18 Female Erogenous Zones + How To Stimulate Them

Are you trying to spice up your sex life? 

Do you want to increase your partner’s sexual pleasure and give her more mind-blowing orgasms? 

Or, are you a woman trying to understand your body and explore more avenues of pleasure? 

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” this article is for you. 

One sure way to boost sexual pleasure is by locating and stimulating erogenous zones. 

These are areas of the body that can cause a person to become sexually aroused when stimulated. 

While areas like the breasts and vagina are obvious hotspots, women can be sexually stimulated by some unexpected parts of their bodies. 

In this article, we discuss a wide variety of female erogenous zones, from the obvious to the possibly shocking ones. 

18 female erogenous zones 

The word ‘erogenous’ was coined from two Greek words, “eros,” meaning love and “genous,” meaning producing. 

These areas are believed to contain nerve endings that are more sensitive to gentle touch or tickling than other parts of the body. 

Erogenous zones vary from person to person. Any area of the body can be an erogenous zone, and what may feel mind-blowing to one woman may be totally undesirable to another.

Women generally have a wider variety of erogenous zones than men. While everyone has different hotspots, some areas are well-known to be erogenous spots for a lot of women.

5 genital erogenous zones

The most obvious spots to go for during sex are the genital areas. Below we discuss why these areas are so sensitive and how you can stimulate them: 

1) The pubic mound

The pubic mound is the area shaped like an upside-down triangle that extends from the pubic hairline to the genitals. 

It is covered with pubic hair and is also called the mons Venus. Because this area is connected to the genitals and its extensive nerve supply, it is highly sensitive to sexual touch. 

One review showed that more than half of women report the pubic mound area to be sensitive. A light massage of this area could leave a woman begging for more. 

Stroking, licking, gently nibbling, and squeezing are also great ways to stimulate the mons Venus. 

2) Labia minora

These are the inner folds of the vulva, which protect the vaginal opening. They contain erectile tissue and many nerves, making them highly sensitive areas worth exploring. 

The labia minora also helps with lubrication as there is increased blood flow to this area during sexual excitement, which contributes to a woman getting “wet.” 

So, stimulating this area can make vaginal intercourse far more pleasurable. Try gently stroking and licking the area. Blowing on or whispering softly against it can also build anticipation and excitement.  

3) Clitoris

We cannot talk about female erogenous zones without mentioning the clitoris. It is found just under the point where the labia minora meet, above the vaginal opening and urethra (the hole where your pee comes out from). 

The clitoris contains a whooping 8000 nerve endings, so it should come as no surprise that it can give a woman indescribable pleasure. 

Touching, rubbing, licking, sucking, or using sex toys are all ways you can stimulate this powerhouse of pleasure. 

It can be extra sensitive, so be sure to communicate with your partner while exploring this area.

4) Vaginal opening

The vaginal opening is another well-known female erogenous zone that is full of nerve endings. Penetration of this area with fingers, sex toys, or a penis can shoot waves of pleasure down a woman’s body. 

Adequate lubrication is key, so be sure to use lots of lube or maximize foreplay before you approach this area. 

Aiming for the front wall of the vagina, also known as the A-spot, can further heighten pleasure. 

If you are having sex with a partner, lying on your stomach and being penetrated from behind can promote stimulation of this area. 

5) G-spot 

The G-spot is a long-debated part of the female anatomy. It is believed to be a collection of nerve endings located along the anterior wall of the vagina. 

Stimulation of the G-spot is one of the best ways to trigger female ejaculation. Just like the A-spot, aiming for the anterior wall of the vagina during penetration is a great way to stimulate this area. 

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13 extragenital erogenous zones

There are several extragenital erogenous zones you can explore during sex. These areas can help build up excitement during foreplay. Continued stimulation can even make some women climax. 

One study showed that up to 12% of women can reach orgasm from just stimulation of extra-genital zones. 

We discuss some of these power zones below: 

6) The breasts and nipples

The breasts are some of the most popular erogenous areas in females. The nipples are the most sensitive parts, followed by the areola and then the outer sides of the breasts. 

Try lightly touching with your lips, tongue, a vibrator, a feather, or even ice. You may want to go a little rough, if that is what your partner likes, using your teeth or a nipple clamp.

7) Mouth and lips

Kissing the lips is a great place to start if you are looking to get down with your partner. Your mouth is one of the most accessible erogenous zones, and it contains so many nerve endings on its surface. 

You can explore using varying degrees of touch and pressure with your lips, tongue, or teeth. Tracing a woman’s lips with your finger is another great way to send shivers down her spine. 

8) Ears 

The ears are easy to miss in the heat of the moment. They are very often neglected, which is a shame because their rich supply of nerve endings and thin skin make them highly sensitive areas. 

You can start with a light touch and follow the outline of the earlobe with your fingers or tongue. You can also tease the ears by blowing against them or whispering about the ways you are feeling or the things you plan on doing. 

9) Neck and nape of the neck

Like the ears, the neck has a lot of receptors for light touch and has thin skin. Do not miss out on the effect a gentle stroke, suck, or rub can have on your partner. 

You could try softly breathing down your partner’s neck and watch their reaction.

10) Scalp 

The scalp houses tons of nerve endings that make it super sensitive to touch. Running your hands through the roots of your partner’s hair, giving a scalp massage, or kissing are all ways to stimulate the scalp. Some women also like when their hair is pulled. 

11) Lower abdomen

Considering how close this area is to the genital area, it’s no surprise that the right kind of stimulation can be a major tease. You can trigger sensations with your hands, tongue, or teeth. 

You could also decide to engage in some temperature play using something cold, like ice, or hot, like a warm washcloth. 

12) Inner thighs

Like the lower abdomen, the inner thighs are close to the genitals and highly sensitive to touch. Try different types of touch to see which one drives your partner crazy. 

You can also explore the crease of the thigh (the area where your thigh meets your abdomen), especially during oral sex. A little lick there could set your partner on fire.

13) Buttocks

Many people find playing with the butt cheeks quite exciting. From giving them little massages to spanking and squeezing, you can really amp up the excitement by playing with a woman’s bum. 

14) Anal area

The anus is not a favored spot for some. But for many people, it is quite an erotic zone. If your partner is a fan of anal, you can try different things and see what works best. 

Anal play can be anything from caressing the area around the anal rim to licking and penetration. 

15) Behind the knees

The area behind your knees is a highly sensitive erogenous zone that is easily overlooked. Try giving it a light stroke or lick it and see if your partner is into it. 

16) Perineum

The perineum is the strip of skin between the anus and the vulva (the outer part of the female genitals). 

The perineum houses the pudendal nerve, which provides most of the sensation in the pelvic area and genitals. 

With that in mind, this is an area worth exploring. Start with some light touch and work your way up. You could also give it a massage.

17) Back 

Have you ever felt tingles run down your spine when someone placed their hand on your lower back?  

If yes, imagine how that would feel on just bare skin. Different areas of the back could be erogenous in different people. 

For some, it is the area in between the shoulder blades. For others, it is the small of the back. Explore different areas and see how your partner reacts. 

18) The brain

The brain is the most central erogenous zone. It is the key player when it comes to sex. Sexual desire originates from the brain, and sexual responses are regulated by it. 

You must be in the right frame of mind to have sexual urges and become stimulated. If you are too tired, stressed, or worried about something, chances are that arousal will be far away. 

So before you get down, you need to stimulate your partner’s brain. Depending on what turns her on, you can do this using sweet words, bonding activities, physical touch, etc.


Erogenous zones are areas on your body that trigger sexual arousal when they are stimulated. They vary from person to person. 

Any part of the female body can be an erogenous zone. The genital erogenous zones may be quite obvious for many. However, some of the extragenital areas, like the back and scalp, are not well known. 

The key to discovering erogenous spots is exploration. It is important to talk to your partner about your likes and dislikes and explore together. That way, you can discover what areas you like to be touched and how you want to be touched.

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