10 Healthy Alternatives To Wheat Bread

White bread is a staple in almost every diet. 

It is the cheapest and most practical choice of food that keeps you satiated. 

But many white breads have added sugars, preservatives, and refined grains. 

If you want to revamp your diet with healthier bread alternatives, you are in the right place. 

Finding healthy sandwich bread alternatives can make all the difference, whether you are in the mood to cut back on processed goodies or avoid weight gain. 

10 healthy ways to replace conventional wheat bread

Conventional white and plain wheat bread is refined carbohydrate food. High GI (glycemic index) foods, like white bread, cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. In order to mitigate this rise in blood sugar, the pancreas produces more insulin. 

So, a spike in blood sugar causes insulin to increase. Most of these breads are manufactured of refined wheat, which has stripped the food of most nutrients and fiber. Other than causing a spike in blood sugar, this bread can lead to an increased calorie intake. 

Some healthy alternatives to bread for sandwiches listed below can help you make better food choices. 

1. Ezekiel bread

What can I eat for breakfast instead of bread? Ezekiel bread is a nutrient-dense type of sprouted bread.

Compared to conventional white bread, which is made with refined wheat flour, Ezekiel bread contains a ton of fiber and nutrients. According to 2021 reports, high-fiber diets are excellent for maintaining good gut health

So, how many carbohydrates are in Ezekiel bread? One slice of this bread has 15g of carbohydrates. 

You can add it to a low-carb diet. It is a good bread to lose weight. But, it is not gluten-free bread.

2. Corn tortillas

Many people are asking what they can use instead of bread for sandwiches.

Have you tried corn tortillas? Corn tortillas are packed with more fiber than flour tortillas. They are gluten-free and have less salt, carbs, and calories. 

They can make for excellent sandwich wraps, as you can fill them up with some lettuce, tomatoes, and other vegetables. 

Do have in mind that corn tortillas break. So, they are better for making tacos rather than burritos. And making a sandwich wrap does take some practice.

3. Oopsie bread

This fluffy cloud bread is the best bread for the ketogenic diet. It is perfect for burgers, desserts, and sandwiches. It is a low-calorie substitute for bread. It is a low-carb, fluffy, light, and high-protein product. 

To make it, you will need salt, cream cheese, and eggs. Some recipes require more ingredients. 

4. Sweet potatoes

Want to know what to eat instead of bread for lunch? Sweet potatoes are a great option.

Studies show that sweet potatoes have excellent nutritional value. They are a rich source of fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, and other nutrients. 

They are also rich in starch. Sweet potatoes have a high level of vitamin C and energy value. They are also richer in vitamins and minerals than regular potatoes. 

So, consider using this bread substitute if you have an energy slump. Not only can it boost your energy, but it can also keep you feeling satiated for longer.

vitamins for energy

5. Butternut squash bread

What can I eat instead of bread and potatoes? Butternut squash bread is a delicious alternative to sweet potatoes and grains. 

This bread is very moist and has a ton of flavor. It is one of those healthy white bread alternatives you can make at home.

Butternut squash is a solid source of minerals, healthy calories, and fiber. But, how many calories your bread has, depends on the recipe you use. 

Most recipes use all-purpose flour, brown sugar, white whole wheat flour, and some pumpkin spice seasoning. 

6. Eggs

If you want a bread substitute for breakfast, you can’t go wrong with eggs. They are packed with protein, and you can use them in various foods. 

One egg has just 75 calories, 5 g of fat, and 7 g of high-quality protein. To top it all off, you get carotenoids, minerals, vitamins, and iron. This makes eggs a powerhouse of nutrients.

7. Rye Bread

What can I eat instead of conventional wheat bread? Bread made from rye can be a viable choice.

Yes, it is denser and darker than classic bread. But you are also getting more fiber and a distinct flavor. 

Compared to conventional bread, like whole wheat or white bread, rye bread often has more micronutrients. Particularly B vitamins. 

Rye bread is available at most bakeries and supermarkets. 

8. Cauliflower pizza crust

A cauliflower pizza crust is not exactly the healthiest crust on the planet. But it does have more fiber and protein than traditional pizza crusts. 

However, it also contains cholesterol and fat. So, try not to go overboard when eating it. 

9. Sourdough bread

Looking for a good alternative to bread? Sourdough bread is manufactured from fermented grains. It is easier to digest and offers a range of nutrients.

Although this can be a healthier alternative to bread, it has a bit sour taste. This slightly acidic flavor is what sets it apart from other bread.

beta glucan

10. Gluten-free bread

Want a healthy alternative to white bread? If you can’t consume gluten, then gluten-free bread can be the jack of all trades. From a nutritional standpoint, most gluten-free breads offer fewer nutrients, like fiber and protein, than conventional wheat bread. 

But if you have gluten sensitivity, gluten-free bread is a staple. You can use it to avoid stomach discomfort, bloating, sharp stomach pain, and digestive issues. 

Healthy things to eat with bread are vegetables, nut butter, berries, jam, avocado, hummus, cottage cheese, etc.


Many people are looking for a bread substitute for weight loss. While processed grains and wheat are highly accessible, delicious, and very cheap, they are not the best source of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. 

Instead, you can replace the regular white bread with options like Ezekiel bread, corn tortillas, oopsie bread, eggs, and other foods. Feel free to experiment, and add healthy veggies and fruits to your diet.

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