6 Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

As primitive as it may seem, a man is still judged by his performance in the bedroom more often.

Studies show that couples who reported a healthy sex life were happier overall. Being able to satisfy your lover has less to do with size and everything to do with performance. 

Suppose you find that your lifelong buddy is not standing at attention or lasting as long as he should be. In that case, there is a good chance you may be experiencing the dreaded symptoms associated with Erectile Dysfunction. 

This condition affects more men than many tend to realize. The symptoms often start gradually, making it essential to recognize the signs early on and to take action before the problem becomes more serious.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Put simply: Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to maintain a lasting erection during sexual activity. Not being able to get it up or keep it up once in a while is okay, especially during high-stress situations.

If you consistently struggle to get all hands on deck during sex, then there is a good chance you are one of the 30 million men who have Erectile Dysfunction, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

As you would expect, Erectile Dysfunction becomes much more common as men age. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases took a survey in 2006 to discover the following populations are at the highest risk:

  • Age: 50s: 4% of men

  • Age: 60s: 17% of men

  • Age: 70s: 47% of men

Despite these being the primary ages at risk, Erectile Dysfunction can affect men of any age, especially if they suffer from one of the following causes of the condition.

Every case of erectile dysfunction is different in some ways, as there are quite a large number of conditions and health concerns that may lead to the development of a poor erectile function. This makes it essential for a man who experiences these symptoms to understand all the possible causes of their erectile problems

Both physiological and psychological factors can cause erectile dysfunction. Let’s take a look at some of the more common causes behind this dreadful condition.

Issues like prostate cancer and penis-related injuries can also affect a man’s erectile function. It is also essential to consider a potential psychological cause and the fact that testosterone plays a role in libido stimulation.

What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of ED?

Multiple symptoms can develop if a man has erectile dysfunction. It is important to recognize these symptoms. Once recognized, a man needs to ensure they take appropriate action.

Treating the condition early on is often more successful. We take a look at some of the most common ED symptoms below:

  1. Difficulty in getting an erection is considered the primary symptom of erectile dysfunction. Even if the man is sexually stimulated, they may not be able to get an erection

  2. When a man does get an erection, he may find that it is not rigid enough for sexual intercourse. This can still make it hard to have sex with a partner. 

  3. Problems with the maintenance of an erection are also considered a symptom of erectile dysfunction. An erection may occur when the man becomes aroused. Soon after, however, the erection may go away. This often happens during sex, which shortens the experience for the man and his partner. 

  4. A lot of men may find that they have a lack of sexual desire too. This is often caused by performance anxiety. The man may feel self-conscious and fear he might not get an erection when aroused. This can make the man feel like he is no longer interested in initiating sexual activity. 

  5. Depression is also relatively common in men with erectile dysfunction. Depression is known to affect a man’s sexual abilities. It can reduce sexual function. An opposite connection also exists. A man with a erection problem may become depressed too. 

  6. Ejaculatory problems can also occur in men with erectile dysfunction. It is common for a man to have ED and another sexual disorder. This may include premature or delayed ejaculation. 

ED And Your Partner

Sexual dysfunction can be a difficult topic to discuss with a partner. A lot of men experience reduced self-confidence when they have erectile dysfunction symptoms. It is, however, important that a relationship have open communication.

While poor blood flow and blood vessel damage can cause erectile dysfunction, there are psychological triggers too. A problematic relationship can cause problems with sexual intercourse.

ED symptoms can develop in the presence of problems like depression too. Discussing all possibilities, including the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, ensures a man’s partner understands them. 

ED As A Symptom

While an erectile problem affects a man’s ability to have a healthy erection, there are some other factors that this condition can also have an implication on – thus, men should be not only concerned about the actual impact that the condition has on their erectile function, but also take other potential complications into account. 

One of the major things that men will notice when they experience erectile dysfunction symptoms is that their sex life will not be satisfactory. They will not be able to experience significant pleasure, and they will not be able to please a sexual partner in the bedroom thoroughly.

In turn, this may also cause them to start experiencing problems in their relationship. There may be cases where the man’s sexual partner starts to think that they might be the problem and that they are not attractive to the man experiencing these issues anymore. 

It has also been found that erectile dysfunction is a significant contributor to anxiety and stress and often causes men to experience low self-esteem as well. Some men may start to feel embarrassed about the problems that they are facing in the bedroom. This may, in turn, also lead to performance anxiety, which can cause further problems in terms of their ability to have an erection during sexual intercourse and when stimulated sexually. 

There is also the fact that erectile dysfunction would make it more difficult for a man to make a woman pregnant, which can become a severe issue of a couple who wants to start their own family. There are some causes that may also contribute to infertility in men. 

Another fact that should be taken into consideration here is that scientists at Harvard Medical School found that erectile dysfunction is often a sign that a man might be developing heart disease.

While heart disease is not an actual complication of erectile dysfunction, it is a possible connection that men should keep into account when they start to experience weak erections when they are sexually stimulated.


Erectile dysfunction can be a condition or a symptom that impacts male sexual health. In some men, it is considered an early sign of heart disease. Recognizing symptoms and taking appropriate action is important. The initial symptom is generally poor erections.

Some men find that their erection does not last long. Additional symptoms can sometimes develop too.

Various lifestyle changes and treatment strategies can be used, including the use of a PDE5 inhibitor. Identifying the potential cause is the first step to helping a man overcome erectile dysfunction symptoms. 


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