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Mind & Memory is a powerful Nootropic supplement clinically formulated to improve memory, focus, and concentration, boost cognitive function, and support brain health. Developed by neuroscientists, it combines six of the most powerful, clinically proven brain health nutrients on the planet.
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Unlock Your Brain's Full Potential with Mind & Memory

Unlike other brain power supplements, Mind & Memory is made with high-quality, clinically-proven ingredients that are grown, processed, sourced, encapsulated, and tested in US-based, NSF, and FDA-accredited third-party laboratories. Ensuring that Mind & Memory is fast acting, effective, and safe. Don't settle for less when it comes to your brain health.



Just like every other organ, our brain can deteriorate as we age, and we have to be more careful to look after it. Over 10% of Americans report memory problems as early as 45, with cognitive ability following a similar pattern.


The ingredients in Mind & Memory have been carefully selected and researched for their effectiveness in boosting working memory, improving memory retention, reducing forgetfulness, and improving recall.




Focus and concentration are like weight lifting for your brain. It takes effort, and the better shape your brain is in, the more effectively you can carry out cognitive functions such as productivity, achieving goals and problem-solving. Likewise, being unable to sustain that focus can slow you down, lead to difficulties completing tasks, and increase stress or frustration.


Mind & Memory is designed to help sharpen mental focus, increase concentration, and improve mental and physical performance without distractions, jitters, or crashes.




Like the rest of your organs, your brain requires nutrition. In fact, nearly 20% of your daily calories are consumed by your brain, and the nutrients in those calories are crucial to your overall well-being.


The ingredients in Mind & Memory help protect and maintain optimal brain health, improve blood flow to the brain, and counteract oxidative damage.




People with reduced cognitive function may struggle with concentration, experience memory lapses, and find it challenging to process information. Furthermore, this can increase stress and raise your cortisol and adrenaline levels.


Studies show that the ingredients in Mind & Memory can help protect against age-related cognitive decline, improve cognitive function in older individuals, and slow the onset of dementia.


Brain fog

Brain fog

Brain fog is a common problem across all ages and is characterized by symptoms such as confusion, forgetfulness, and an inability to focus. It creates huge challenges in people’s daily lives and is a complex problem.


By addressing the root nutritional causes, neuroscience shows that you can clear brain fog and reduce confusion.

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Formulated With
6 Key Ingredients

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea
Brain Booster

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most effective adaptogen herbs for treating mental fatigue, improving working memory, sharpening focus, and enhancing overall cognitive performance. A study published in Molecules showed that it improved attention to detail via its impact on Serotonin and norepinephrine levels and boosted mood via beta-endorphins.

Green Tea (Leaf)

Green Tea (Leaf)

Green tea is clinically proven to benefit cognition and mood, both due to caffeine, which we already know provides focus and L-theanine. It is rich in antioxidants and has been found to have several benefits for brain health. Not only does it provide a short-term boost, but research has also shown a 64% lower chance of cognitive impairment in those supplemented with green tea.


Memory Enhancer

Cloves are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essential for maintaining optimal brain function and health. Amazingly, not only have cloves been shown to support a healthy memory, but a study in Planta Medica demonstrated its ability to reverse short-term and long-term memory deficits.

Recommended By Medical Experts

“We all know Ginseng and Gingko Biloba, but a real supplement for memory should offer much more. Mind & Memory has these basic ingredients and others I've researched, such as Rhodiola Rosea and Green Tea Extract. It is an excellent choice for anyone interested in boosting memory and cognitive function.”

Dr. Alberto Parra
M.D. Sports Medicine & Diagnostic Imaging

Dr Alberto

Recommended By Medical Experts

“If you want to stay sharp and focused, taking a supplement like Mind and Memory could be a good choice. But, to make the most of it, it’s best to eat a healthy and balanced diet and be physically active.”

Dr. Ahmed Zayed
M.D., B.S. Faculty Of Medicine

Dr Ahmed

What Makes Mind & Memory Superior

Mind & Memory

Ultra Pure Rhodiola Rosea

This formulation is a high-purity, natural form of Rhodiola Rosea. The 500mg of US-grown Rhodiola Rosea is of the highest quality possible to ensure that Mind & Memory is the most effective, natural enhancer of overall cognitive performance and brain health on the market.

Comprehensive Approach

Only Mind & Memory contains a full spectrum of neuroprotective nutrients, ensuring a comprehensive approach to maintaining brain health, cognitive performance and memory function.

Research Formulated

Multiple double-blind studies have shown that the ingredients in Mind & Memory support acuity, focus and cognitive performance while protecting against age-related cognitive decline.

US Grown Ingredients

Every ingredient in Mind & Memory is sourced, grown, encapsulated, and bottled in the US. As a 100% American supplement, Mind & Memory allows us to ensure a safe, high-quality, and uncontaminated formulation.

Independent 3rd-Party Lab Tested

Each ingredient in the Mind & Memory formulation is independently third-party tested to ensure quality, purity, and label accuracy.

100% Natural

All the ingredients in Mind & Memory are 100% natural; the formulation does not contain synthetic vitamins, GMO ingredients, or artificial fillers.

Maximum Potency Ingredients

The ingredients in Mind & Memory were chosen for their efficacy, and there are dozens of double-blind studies confirming their neuroprotective and cognitive function benefits.

Clinically Significant Dosages

As evidenced by the research, all ingredients in Mind & Memory were formulated at clinically significant dosages.

Doctor Recommended


Mind & Memory is recommended by practising doctors, researchers, and neurologists. All endorsements are made without compensation or monetary incentive.

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Every Mind & Memory review is 100% genuine and independently verified by third-party review platforms. Ben’s Natural Health has no editorial control over the content of reviews.

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We offer free priority shipping of Mind & Memory and all other supplements on our website, ensuring you receive your order as quickly as possible.

Honesty & Transparency

Ben’s Natural Health is the world’s first high-quality, all-natural, scientifically proven supplement company. We work with a large team of doctors, clinicians, and researchers to ensure that all our formulations contain clinically significant dosages of the highest quality and most effective vitamins, minerals, and nutrient compounds.



As we manufacture exclusively in the United States, all of our labels have to pass through FDA and FTC compliance. For quality control, we take it a step further than most. Our key ingredients are sent to independent third-party laboratories for spectroscopic and chemical analysis, which not only determines that the ingredient is what it says it is but also that its profile matches.

Ingredient harvesting

Honesty & Transparency

In addition, once the products are bottled, we run another stage of quality control, where the finished product is analyzed and tested.



All our finished products are tested by a third-party laboratory using the United States pharmacopeial test 1119 (near-infrared spectrography). This ensures that the supplement matches the label and is safe, pure, and of high quality. It also confirms that the product hasn't been adulterated during the manufacturing process and is absolutely safe for human consumption.

Ingredient Testing

Honesty & Transparency

Mind & Memory stands out as a unique and potent formulation to improve cognitive function, brain health, and working memory. One key ingredient in Mind & Memory is Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogen herb with centuries of use in traditional medicine, is renowned for its ability to improve both physical and mental performance, alleviate fatigue, and counteract stress. It works by helping the body adapt to physical, chemical, and environmental stressors.



In addition, studies have shown that Rhodiola Rosea can help protect against age-related cognitive decline by increasing the production of key neurotransmitters in the brain. This is why we include 500mg of high-potency, pure US-grown Rhodiola Rosea in every daily dose of Mind & Memory.

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All finished products are tested by a third party laboratory using United States pharmacopeial test 1119, (near inferred spectrography) to ensure that the supplement matches the label and that they are safe, pure and high quality.