immune System Supplements - Beta glucan has a long scientific history and has been proven in countless studies to significantly improve immune response. Our Beta Glucan is derived from mushroom extracts, proven to be 4 times more powerful than most yeast derived beta glucans found on the market. Research shows that mushroom extracts containing just 20% of beta glucan are as active as yeast-derived beta glucans containing 86%.


Krill Oil | Omega 3 Supplement - Krill oil is rich in Omega 3 phospholipids, which is the most stable and highest quality source of omega 3. Many benefits of krill oil have been reported in human clinical research. This includes improved cognitive function in the elderly, improved joint pain and reduced blood pressure. The benefits of krill oil stem from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.


How To Reverse Diabetes - This book provides an evidence-based explanation of the real causes and costs of type 2 diabetes. This vital information reveals exactly what caused your diabetes, why type 2 diabetes is becoming more and more common and exactly how and what you can do about it.


Prostate Cancer Report (eBook) - This report examines the long term quality of life outcomes of the seven most common primary prostate cancer treatments. The purpose of this report is to provide men considering some form of prostate cancer treatment with an unbiased resource to help them make an informed decision.


The Prostate Drug Report (eBook) - This report will inform you about the reality of the most commonly prescribed medications for treating an enlarged prostate. The purpose of this report is to provide men with all of the latest research and unbiased current knowledge on prostate drugs in order to help them make an informed decision on which treatment is best for them.

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