What Are the Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy?

Many men are curious about massaging the prostate. Some even feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the whole process. But, there is more to prostate massage than it meets the eye.

Its reputation went through a complete overhaul, from being a considerable inconvenience for the elderly into a hotspot for male sexual satisfaction. Today, therapeutic prostate massage is regarded as a possible preventive treatment for some prostate health complications. 

The truth is, as men get older, their risks for experiencing prostate problems drastically increase. Their reproductive organ can undergo a range of different health issues that could contribute to chronic conditions. 

That’s where prostate massage therapy or prostate milking comes into play. This is a detailed guideline of all the benefits of this type of massage, risks, and effects people can expect, including a couple of practical tips that can come in handy. 

What is a prostate massage?

Prostate massage is a therapeutic practice that involves massaging the male prostate until it’s able to produce a milky or thin-like fluid, commonly referred to as prostate fluid. Simply put, it can help clear the prostate ducts. 

This gland in the male body is the size of a walnut, and it’s situated between the penis and bladder. The gland is responsible for secreting the fluid that protects and nourishes the sperm.

A finger will be inserted into the rectum during the procedure until it effectively stimulates the prostate gland. The therapy has both therapeutic and medicinal properties. It was primarily used for treating prostate inflammation (prostatitis). But, today, it can also be used as an anal play for promoting sexual satisfaction. 

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The different types

The Royal Institute of Massage in Stockholm introduced prostatic massage in the late 1890s. But, the treatment has dramatically improved since then. 

Now, there are different types of massage. There is a regular prostate massage. It manages the symptoms of prostate-related issues. It’s performed with the hands or with a prostate massage device. Both techniques can provide equal sensations. 

After the drainage, some men might experience elevated burning sensations. That’s because of the already high fluid levels in their system. The blockages in the gland can cause constant fluid retention.  

Another type is the external prostate massage. It relies on applying gentle pressure on the perineum (the spot between the scrotum and the anus). Perineum stimulation can create some powerful sensations. It’s essential to work with the perineum since it can help promote prostatic fluid drainage. 

The third type is the gentle belly rub. This is called the abdominal prostate massage. There is a unique spot on the male body right between the belly button and the pubic bone directly connected to the prostate. 

People usually rub their hands with some massaging oil and use the fingertips to work with the soft belly tissue. They can also shake the tissue for some additional impact. With this kind of prostate play, men can experience intense stimulation.

What are the benefits of a prostate massage?

Only a limited number of studies have proved the medicinal and therapeutic properties of prostate arousal. But, some statistics show that it has great potential to help people with their prostate-related health issues. 

Some of its well-known benefits are:

Here is a more detailed analysis of each benefit. 

Prostate massage is used to clear the prostatic duct. The duct is the one that moves between the prostate and the urinary and reproductive systems. According to the National Library of Medicine, the massage was one of the most popular maneuvers for treating chronic prostatitis. 

The key to its effectiveness lies in stimulating the prostate to create an instinctive fluid secretion. The fluid secretion is used as a clearing duct strategy. It can help patients get rid of any of the uncomfortable symptoms they might be feeling. 

Based on a clinical study, patients who got tired of traditional prostatitis therapy decided to try consecutive prostatic massage mixed with antibiotics. The goal of the study was to evaluate the effects of the massage on prostate health. 

Reports show there was a significant reduction in symptoms severity in the first four months of treatment. For 46% of the evaluated patients, the uncomfortable symptoms decreased by 60%. This prostate massage with antibiotics seems like a promising strategy, particularly for alleviating symptoms. 

Experts believe that this type of anal play can effectively alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. Because it can reduce the swelling and pressure from fluid build-up, it may also prove useful for managing this particular health disorder. 

The sexual response appears due to the gland’s proximity to the rectal wall. When the area is stimulated, the sphincter muscle and wall start to contract naturally. The sphincter vibrations slowly increase until they build into actual sexual pleasure.  

But, for more severe cases, the enlarged prostate can cause serious complications. So, instead of a massage, men could be advised to try transurethral resection. This is a surgical procedure that can help treat urinary issues. 

Despite the available research, the effects of these findings are insufficient. More research and medical testing are necessary to confirm the full extent of a massage treatment like this. Although it can have numerous benefits, some health issues will need more rigorous treatments. That’s why it’s best to consult with a doctor if you have any underlying health issues

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What are the risks of a prostate massage?

The prostate massage is safe, but it can also come with a few risks. The tissues lining of the rectum and prostate are extremely delicate. They are often prone to abrasions, tears, and cuts. Performing treatment without proper training can be harmful to the reproductive system. 

As a result, it’s possible for men to experience one of the following complications:

When a person uses a vigorous prostate massage, they can worsen chronic prostatitis symptoms. 

The rectum needs gentle treatment and careful prostate stimulation to get the preferred effects. The rectum is the one that connects the colon to the anus, which is the area where the stool leaves the body. 

According to a small-scale study, 8.3% of volunteers reported experiencing discomfort after the massage. Due to aggressive prostate stimulation, they had rectal bleeding, which increased their risk of hemorrhoids and bacterial infections.

Furthermore, prostate massage is not recommended for patients with acute bacterial prostatitis. Since there is a possibility for bleeding, it could encourage the spread of bacteria to the urethra and impact the urinary tract.  

The same risks can be noticed when a person uses an electronic massager. The massager is indeed a toy for sexual stimulation and pressure. But, if you don’t use it properly, you can hurt the prostate. So, read the instruction manual carefully before trying out the electronic prostate massager.

What type of health issues can you use prostate massage therapy for?

Prostate massage can be used for multiple prostate issues. However, there is not enough research to support its effectiveness. So far, only small-scale trials and studies have been prepared for the use of prostate massage for male reproductive health. 

So far, the treatment could prove useful for specific groups of men. They can get the massage if they need relief for one of the following prostate issues:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) – Prior to the invention of modern therapies and medication, people relied on massaging to stimulate prostate health and manage ED. Certain men still prefer to pick massage over medically-assisted therapy. 

  • Pain during ejaculation – When the reproductive organ experiences fluid blockages, they will feel pain when they ejaculate. Massage removes the blockages and restores proper fluid flow. That’s how it can treat the pain and get rid of the discomfort. 

  • Poor flow of urine – The prostate is surrounding the urethra. When it becomes inflamed or swollen, it can double in size and interfere with the urethra. It will cut off the urine flow and make it difficult for men to relieve themselves. Prostate massage is designed to work its way into the body and treat the swelling. With the reduced inflammation, the urine will start to flow easily. 

  • Prostatitis – Before antibiotic therapy was available, massages were the only viable strategy for managing chronic prostatitis. Now that medicine has evolved, experts better understand this condition and can provide specialized treatment. 
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Can I use prostate massage to treat infections?

If you have a urine test planned, you can use prostate massage before testing to pin-point any prostate cancer cells that might be present in the urine. Prostate cancer is one of the most typical cancers in men.

The massaging technique can be used as an effective stimulation strategy for boosting an orgasm. However, there is not enough evidence that suggests the therapy can be effective for managing prostate infection. In cases such as these, you might be advised to take antibiotics instead. 

Do I have to see a specialist or can I do the massage myself?

Men who have painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or urine problems shouldn’t hesitate to meet with a specialist. If there is a prostate massage expert in your area, you can book a treatment at least once so that you get to learn proper massaging techniques. 

But you can also do it by yourself. Prostate massage is normally used for sexual stimulation. Since you will have trouble reaching the spot by yourself, you can use a sexual massager. There are countless prostate massagers out there, like the Aneros massager, for example, that can help you get the results you need. 

With products such as these, you are in complete control of the therapy and create an intimate experience you will otherwise be unable to share with a massage therapist. The most important thing is that you learn to use the toys properly and obtain all the benefits. 

In time, you will be able to turn this anal stimulation into a regular pleasure routine. Feel free to experiment with all kinds of tools until you find the effects you are looking for. 

How to get ready for a prostate massage?

Not many experts support the use of this massage. That’s why it can be challenging to find a qualified therapist in your area. So, contact your doctor and ask them for a recommendation. They will know someone in the area who can help. 

If you feel uncomfortable talking to your doctor, feel free to contact the hospital’s outreach office. They keep tabs of any practitioners that have the skills you require. With their help, you might be able to find the medical expert you need. 

Another thing to have in mind is insurance. The majority of insurance companies will not cover such procedures. But, your insurance might be able to cover the cost-Check-in with your insurance provider to talk about your medical insurance in detail before you book a session. 

How does a prostate massage feel?

The massage therapy is somewhat similar to the digital rectal exam (DRE). It’s normal for urologists to use DREs to examine the prostate for any health issues, lumps, or possible signs of prostate cancer. The doctor can do a prostate biopsy to examine any signs of an infection, prostatitis, or other health disorders. This is basically a sample of the prostate gland. 

During the massage, the doctor will use a glove and add some lubricant to their finger. They will then insert the finger into the patient’s anus. By adding gentle pressure, they will stimulate the prostate for a couple of minutes. 

If you feel any pain, you should inform the doctor while they are still performing the treatment. But, do have in mind that it’s normal to feel slightly uncomfortable. However, the stimulation is not supposed to be painful. 

How often you might want the treatment is entirely up to you. It might be a good idea for those struggling with ED or prostatitis to attend multiple sessions in a week for at least one month. After the symptoms have subsided, you can reduce doctor visits. 

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Why do men do it?

The prostate gland is a very sensitive erogenous zone. It is the male G-spot and the ultimate trick to getting an orgasm. With both massage and penile stimulation, it can create powerful prostate pleasure. People prefer the term “prostate milking” for massaging this spot. 

Since the prostate has a significant role in creating seminal fluid, prostate milking can create an intense prostate orgasm. However, others prefer to do the prostate stimulation mainly for its medicinal properties, not sexual pleasure. 

Do men obtain the same benefits just by taking antibiotics?

No. Antibiotic therapy can’t reach the clogged areas. But, when paired with prostate massage, it can promote healthy drainage, restore blood flow, and get the system back on track. However, when there isn’t enough drainage, the affected area will become a breeding ground for bacteria. So, it’s best to contact your doctor if you decide to take antibiotics to treat any prostate-related health issues. 

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The prostate or P-spot is a tiny muscular gland that is surrounded by countless nerve endings. When done right, it can create some amazing orgasm. But, to get those prostate induced orgasms you are hoping for, there are a couple of things you should consider first. 

For example: 

  • Trim the fingernails. The longer the fingernails, the easier it is to cut, tear, or scratch the prostate. 

  • Wash and dry the hands before the massage. Hands can carry up to 5 million bacteria, explains Harvard Medical School. The best way to avoid them is to wash your hands first. 

  • Use a generous amount of lubricant before anal penetration. The lubricant will help you massage the prostate easier and reduce the risk of discomfort and rectal damage.

  • Use light douching to remove any fecal matter. This will help clean the rectum before the massage.

  • Don’t engage in a prostate massage if the partner or you have hemorrhoids or fissures. Otherwise, you risk fracturing the hemorrhoids that can cause bleeding. This will make you vulnerable to infections. 


Prostate massage is a well-known tactic for its potent therapeutic and medical properties. It can help men achieve excellent sexual arousal and manage some prostate-related health complications. But, to reap the benefits of a massage like this, you will need to be extra careful. 

The rectum is a delicate area that requires gentle pressure and plenty of lubrication. If you want to learn the technique, it’s best to book a medical massage first and then start using the massage by yourself. With gentle pressure and gentle massage, anyone can stimulate this highly erogenous zone.  

Don’t forget to consult with a doctor if you plan to try it out to alleviate prostate disorders. You must contact your doctor to ensure that the massage is the best way to manage the issue.  Have you had a prostate massage? And did it help your prostate issues? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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