Can Boron Boost Testosterone Levels Or Treat ED?

There are several minerals that the body needs to function normally and remain healthy. Some of these minerals are better known than others.

There are a few minerals that are involved in the production of testosterone. Boron is one of these minerals.

Only a small amount of this mineral is needed every day. It has several functions in the body. A deficiency of boron can also lead to complications. 

We take a closer look at what boron is in this post. We will also consider how boron may affect testosterone products in men.

The post also looks at whether or not there may be a link between boron intake and the risk of erectile dysfunction. 

What Is Boron?

Boron is a type of mineral and nutrient that the human body depends on. It is found in several environmental sources. There are also several food sources of boron. Some companies also take supplements that contain boron. 

The mineral has several important functions1. It is critical for the well-being of bones. Boron helps the body produce strong and healthy bones. Its effect on bone health is crucial for reduced joint problems. It works alongside calcium in bones. It has also been found to assist in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Muscle tissue also relies on a healthy dose of boron. 

Both men and women can benefit from an increased boron intake. Women often used boron in the form of boric acid. This can be useful in cases like vulvovaginal candidiasis.

In these cases, the boric acid powder is generally used. When deficient in this mineral, several complications may develop. It is not only adults who need a healthy dose of boron. The mineral starts to play an essential role in the development of the body at birth. A boron supplement is not advised too early, however. 

Different recommendations for boron have been made in the past. Researchers are still looking to identify the most appropriate dosage of boron. Various doses are generally recommended depending on gender, age, and why the product is used. When supplements are used, careful dosage is advised. Taking high amounts of boron may lead to adverse effects. 

Boron is not only used as a supplement. There are many other uses for this element. It is widely available in mineral deposits. Companies use boron to assist in the production of ceramics and fiberglass. There are other industrial applications where boron is used too. 

Does Boron Work As A Supplement To Boost Testosterone?

People increase their intake of boron for various reasons. The supplement may help to increase the boron level in the individual. Dietary boron can be used to increase levels of the trace mineral too.

Among men, a common reason is to experience a boost in their testosterone levels. Thus, the boron testosterone effect is a frequently asked question among men. 

Studies have confirmed that there is a relation between boron and testosterone. At the same time, several factors need to be taken into consideration with this association. 

When asking does boron boost testosterone – a quick answer would be yes. It does depend, however. 

To determine the effects of this mineral on testosterone, we need to focus our focus on scientific studies. There are a couple of studies that have been performed on this subject. This allows us to determine the true effects that boron has on hormone production. 

testo booster

What Does The Research Say?

One study2 that we want to focus on here was conducted in 2015. The study looked at how boron affects testosterone production in men. The participants of the study were provided with a daily 6mg dose of this mineral. All participants were asked to take the supplement every day for a one-week period. 

Several findings were reported by the researches behind this study. 

One of the most important findings was an elevation in testosterone levels. The researchers found that boron supplementation helped to improve total testosterone metabolism. What this means is that total testosterone was metabolized into free testosterone

Free testosterone refers to the hormones that freely circulate through the blood system. This is the hormones that men want to focus on when looking at their testosterone levels. Total testosterone refers to all of these male sex hormones in the body. Some of these hormones are bound to molecules. Once testosterone is bound to a molecule, the body cannot freely use it. 

The free testosterone in the blood circulatory system can be used by cells and tissue throughout the body. 

The levels of free testosterone in the male participants were boosted by almost 25%. This happened in just one week. It showed that boron has a fast-acting short-term effect on testosterone production among men. 

Other benefits were noted, too, particularly related to testosterone and hormone balances. 

There was a reduction in estradiol in these male participants. Estradiol is a type of estrogen. While testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men, estrogen has a similar role in women. Still, a small amount of estrogen is needed in the male body. Too much estrogen, however, can cause problems. When estrogen levels are high, testosterone levels decline. There may be a reduction in muscle mass, and the man may find that their body starts to store more fat. 

Estradiol levels in the men who took the boron supplement reduced by almost 50%. 

Another benefit noted in the study was the increased binding of free testosterone to specific proteins in the blood circulatory system. These proteins help with the delivery of free testosterone to important areas of the body. In turn, the benefits generally associated with testosterone may be significantly elevated. 

This is not the only study that showed a positive association. A 2011 study showed positive results related to the use of boron in men. 

The study divided the male participants into multiple groups. This allowed them to compare various methods of boron administration use against each other. 

Some participants were provided a weekly dose of boron. Others received a weekly dose of boron. The study measured plasma steroid hormones in the participants. Levels of proinflammatory cytokines were also measured. Each serving provided the participant with a 10mg boron dose. 

There was a significant increase in the level of free testosterone among male participants. Additionally, a reduction in estradiol was also noted among the participants who took the boron supplement. 

This was a rather small study. Only eight men participated in the study. It still yielded important findings. 

While recent studies have shown positive results, previous studies were not so positive when looking at the effects of boron on testosterone. It is important to take all studies into account. This provides a more accurate view of what men should expect when they use boron supplements. 

One of the earlier studies that did not show much improvement was made in 19934. The study looked at the effects of boron on testosterone. The participants all participated in bodybuilding activities. The study was conducted over a period of seven weeks. Each participant was provided with a 25mg dose of boron per day. 

Bodybuilding and strength training protocols were found to provide an effective improvement in testosterone production. The researchers also note no significant difference among those who took the boron supplements. Only one of the groups took a daily boron supplement. There was a similar increase in these individuals compared to those who only did strength training with no additional boron supplementation. 

The use of these supplements is likely more appropriate in people with a boron deficiency. In the case of boron deprivation, it may help to regulate estrogen levels and fix low testosterone. It may also affect sex hormone-binding globulin. 

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Does Boron Work For ED?

Men want to know if boron may work for erectile dysfunction too. This is primarily due to the effects that the mineral may have on testosterone levels. 

First, we do need to consider the fact that there is no direct relation between erectile function and testosterone. Testosterone is not a hormone that causes an erection. Instead, healthy blood flow and nerve functions are the essential components of a rigid erection. 

With this said, there are still ways that testosterone affects a man’s erection. Testosterone affects the brain. In particular, it has been found that this hormone is involved in the stimulation of a man’s libido. 

Studies note low testosterone links to poor libido. When a man has a low sex drive, they may experience many problems in the bedroom. They may not feel like having sex at all. 

The process of an erection starts with a signal from the brain. This is where testosterone comes into the picture. A healthy libido means there will likely be no problem for the brain to start to nerve reactions that will lead to an erection. 

With this in mind, when low testosterone is behind erectile dysfunction, boron might have some potential. It may assist in increasing testosterone levels in the male patient. When this happens, there could be an improvement in erectile function. 

On the other hand, boron may not always help with erectile dysfunction. This is generally the case when low testosterone is not the issue with the ED. Some people experience ED symptoms due to diabetes and nerve damage. Heart conditions can also lead to poor erectile function. In these situations, the use of boron may not be helpful at all. 

Other Boron Benefits For Men

Boron may help increase testosterone levels in men. The supplement could also assist in reducing estradiol levels in the male body. There are other benefits that boron may also offer. Increasing boron through diet or supplements may yield these potential health benefits for men. 

Some of these benefits may include:

  • Boron helps with the metabolism of minerals and diet. It helps the gastrointestinal tract absorb these nutrients from food. This also helps to provide other improvements in the body. Certain nutrients help to promote a healthier sexual function. Some nutrients play a critical role in maintaining proper blood circulation throughout the body. Additionally, several other nutritional deficiencies can cause hormone imbalances. 

  • Boron can also yield mental benefits. There may be an improvement in cognitive function among men who increase their intake of boron. Studies also show boron may improve hand-eye coordination. The mineral also plays a role in maintaining proper memory function. 

  • Some studies show that boron is critical for the absorption and functions of vitamin D in the body. When taking boron with vitamin D, the vitamin may be more effective. Together, the two may also further contribute to a balance in testosterone levels. 

Side Effects Of Taking Extra Boron

Boron is generally safe with an appropriate daily dose. It is, however, crucial not to take too much boron. Adults who take over 20 grams of the mineral in a single day may suffer fatal complications. A fatal dose is between five and six grams within a single day’s timespan in children.

There are a few side effects that people who take boron reported. These side-effects generally occur in people who take supplements. They are more likely to happen with higher doses of boron. Thus, careful following dosage recommendations are important. 

Some of the side-effects include:

  • Headaches

  • Changes to skin color

  • Shaking

  • Indigestion

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

Some people also have a general sick feeling when they take boron supplements. It is also possible to experience damage to a person’s blood vessels while using boron. In rare cases, seizures can occur too. 

How Much Boron To Take For Increased Testosterone Or ED

When it comes to boron supplementation, doctors advise you to keep the daily dose to a minimum. Taking a high dose of boron can cause unpleasant side effects. It can sometimes even be fatal. The body only needs a small amount of the mineral


It is not advisable to give boron to a baby under the age of one year. There is not enough evidence regarding the safety of boron in pregnant women. 

For adults, the maximum daily dose is 20mg. A lower dose is generally beneficial too. Most studies use a dose of around 6mg per day. This is a safe amount that is not likely to cause serious problems. 

You can also try eating specific foods that have a lot of boron if you prefer to go the natural route. Here are some options:

  • prunes

  • raisins

  • dried apricots

  • avocados

  • apples

  • coffee

  • dried beans

  • milk

  • potatoes


Boron is an essential mineral. The body only needs small amounts of the mineral. It helps with many functions. The endocrine system also depends on boron.

A healthy dose of boron may be critical to the production of testosterone. By restoring testosterone, some men may also experience improvements in erectile function. This is primarily due to the effects of testosterone on the stimulation of a man’s libido. 

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