7 Ways To Increase Your Sexual Stamina

It’s no secret that stamina for men is a big deal, especially when it comes to sexual performance. 

And that makes a lot of sense. After all, anyone would want to make the intimate experience last as long as possible. 

If your intimate experiences don’t last as long as you want to, then you might experience erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE). 

But before you start feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to point out that the partner should be equally invested in the whole experience. 

Plus, how long the sex lasts can depend on a range of factors for each person.

If you want a worthy stamina increase, the sexual health tips below can help. 

We compiled a few key strategies that can ramp up your sexual stamina. 

This includes foods that increase sexual stamina, exercise, masturbation techniques, and other tricks. You can use them to take your sex life to the next level.

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What is sexual stamina?

Sexual stamina is your ability to last longer in bed before you want to take a break. Stamina is the mental and physical capability to keep up with any form of activity that demands consistent effort for an extended period.

When you focus on increasing your stamina, you can perform these activities longer without using too much energy. Therefore, minimizing fatigue. When building up sexual power, you need to put in more time and effort. 

Many things can help with female and male stamina. But before you start working on them, it’s important to recognize the causes. Below are some sexual problems and solutions you should know about.

What can affect your sexual stamina?

A myriad of factors can impact your stamina sexually, such as ejaculation and orgasm. For many men, reaching ejaculation and orgasm is usually the main limit to their sexual stamina. After ejaculation comes the refractory period, which can force men to take a break.

Individuals with premature ejaculation (PE) can have lower sexual stamina. According to reports from research institutions, PE during partnered sexual activity occurs roughly 1 min after vaginal penetration. (1)

ED can also play a role in a person’s sexual performance. This health problem makes it difficult to maintain a rigid penile erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. 

ED can interfere with sexual stamina and men’s performance because you might start losing your erection during intercourse. (2)

Sex can also be tiring. And if your physical fitness is not at its peak, then you might start feeling exhausted sooner than you think. 

Psychological factors can lead to low stamina in bed as well. Especially if you are stressed, depressed, anxious, or have low self-esteem. (3)

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7 ways to increase your sexual stamina 

Want to know how to increase sexual stamina? For men, the average time between the sheets can last for around 2 to 5 minutes. For women, it can take longer, roughly 20 min. 

Of course, there is no “holy grail” that works for everyone. But if you are willing to experiment and get a solid sexual stamina booster, the options below can help.

1. Workouts for building strength

Any exercise for sexual stamina can set you on the right track. If you want more stamina, you need to work on your strength and flexibility

A stronger body can handle more and last longer in bed. Various exercises can amplify your stamina and physical ability. 

These types are:

  • Strength: Do pushups and weight lifting, and use elastic bands to make the muscles stronger.
  • Blood flow: Do Kegel exercises for at least 3 months. Pelvic floor exercises can aid in boosting circulation to the groin, which is active during sex. Pelvic floor training is very effective for some men with ED. (4)
  • Flexibility: Stretch your legs, back, and neck regularly. Stretching before sex or any physical activity can help you become more flexible
  • Balance: Do balancing workouts, like standing on one foot, heel-to-toe-walking, or tai-chi, to improve your lower body strength and balance. This is a great stamina booster when you want to get creative in the bedroom.

2. Foods for overall performance

Wondering which foods increase stamina? Many nutrients remain a key component for good sex life. Not only are they important for male sexual health, but for women as well. 

Fruits and veggies are particularly useful (5). A diet packed with fruits, like apples, oranges, and pears, can decrease the odds of high blood pressure. 

Other foods for stamina include complex carbohydrates. They can help you stay energetic. 

If you want a specific stamina booster food, omega-3s can help. This type of fat is capable of boosting circulation. And one of the best foods that boost stamina is fish. 

You can get your omega-3s from: 

  • Black cod
  • Salmon
  • Whitefish
  • Herring
  • Cobia

When talking about the best food for stamina, vitamin D remains a focal point. Foods packed with vitamin D could curb the odds of heart problems or serious ED. This vitamin decreases oxidative stress and cholesterol, and amplifies blood flow. These foods include eggs, tuna, mushrooms, etc. (6)

3. Supplements for blood flow

If you’ve considered trying natural remedies, then stamina supplements can be a worthy choice. Many natural aphrodisiacs are praised for their sexual performance and libido-boosting properties. 

Some of these products for men’s sexual health can include:

  • Ginseng – This natural power medicine for men can enhance sexual satisfaction and performance. Red ginseng can help relax the smooth muscle, thus allowing better blood supply. (7)
  • Yohimbine – This natural medicine for men might be effective in managing ED. Primarily because of its ability to promote circulation by dilating blood vessels. (8)
  • Ginkgo – This natural sexual medicine for men can positively impact different phases of the sexual response cycle. This includes excitement, desire, orgasm, and resolution. (9) 

But before you take any sexual stamina pills, be sure to talk to a specialist. Some of the products might interact with the medications you are taking. 

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4. Masturbation for longevity

If you would like to last longer, practice orgasm control. Masturbation is a great training method for working on your longevity. 

By experimenting with a different orgasm control form, you can reduce the time it would take to have an orgasm. The trick is to try and not rush it.

5. Stop-squeeze method

Try to use the stop-squeeze method. When you start sexual activity, whether with mental or physical stimulation, the moment you feel ready to ejaculate, squeeze the end of the penis. This is where the head meets the shaft. 

Hold it for a couple of seconds and feel the urge pass. To better the effect, ask your partner to do the squeeze technique for you. This is something you can use when you want to elongate the sexual experience. 

6. Take it slow

Want to know how to increase your stamina in bed? Pay attention to foreplay. 

Oral sex, touching, kissing, and using sex toys can all improve the intimate experience for everyone involved. Another way to improve sexual performance is to try the edging process. 

Edging, also known as teasing, surfing, and peaking, is a great way of achieving an excellent climax. You bring your partner or yourself to the brink of orgasm and back off. Then build the tension back up again and continue. 

7. Drop unhealthy habits

Achieving optimal sexual wellness for men and women starts with healthy lifestyle habits. To know how to boost stamina, you should decrease your smoking habits and alcohol intake. Smoking can impair sexual stamina. It can decrease vaginal lubrication and sensitivity. 

And high alcohol consumption can lead to unsafe sex. Also, an increase in belly fat could lead to a spike in globulin, which can cause testosterone levels to fall. This drop in testosterone can impact a man’s sex drive. 

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When to see a doctor

Talk to your healthcare provider if your libido, sexual dysfunction, and sexual stamina don’t recover quickly. A chronic disease, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and mental or neurological complications could lead to sexual dysfunction. 

Plus, any side effects of a prescription medication you might be using can affect your sexual health. The doctor can suggest the best performance enhancer for your current health state. 


You can’t expect to improve your sexual stamina overnight. But there are a few options for you to try that could make a difference. 

Options like physical activity, aphrodisiac foods, natural supplements, and foreplay can help. Don’t forget to supply the body with all the nutrients it needs and avoid vitamin deficiencies.

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