20 Ways to Increase Seminal Fluid

Are you worried your ejaculations don’t produce enough semen? 

Like any other problem related to male sexual health, like penis size or shape, seminal fluid can be a concern. 

Many men are looking to learn how to increase seminal fluid.

Although you can’t make the body produce more seminal fluid, you can improve your sperm health and maximize the semen volume. 

In this guide, you can learn more about the seminal fluid and what you need to work on your sperm concentration and sperm volume. 

What is seminal fluid? 

The seminal fluid or semen is the fluid responsible for carrying the sperm. The seminal fluid acts as a source of energy and lubricant. It is made in the male prostate gland and seminal vesicle. 

The seminal vesicles are in charge of most of the seminal fluid production. They secrete around 50% to 65% of the fluid that becomes semen. 

The prostate gland creates prostatic fluid, which carries and nourishes the sperm. It creates around 20% to 30% of semen volume. 

Most men ejaculate around 2 ml to 6 ml of semen at a time. Does more seminal fluid mean you have better sperm? In most men, sperm health (including sperm motility and sperm count) is not connected to the amount of seminal fluid they produce. 

So, men who produce more seminal fluid aren’t necessarily more fertile. What matters is the quantity and quality of the sperm in the semen. 

Male infertility results from abnormal sperm function, low sperm production, or blockages that hinder the delivery of sperm.

However, the amount of ejaculation can affect the odds of impregnating a partner. The sperm has to reach the egg to fertilize it. The more sperm you release, the bigger the odds of impregnating your partner. 

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How to increase seminal fluid

Want to know how to produce more seminal fluid naturally? There is no magic volume pill that can amplify the amount of fluid the prostate gland or seminal vesicles can produce. But, the sperm will multiply when you stop ejaculating for a while. 

Semen volume increases the less you ejaculate. The more you avoid ejaculation, the more sperm you can release when you finally do ejaculate. This is why men who masturbate often might not notice a drastic increase in seminal fluid. 

To know how to increase seminal fluid is to stop ejaculating for a while. This helps the volume of matter multiply in the body. 

Here are other ways to increase ejaculation volume, sperm health, and quality. 


Many people want to know how to ejaculate more sperm than usual. But, they often don’t pay attention to the foods they eat. 

Some of the foods to increase the quality of semen include: 

  • Vegetables (e.g., spinach, asparagus, lettuce, brussels sprouts, etc.)
  • Fruit (e.g., bananas, blueberries, avocados, mangos, etc.)
  • Seafood (e.g. herring, tuna, mackerel, salmon, etc.)
  • Whole-grain
  • Poultry
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fiber-rich products
  • Low-fat dairy

One study of 250 men at a fertility clinic showed that participants who consumed higher amounts of vegetables and fruits had better sperm motility and sperm concentration than those who consumed less of these foods.

Men focused on consuming beans (legumes) and leafy veggies. The micronutrients in these foods can offer higher sperm concentration. Mainly because of their anti-oxidant, lycopene, vitamin C, and co-enzyme Q10 content. 

Does water increase sperm? 

People who want to know how to produce more sperm ask if drinking a lot of water can increase sperm. 

Drinking water helps you pee more often. Also, sperm production is controlled by spermatogenesis and has nothing to do with the amount of water you drink. 

But, drinking too little water can have some effect on semen production. That’s because, without enough water, the semen becomes thicker, and the sperm could have trouble swimming. So, staying hydrated and drinking enough water is a good idea.


Want to know what vitamins increase seminal fluid? A substantial amount of evidence suggests that some vitamins can help maximize male fertility. Men who want to know how to produce more semen should be aware of their vitamin intake. 

A deficiency in some vitamins can cause impaired semen quality and decrease sperm production and sperm motility. The vitamins you should include in your diet are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Research shows that vitamin C intake increases sperm count. Participants took 1,000 mg of vitamin C twice a day for 2 months. They experienced a drastic improvement in mean sperm, sperm morphology, and sperm motility

Zinc is crucial for spermatogenesis. The question is, does zinc make you ejaculate more? According to 2020 reports, zinc’s high concentration in seminal fluid (roughly 30 times higher than in the blood) indicates a link between zinc and semen quality. You can use zinc supplements to manage your zinc intake. 

Proper zinc therapy can improve sperm quality by increasing progressive motility and sperm density. It can offer better pregnancy and conception outcomes. 

A low vitamin D status was linked with impaired semen quality, low sperm motility, and production. 

Studies show that vitamin E might enhance semen quality and offer protective properties for sperm motility. 

So, if you are looking for ways to increase sperm volume and quality of sperm, you might want to take a closer look at your vitamin stores.

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Many men are looking for natural supplements to increase seminal fluid. Some supplements to increase ejaculate have been touted for having potent semen-boosting properties. These include:

Maca supplements 

During a study, men took tablets of 1,500 or 3,000 mg/day Maca for 4 months. Treatment with maca root offered improved sperm count per ejaculum, seminal volume, sperm motility, and sperm count.

Ashwagandha supplements

This herbal remedy can be a potent ejaculation supplement for infertility and stress. It enhances sperm quality and boosts blood flow.

Antioxidant supplements 

Options such as alpha-tocopherol and CoQ10 can drastically boost sperm count. Also, carnitine has beneficial properties on sperm morphology and motility.

Fenugreek supplements 

Research shows that fenugreek extract can be a useful volume supplement. It has a positive impact on quality of life and sexual health.

Amino acid supplements 

Amino acid supplementation can be an effective strategy for increasing fertilization and sperm motility. 

Talk to a healthcare provider before adding supplements to increase seminal fluid or sperm health.

Lifestyle changes

If you want to know how to increase ejaculation power, it’s important to incorporate a couple of lifestyle changes. Increasing BMI (body mass index) is associated with reduced sperm movement and sperm count. 

Also, heavy alcohol consumption, like binge drinking or consistent drinking, can have a negative effect on sperm. Heavy drinking affects fertility in men by changing the size, movement, and shape of the healthy sperm. It can also decrease T levels.

For a healthy sex life, reduce alcohol intake and tobacco smoking. Do Kegel exercises instead to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 


Men want to know how to produce more sperm. The thing is, you can’t take a pill to increase seminal fluid production. But you can practice several healthy strategies to enhance semen production, sperm quality, and fertility rates. 

Pay attention to the food you eat, vitamins you take, and supplements you use. You also want to incorporate some healthy lifestyle changes to keep you on the right track.

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