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Our team is made up of doctors, nutritionists and certified experts with deep knowledge of metabolic health conditions, as well as writers and editors with extensive experience in medical writing.

Ben's Natural Health Team Articles

Prostate Cancer

PARP Inhibitors For Cancer: Risks And Side Effects 

Researchers have come up with different treatment options for cancers. And one of these is PARP […]


Best Foods for Bladder and Urethra Health

When it comes to your health, your bladder can often go neglected. We keep an […]

Urinary Symptoms

Lifestyle Tips For Bladder Health

Your bladder plays an essential role in your body, holding onto urine from your kidneys […]

Natural Supplements

Rosemary’s Health Benefits for Your Mind, Body, and Hair

Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly known as rosemary, is a famous shrub/aromatic herb with therapeutic benefits.  The […]

Natural Supplements

Ben’s Joint Health Supplement: Joint Care Pro

1 in 4 US adults is affected by joint pain and stiffness. Living with joint […]

Natural Supplements

Ben’s Melatonin Supplement: Deep Sleep

Waking up only to feeling groggy and tired, dark circles imprinted under your eyes and […]

Natural Supplements

Christmas Gift Guide: 7 Supplements To Boost Your Health & Wellness

Stuck on what to get a loved one this Christmas? If you’re tired of buying […]


Ben’s Prostate Supplement: Total Health for the Prostate

If you’re struggling with high PSA levels, urine leakage, weak urine flow, or frequent urination […]