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  1. Sexual Health Program Product Details
    Sexual Health Program
    $229.85 $179.85
    • Naturally raises testosterone & sex drive
    • Improves stamina, strength and endurance
    • Strengthens erections and sexual function
  2. Testo-Booster Product Details
    • Stimulates natural Testosterone production
    • Improves libido, stamina and endurance
    • Strengthens erections and sexual function
  3. tincture of organic garlic - garlic supplement Product Details
    Organic Garlic Tincture
    • Improves cardiovascular health & circulation
    • Natural blood thinner & anti inflammatory
    • Strengthens erections and sexual function
  4. Estro Clear - Ben's Natural Health Product Details
    Estro Clear
    • Lowers Estrogen & restores Testosterone
    • Increases muscle strength and stamina
    • Melts excess belly fat and man boobs
  5. Male Boost Tincture Product Details
    Male Boost Tincture
    • Naturally boosts Testosterone levels
    • Improves libido, stamina and endurance
    • Strengthens erections and sexual function
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Sexual Health

A fulfilling sex life is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It improves your mood, lowers blood pressure, lowers your risk of heart disease, and boosts your immune system. That’s why at Ben’s Natural Health, we have a range of sexual health supplements to help you achieve that. From supplements to boost testosterone levels and sexual performance enhancers, to libido boosting remedies and estrogen-clearing supplements.


What causes low libido?

Hormonal imbalance is a common problem for men as they start to get older. Testosterone levels gradually begin to decline, while estrogen levels slowly increase. Over time, these changes may start causing symptoms, including loss of muscle, increased fat, reduced sex drive and even erectile dysfunction.

Making changes to your lifestyle, such as regular exercise, a good diet, reducing stress and avoiding alcohol and tobacco, can help to address problems of sexual health, and even help reverse hormonal imbalance.

Various studies have also shown natural sexual health supplements may have a range of benefits, including improved blood flow to help with erectile dysfunction, increased hormone production, and increased libido and energy levels.

That’s why we offer supplements for low testosterone levels and for high estrogen levels.