Can Vitamin C Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Achieving and maintaining a penile erection is a typical problem for many. 

The overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) ranges from 18% to 47% in the United States. 

Many men are interested in natural alternatives for erectile dysfunction (ED). 

The question is, can vitamin C do the trick? Let’s look at the data about vitamin C for erectile dysfunction. 

What Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the most efficient, practical, and safest nutrients. Over the years, this vitamin gained a great deal of research, praising it for its beneficial properties on overall health. According to experts, this vitamin works physiologically as a water-soluble antioxidant. 

Vitamin C is critical for the human system. The body needs it to form muscle, collagen, cartilage, and blood vessels. But, most importantly, this vitamin has a major role in the body’s natural rejuvenation process. 

Since the human body can’t create its own vitamin C supply, it is up to us to take it in the form of a diet. That includes berries, citrus fruits, cabbage, peppers, or anything that’s packed with this vitamin. 

The current recommended intake is 90 mg/d for men. Patients with diabetes or cancer, or those who smoke, require higher vitamin C doses in their typical diet. 

When the diet isn’t balanced enough, people take vitamin supplements. This is to replenish their vitamin C supply and avoid a deficiency. 

To restore sexual function, people are eager to try a natural ED treatment. Can vitamin C for erectile dysfunction be of use?

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Can Vitamin C Help Erectile Dysfunction?

In the penis, when nitric oxide spikes, blood flow also increases, thus leading to an erection. Sexual arousal is the one that releases nitric oxide. Poor nitric oxide production is one of the many reasons for plummeting erectile health or erectile dysfunction.

According to experts, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, and folic acid support the biochemical pathways that lead to nitric oxide release. When a person stops smoking and avoids excessive alcohol intake, they can maintain adequate endothelial function and curb the dysfunction. 

So, will taking vitamin C for erectile dysfunction work? 11 randomized controlled trials on 472 men, 337 women, and 35 couples were evaluated. The results indicate that vitamin C, A, and E, had no significant impact on either female or male sexual function. 

When dealing with ED symptoms, it’s critical to get to the root of the problem. Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B, and magnesium, help the system function normally. 

Getting enough vitamins can boost overall health. But, there isn’t enough evidence that supports erectile dysfunction vitamin C use. Nor can this specific vitamin cure erectile function. 

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Can Vitamin C Improve Other Aspects of Male Sexual Health?

Absolutely! Vitamin C protects spermatogenesis in the male reproductive system and plays a key role in fertility and semen integrity. It can prevent sperm agglutination (the percentage of sperm stuck together in a sample – sperm isn’t supposed to stick together, it should be moving freely). 

Vitamin C can also raise testosterone levels. Both blood flow and healthy testosterone levels can affect your sex life. 

Low testosterone can make it tricky to achieve and keep an erection. The testosterone is here to stimulate the penile tissues to create nitric oxide.

If the testosterone level is too low, then it is important to find a way to manage it. But, more research is necessary to evaluate the vitamin’s full impact and capabilities. 

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

  • Helps with the development, growth, and repair of body tissues.

  • It takes part in iron absorption, collagen formation, and wound healing. 

  • Maintains teeth, bone, and cartilage health.

  • Supports the immune system.


When dealing with erectile dysfunction, it’s normal to try and find natural alternatives to solve the erectile dysfunction. Although a deficiency in vitamin D or C can affect blood flow and this dysfunction, they alone may not be able to solve the problem. 

It depends on what causes erectile dysfunction. To treat the dysfunction, talk with your doctor. If you have a vitamin deficiency, they might suggest you work on that first. For a more severe erectile dysfunction, treatment may be necessary. 

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