Rosemary’s Health Benefits for Your Mind, Body, and Hair

Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly known as rosemary, is a famous shrub/aromatic herb with therapeutic benefits. 

The green shrub gives off a beautiful woody aroma while improving a wide variety of bodily functions.

Though the advantages are a wide spectrum, rosemary benefits for men are most appreciable.

In this article, we cover what rosemary is and 10 key benefits. 

Then, we tell you how you can get more rosemary in your diet and whether this evergreen shrub has any risks.

What Is Rosemary?

Rosemary is a green, needle-like, fragrant herb that comes from the Mediterranean. 

Rosemary’s uses in daily items include:

  • Seasoning and culinary herb/condiment 
  • Body perfumes (because it is an aromatic herb)

Moreover, it is frequently used in the form of rosemary essential oil

Common types of rosemary plants 

  • Arp: belongs to the Texas town.
  • Joyce De Baggio: this is the golden rosemary that has golden to bright yellow-colored leaves.
  • The Blue Boy: this type of rosemary grows slowly and has tiny edible leaves.
  • Creeping Rosemary: an aromatic evergreen plant with gray-green leaves.
  • Pine Rosemary: has scented feathery-looking leaves and a nice flavor. 
  • The Santa Barbara: a trailing rosemary that can reach great lengths (as high as 3 feet).
  • Spice Islands: widely known for its tasty flavor.

Other types of rosemary

  • Benden Blue 
  • Flora Rosa
  • Tuscan Blue 
  • McConnel’s Blue
  • Majorca Pink 
  • Albiforus 
  • Huntington Carpet 
  • Irene 
  • Holly Hyde
  • Hil Hardy

10 Benefits Of Rosemary For Men

Rosemary oil and shrub, when taken in the diet, can be pretty beneficial for men. 

The best performance by this megastar is observed in the following fields:

1) Kicks Out Stress 

It is reported that almost 191,000 men suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression every year. 

Young men taking exams are prone to experiencing exam-related stress. 

Studies show that the use of Rosmarinus Officinalis effectively reduces stress and enhances the ability of students to perform better in tests/exams. 

If you are suffering from workplace-related stress and anxiety, then make yourself a nice rosemary tea.

Moreover, a pilot study endorses the anxiolytic effect of rosemary.

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2) Relieves Pain And Aches

Folk medicine regards rosemary essential oil as a magical pain-killer substance. 

The application of rosemary oil can kill those aches and pains. 

The topical application of rosemary paired with menthol can alleviate even the most severe forms of pain, such as musculoskeletal pain arising in hemodialysis patients.

A 2-week study concluded that stroke survivors with shoulder pain could experience an evident reduction in pain by using a rosemary essential oil blend paired with acupressure for 20 minutes twice daily.

Furthermore, a herbal ointment made with rosemary, pepper, and peppermint can lead to back pain relief.

3) Flushes Out Inflammation 

Men suffering from chronic inflammation should take advantage of rosemary’s benefits. 

Adding dried rosemary leaves to the diet can be a great step towards flushing out inflammation

The herbal extracts of rosemary have shown promising results as anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting compounds.

A study found that rosemary can efficiently suppress inflammation caused by E.coli infection. 

Another 2020 study indicates that rosemary, in combination with apple pomace, can enhance fatty acid oxidation while suppressing inflammation.

This medicinal herb imparts anti-inflammatory effects in the brain (hippocampus) too. This can result in an anti-depressant effect too.

4) Rejuvenates Scalp And Promotes Hair Growth 

The greatest advantage of rosemary essential oil for men lies in the regrowth of hair. 

Mature men are faced with the issue of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia).

Further, rosmarinus Officinalis is an effective treatment modality for treating androgenetic alopecia along with pumpkin seed, grape seed, and licorice. 

You can use the shrub in the form of topically applied oil on the scalp or as a part of your diet. 

Compared to the commonly used treatment minoxidil, rosemary essential oil users reported lesser scalp itching and irritation. 

A 2020 study promotes the use of rosemary in personal healthcare and cosmetic products due to its hair stimulant. 

Another 2021 study approves the use of essential oils (such as rosmarinus officinalis) to manage scalp dysfunction and hair loss.

5) Powers Up Your Brain 

The evergreen shrub is a potent cognition and memory booster

The boost in cognitive function following Rosmarinus Officinalis consumption is appreciable. 

A study reveals that consumption of rosemary water links to significant improvements in cognition.

A systematic review and meta-analysis concluded that Rosmarinus officinalis imparts an anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective role. So, the ultimate result of this effect is boosted cognition and memory.

In addition to cognition and memory building, this very herb shall elevate your mood too. It is an easy way of improving your mood and positively impacting your personality.

brain supplements

6) Improves Circulation 

Rosemary oil can be used to massage your tense muscles. 

According to a study, the application of rosemary oil locally improves blood circulation. The improvement in blood flow leads to rapid recovery and greater pain relief. 

With enhancements in blood flow, many anti-inflammatory cells in the region cause lesser times for healing.

When applied to patients with systemic sclerosis and Raynaud’s phenomenon, rosemary oil has a vasodilator effect. The effect of this herb is similar to nitroglycerin gel.

A study found out that consumption of rosemary can alleviate pain and improve local blood circulation too.

7) Carries Out Anti-Oxidation 

Rosemary is rich in antioxidants!

The myriad of pollutants and irritants in the environment can make you sick. A way of saving yourself is by pumping up anti-oxidants in the diet i.e. via rosemary. 

The antioxidant effect is achieved by carnosic acid present in Rosmarinus Officinalis leaves. The high content of phenols and carnosic acid in rosemary makes it a highly revered anti-oxidant. 

Moreover, the antioxidant activity of rosemary can protect against kidney injury induced by carbon tetrachloride, a study suggests.

Numerous studies have promoted the use of Rosmarinus officinalis as a potent antioxidant shrub. A 2019 study also found that rosemary has strong anti-oxidant properties.

8) Helps Fight Infections 

Keeping in mind the rapid pace of viral and bacterial spread, it is important to make arrangements for our protection. 

Instead of relying on medicines, we must take help from mother nature. A review appreciates the anti-microbial role of rosemary. 

Therefore, you should add some rosemary to the diet so that you can keep infectious bacteria at bay. 

Another study confirmed the anti-microbial role played by rosemary.

A 2019 review stated that Rosmarinus officinalis imparts the following effects:

  • Improvements in growth 
  • Reduction in antioxidants 
  • Improvements in stress response 
  • Boosts in the immune system 

The boost in immunity and anti-microbial effect help you combat microbial infections better than ever.

supplements for immune system

9) Relieves Gastric Issues

You will experience enhancement indigestion if you add rosemary to the diet. 

The flavored food will surely make your meal tastier. 

However, this shrub can also allow relaxation of smooth muscles plus aid in the treatment of the following gastric issues such as:

  • Peptic ulcers 
  • Inflammatory diseases (of the gut)
  • Heartburn 
  • Hepatotoxicity 

Enhancement indigestion (especially fat digestion) is achieved by stimulation of bile production. 

So, if you are habitual of eating fatty foods, then consider adding rosemary to the diet. 

Rosmarinus officinalis can also be used as an anti-obesity food item. Fighting obesity is considered one of the best rosemary benefits.

This shrub can also help you recover from food poisoning and other gastric issues such as heartburn.

10) Ideal For Topical Application 

Rosemary oil is a multipotent essential oil extracted from the rosemary leaf. 

People suffering from multiple issues, such as inflammation and chronic pain, can apply it to the aching areas. 

So, aged men who experience pain (back pain and musculoskeletal pain) and worry about their falling hair must regularly apply this oil. 

In addition to hair growth enhancement, rosemary essential oil helps combat dandruff and hair falls too. 

Some researchers believe that rosemary can also destroy cancer cells. 

When applied to the skin, it also repels bugs. Therefore, it is an ideal topical application oil.

How To Make Rosemary Tea

You can use rosemary as a seasoning agent, but you get the most benefits by making rosemary tea. 

You can make rosemary tea by following these steps:

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of rosemary leaf (loose leaves) into hot water.
  2. Let the leaves stay for 5-10 minutes.
  3. After the mentioned time, strain the rosemary leaves using a mesh strainer and enjoy your rosemary tea.

Are There Any Risks To Taking Rosemary?

No, there are no known risks with taking rosemary leaves or rosemary oil.


Also known as Rosmarinus Officinalis, rosemary’s benefits for men are commendable. 

Rapidly falling hair (male pattern baldness) can be stopped, hair growth promoted, and the scalp rejuvenated using rosemary. 

Be it pink, Arp, or Blue boy, any type of rosemary can improve circulation, fight infections, carry out anti-oxidation (thanks to the carnosic acid), flush out pain/inflammation, and boost cognitive performance.

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