The Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Even though many advancements have been made in the pharmaceutical industry, people are becoming more aware of the dangerous side-effects that come with the use of these drugs.

With this in mind, we see a significant increase in the use of natural supplements as alternative products.

Many of these herbal products have been scientifically proven to yield effective results, often with no or minimal side-effects.

Tribulus Terrestris is one of these natural products that have become quite popular in recent times.

While the herb has been used for thousands of years, we see an increase in demand again today. We will take a look at what Tribulus Terrestris is and whether this supplement may yield effects associated with aphrodisiac herbs.

What Is Tribulus Terrestris?

Before considering whether this herb might provide a possible improvement in erectile dysfunction symptoms, let’s first take a closer look at what exactly Tribulus Terrestris is.

Tribulus Terrestris has many other names, including Goat’s head, caltrop, Gokshura, and the puncture vine. There are many desirable Tribulus Terrestris effects that people want to take advantage of.

The herb has been associated with several potential benefits, including sexual improvements in both men and women. In addition, the use of Tribulus Terrestris is also common among people who want to gain an increase in athletic performance.

Where Does Tribulus Terrestris Come From?

Tribulus Terrestris is considered a native plant to specific regions of the world. While no evidence exists of where the plant originated from, it is known that the herb was used in both Ayurveda medicine among ancient Indian civilizations, as well as the Traditional Chinese Medicine system.

At the moment, Tribulus Terrestris is grown in a very selective number of areas throughout the world. These include:

  • The Middle East

  • Africa

  • Asia

  • Europe

What Effect Does Tribulus Terrestris Have On The Body?

Dietary supplements that contain Tribulus Terrestris are promoted to assist with quite a large variety of problems.

From providing an increase in testosterone levels to boosting muscle mass, these products are now used for a variety of health ailments.

Studies have shown that the specific effects that Tribulus Terrestris have in the human body are primarily due to the variety of natural chemicals that are found in the plant. These chemicals primarily include:

  • Lignan amides

  • Alkaloids

  • Flavonoids

  • Steroidal saponins

Among these chemicals, the steroidal saponins found in Tribulus Terrestris have the most potent impact on the body and is also one of the most studied natural compounds that are part of this plant.

Benefits Of Tribulus Terrestris

The Tribulus Terrestris plant has been linked to quite a significant number of benefits. When men become interested in using this supplement, it is often to potentially experience increased testosterone levels, as well as a boost in their muscle mass.

First, it is important to consider evidence provided to suggest that Tribulus Terrestris could potentially be useful in acting as a natural treatment for certain health conditions.

Some of the conditions that could possibly be improved with the use of these supplements include:

  • Conditions that affect blood sugar regulation, such as insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

  • High blood pressure conditions, like hypertension, as well as certain ailments that may have an adverse effect on heart health.

  • Sexual conditions, including those that are considered an erectile dysfunction risk.

  • People with depression might also be able to benefit from the use of Tribulus Terrestris supplements.

  • Those with pain conditions, including arthritis and certain autoimmune conditions, might be able to use this plant as a natural treatment to reduce inflammation and pain symptoms.

Who Should Use Tribulus Terrestris?

Individuals interested in using Tribulus Terrestris should carefully consider the pros and cons of the product, and know if they are an appropriate subject to take advantage of this herb.

The natural chemicals that are found in the Tribulus Terrestris plant have various positive effects that it yields in the human body.

Those people who are not sure if they should start to use these supplements might want to consider the benefits of the plant and then consider whether they fit into these criteria. The plant may be most appropriate for people with the following symptoms and issues:

  • Those affected by inflammation may benefit from Tribulus Terrestris. When the inflammatory responses suffered by the individual also causes the person to suffer from pain, then this herb might also be a useful component in providing a natural way of treating these symptoms.

  • People with a weak immune system could also take advantage of the improved immune function that the plant may provide.

  • There is an anti-depressant impact that Tribulus Terrestris may offer to those with brain-related changes that cause these effects.

  • The diuretic effects of the plant may also yield a reduction in fluid accumulation among certain people with conditions that causes edema.

  • Men with low libido could potentially benefit from the use of this supplement, too, as some studies have shown the plant to produce a boost in a user’s sex drive.

When Should You Consider Taking Tribulus Terrestris?

There are specific cases that may call for the use of Tribulus Terrestris among both men and women who prefer the use of a natural product over the potential side-effects that they might suffer should they turn to a pharmaceutical drug.

A person might want to consider using Tribulus Terrestris if they have recently suffered muscle damage, for example.

In this case, inflammation is sure to develop. Once affected by inflammation, pain symptoms will surely follow soon afterward. This plant could possibly reduce the inflammation affecting the person and assist in alleviating the pain symptoms that accompany the injury.

Those who experience high blood pressure levels or uncontrolled blood glucose levels might also want to consider using Tribulus Terrestris supplements to help them.

Safety And Effectiveness Of Tribulus Terrestris

When it comes to considering the use of a natural supplement, it is always important to consider the efficacy of the item, as well as safety.

There is no use in turning toward a natural supplement to avoid the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs when the herb has not been proven safe for use in humans.

The good news in terms of Tribulus Terrestris dietary supplements is the fact that these products are generally considered safe, as long as the user complies with the dosage instructions and does not take too much of the product.

How Much Tribulus Terrestris Can The Average Person Safely Consume?

There is no standard dosage recommendation for people who are looking to use Tribulus Terrestris to increase the efficacy of blood sugar and blood pressure regulation.

Generally, the majority of studies tend to focus on an extract that ranges from 750mg to 1,500mg per day. This serving is usually divided into three separate doses throughout the day to avoid exposing the body to a significant amount of the active chemicals at a time.

Clinical findings also suggest that women should take a significantly lower dose of Tribulus Terrestris extract than men. The dosage of this extract for women is usually about 7.5mg daily.

How Effective Is Tribulus Terrestris At Lowering Blood Sugar Levels?

Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the efficacy of Tribulus Terrestris on blood sugar control in the body. These studies usually find positive effects.

In one study, researchers looked at how effective Tribulus Terrestris is in patients who have already been diagnosed with diabetes.

The researchers reported a significant reduction in blood glucose levels, even in patients who are already considered diabetic. This is an important finding, as the onset of the disease can sometimes harm a herb’s ability to assist in the regulation of blood glucose levels.

How Effective Is Tribulus Terrestris At Treatment Men’s Sexual Health Issues?

The most common use for a dietary supplement that contains Tribulus Terrestris would be to improve sexual health since the product is often classified as an aphrodisiac.

The effects of the plant’s chemicals in the body might still be useful for men with symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.

The use of these supplements may help to provide an increase in a man’s libido. A 2017 study tested the effects of 12 weeks of a Tribulus extract on men with mild or moderate erectile dysfunction. The researchers found that those who took Tribulus had a significant improvement in sexual function (including erectile dysfunction).

Even though it might not help to boost testosterone levels, the improvement in sex drive could already yield improvements in the man’s capabilities in the bedroom.

Best Tribulus Terrestris Supplements

There is a significant variety of Tribulus Terrestris supplements on the market, but these do not all offer the potency and benefits that the herb has been associated with.

It is essential for people to understand that using Tribulus Terrestris should be combined with a healthy diet and an exercise program for maximum potency.

Whether looking to use Tribulus Terrestris dietary supplements as a way to potentially improve erectile dysfunction symptoms or to see if the product could help regulate blood pressure levels, it is important to make sure the supplement is bought from a reputable company.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends that you look for a Supplement Facts label on the product that you buy. This label will contain vital information including the amount of active ingredients per serving, and other added ingredients like fillers, binders, and flavorings.

These products can be found both online and in physical stores. When buying online, it is possible to read reviews and gain an overview of how other people felt about these products.


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