Sexual Health

A fulfilling sex life is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It improves your mood, lowers blood pressure, lowers your risk of heart disease, and boosts your immune system. That’s why at Ben’s Natural Health, we have a range of sexual health supplements to help you achieve that. From supplements to boost testosterone levels and sexual performance enhancers, to libido boosting remedies and estrogen-clearing supplements.


What causes low libido?


Hormonal imbalance is a common problem for men as they start to get older. Testosterone levels gradually begin to decline, while estrogen levels slowly increase. Over time, these changes may start causing symptoms, including loss of muscle, increased fat, reduced sex drive and even erectile dysfunction.

Making changes to your lifestyle, such as regular exercise, a good diet, reducing stress and avoiding alcohol and tobacco, can help to address problems of sexual health, and even help reverse hormonal imbalance.

Various studies have also shown natural sexual health supplements may have a range of benefits, including improved blood flow to help with erectile dysfunction, increased hormone production, and increased libido and energy levels.

That’s why we offer supplements for low testosterone levels and for high estrogen levels.

Food and Vitamins To Improve Sexual Health

While it hasn’t been clinically proven that taking vitamins can effectively treat sexual health problems such as low libido or ED, improving your overall health is a step in the right direction.

A large percentage of men who have ED also have low vitamin D levels, so you may want to add more fatty fish or a high quality vitamin D supplement to your routine. Vitamin C plays an important role in blood flow, which affects erectile function, so make sure to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Other important minerals and vitamins to take for overall energy and circulation (both of which have a positive effect on libido, hormones and sexual health) include vitamins A, B and E, alongside zinc, which is prevalent in men who have ED.


Sexual Health Supplements for men & women

We offer a range of sexual health supplements to help with hormonal imbalance, low testosterone, high estrogen, sexual performance, and low libido.


Testo Booster is a formulation of 7 herbs and concentrated extracts that has been clinically proven to naturally increase testosterone levels, resulting in greater strength, increased muscle growth, higher sex drive, and stronger erections.


Testo Booster works by activating receptors in the pituitary gland, which in turn sends signals to the testes to increase production of testosterone. Ingredients such as tongkat ali work by blocking enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen from working. This powerful herb has been proven to increase free testosterone, improve mood, combat erectile dysfunction, increase lean muscle mass and lower cortisol stress levels.

Estro Clear is an estrogen-clearing formulation designed to flush excess estrogen from the male body and help restore optimal hormone health. This powerful supplement is a clinical strength, proven, all natural formulation based on peer reviewed and published clinical research.


Research conducted in 2003 at the AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver has suggested that calcium-d-glucarate could be just as effective as one of the most common drugs used to treat Estrogen dominance. The study also noted that calcium-d-glucarate may be as effective in preventing cancer. In another study, calcium-d-glucarate was able to reduce the number of Estrogen receptors human cells by 48 percent. It's also been shown to lower serum Estrogen levels by 23 percent.

Male Boost Tincture is a powerful formulation designed to naturally boost your sexual energy and stamina, increase libido, and reverse ED. As a tincture, Male Boost is a proprietary blend of 10 concentrated phytonutrients suspended in a solution of pharmaceutical grade alcohol. These potent phytonutrients have multiple positive effects on your sexual, urinary and general health immune systems, as well as having a toning and calming effects on the nervous system.


The calming effect on the nervous system results in an overall sense of well-being. The herbs in Ben's Male Boost Tincture have been shown to increase testosterone and nitric oxide levels, leading to stronger erections. It also may help your body to produce more semen.

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