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Dr. Alberto Parra

Head Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Expertise: General Practitioner

Highlights, Experience & Education

Graduated as a General Practitioner in 2015, Medical Sonographer since 2016, and Medical Writer since 2017. Authored and fact-checked thousands of medical articles now available online. Dedicated researcher with the mission of curating medical information and making it available to layman audiences.

I’ve always been passionate about biology and healthcare topics. I borrowed my aunt’s medicine books when I couldn’t read and imagined I was lecturing others about the human body. Since then, researching, learning, and teaching have been the cornerstone of my medical practice, and I believe information is the most important asset a patient can have before and after visiting a doctor’s office.

Alberto Parra is a licensed General Practitioner. Starting his medical practice, he decided to extend his compulsory social service to have a close-up experience with patients and communities. After receiving a degree in ultrasound, he worked in hospitals and started his private practice as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. He enjoys talking to patients and sharing medical information while moving the probe to look for a clear shot of anatomical structures.

Dr. Alberto Parra graduated as a Medical Doctor at LUZ University in Venezuela. He was a part of a research group focused on human metabolism and then obtained a degree in Medical Sonography in 2016. Since then, his main field of study and continuing education have been related to medical imaging and the different ailments doctors can diagnose with an ultrasound scan, including prostate-related issues.

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