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Dr. Preet Pal S.B.

Medical writer & Healthcare Business Development Specialist

Expertise: General Physician & Diabetologist

Highlights, Experience & Education

Highlights: Headed some of the leading Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies in different countries like Searle, Indian Immunologicals, and Inventia Healthcare.

I am highly interested in metabolic disorders since disease patterns are changing all over the world. People are now more likely to be living with chronic metabolic disorders. However, most chronic metabolic disorders are still quite challenging to treat. They cannot be cured and require lifelong management.

Experience: My career has been divided into working as a physician & in senior management in healthcare multinational companies. Thus, I have experience of working in more than 15 nations around the globe. Currently, I am working as a business development consultant & medical writer.

Education: M.D. (General Physician) graduated in 1999 from Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, and Fellowship in Diabetes (Liverpool Royal Academy)

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