20 Aphrodisiac Foods To Boost Your Libido

Sexual stamina is defined as how long someone can last in bed for pleasurable sexual intercourse. 

It is natural for sexual stamina to vary throughout your life. Different factors contribute to poor sexual endurance, including a sedentary lifestyle, stress, underlying health conditions, depression, and even your diet. 

A well-balanced diet is essential for good health, and it can help you boost stamina and sex drive. Here are 20 amazing aphrodisiac foods to consider adding to your diet.

What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac is defined as a food or substance that increases sexual desire and sexual pleasure. The term aphrodisiac stems from the Greek word Aphrodite, i.e., the Greek goddess of love. Aphrodisiacs are derived from animals, plants, and minerals.

Throughout history, people have been using aphrodisiacs to increase sexual attraction and performance. We can categorize aphrodisiacs by their mechanism of action into three categories: those that increase potency, libido, and sexual pleasure. 

20 aphrodisiac foods

Food is a powerful tool for mind-blowing sex and amazing stamina, but it’s important to know what items to add to your menu. Eat these aphrodisiac foods listed below in order to improve sexual endurance and revolutionize your sex life.

1. Bananas

This seems fitting, right? Not only do bananas resemble the penis shape, but they can also help men boost sexual stamina. The popular fruit is abundant in simple carbs that boost energy levels, and it is the best source of mineral potassium that keeps you going while preventing muscle spasms that could ruin your rendezvous. 

Bananas are excellent for endurance in general. One study found that bananas are as effective as energy drinks in boosting your energy. Plus, the consumption of bananas for this purpose comes with a few advantages, such as the ability to supply the body with much-needed antioxidants, vitamin B6, fiber, and many other important nutrients.

bananas prostate cancer

2. Nuts

Nuts are incredibly nutritious and have tremendous potential to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Most people don’t know that nuts are yet another food with sexual health benefits. 

Pistachios, walnuts, and other nuts are rich in l-arginine that your body needs for nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, encourages blood flow, and improves the quality of erections. Plus, nuts are an excellent source of magnesium which boosts energy levels and endurance.

3. Dark chocolate 

While “regular” milk chocolate is considered unhealthy, dark chocolate is a superfood. Why? Because dark chocolate (with a cocoa content of 70% or more) is abundant in nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs to function properly. 

Dark chocolate has the amazing potential to relieve stress and anxiety, both of which have a negative impact on mood, energy levels, and sexual performance. 

Evidence shows that regular consumption of dark chocolate improves athletic performance, which you can use in bed too. 

4. Hot peppers

Hot peppers or chili peppers pose as a highly effective food to eat for stamina increase. They contain an active compound called capsaicin, which brings a number of health benefits, including faster metabolism and improved blood flow. 

They get you on the right path to sexual satisfaction. Scientists discovered that hot peppers increase energy expenditure which is particularly beneficial for people who want to slim down. With increased energy, you can exercise more, improve endurance in bed, and boost confidence levels at the same time.

5. Apples 

An apple a day doesn’t only keep the doctor away, but it also helps you last in bed longer. The fruit is rich in antioxidants called quercetin, which plays a huge role in endurance both in bed, in the gym, or anywhere else. 

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that quercetin exhibits a statistically significant benefit in human endurance capacity. 

6. Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries in the traditional medicine of Chinese and other cultures. It can help you revolutionize your sex life through improved blood flow. After all, both men and women need healthy blood flow for sexual arousal and endurance. 

Plus, men need proper blood circulation for strong erections. It is also important to mention that ginger improves heart health. Everything that’s good for the heart is also beneficial for the penis.

ginger tea benefits for men

7. Quinoa 

If you’re looking for foods to increase sexual stamina, then quinoa is a perfect choice. This is a rare plant-based source of complete protein, and quinoa is also abundant in fiber. 

What does this mean for you? Because your body takes longer to digest fiber, quinoa consumption provides more long-lasting energy. As a result, you can last longer. Plus, high-fiber and protein foods suppress your appetite and aid weight management. 

8. Tuna

Tuna fish is an excellent food for a quick energy boost before moving on to sexual intercourse later. It is one of the most abundant sources of vitamin B12, a micronutrient that takes part in many processes in your body. 

Deficiency in vitamin B12 is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies globally. This health problem induces many symptoms, including fatigue and weakness that doesn’t go away even when you get enough sleep.

9. Spinach

Popeye saved Olive on numerous occasions using spinach, and you can use it too. While spinach won’t give you instant strength like Popeye’s, it can boost your sexual performance significantly. 

How? The secret lies in high l-arginine content. As mentioned already, this amino acid is necessary for nitric oxide production and stronger and long-lasting erections.

10. Asparagus

Even though asparagus can make your pee have a bad smell, you should still consume it if you want to increase sex stamina and improve overall performance between the sheets. 

Asparagus is an amazing source of vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant and micronutrient that participates in testosterone production. Lower testosterone levels can cause fatigue which only emphasizes the importance of improving the concentration of this much-needed hormone. 

Moreover, asparagus is a good source of B-complex vitamins that are known for their energy-boosting effects. 

11. Red wine

Red wine is considered an aphrodisiac. A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine found moderate intake of red wine is linked to higher sexual function scores. 

Red wine is one of those aphrodisiacs that work for men and women alike. Moderate consumption of red wine could also be beneficial for men’s testosterone levels. 

Keep in mind moderation is crucial here; drinking too much may not produce desired effects. 

12. Honey

Honey is important for healthy sex life. It contains natural sugars that boost stamina and help you last longer in bed. 

Additionally, honey contains boron, which has the potential to regulate hormone levels and nitric oxide. The latter releases into the bloodstream during sexual arousal, and it functions as a vasodilator, i.e., it dilates blood vessels. 

In some cultures, honey is a symbol of procreation and fertility. You’ll achieve the best effects if you use pure, high-quality honey. 

benefits of honey

13. Artichokes

Artichokes have been considered powerful aphrodisiacs for centuries. They contain cynarin, which may cure and heal urinary passages. 

Also, cynarin may give a pleasant taste to semen. Additionally, artichokes can lower cholesterol and thereby improve cardiovascular health. 

14. Figs

This delicious fruit is abundant in amino acids, but its appearance and flavors are also considered the main culprits for an aphrodisiac role. Figs have an aromatic scent and texture. 

For centuries, people from different cultures used figs to tackle problems such as sterility, reduced stamina, and erectile dysfunction. Figs are nutritious and contain vitamins and minerals that support semen production. 

15. Oysters 

Oysters are among the most well-known aphrodisiac foods in the world. The aphrodisiac potential of oysters, which are abundant in zinc, isn’t just a matter of myths and legends. 

Evidence shows that oysters contain d-aspartic acid, a chemical that controls testosterone and may thereby increase sexual desire. Also, zinc is an essential mineral for sexual and reproductive health, especially in men.

foods to eat before sex

16. Watermelon

Watermelon is considered nature’s Viagra. This delicious summer treat is an abundant source of amino acid citrulline, which the body converts into l-arginine. 

Amino acid l-arginine is necessary for nitric oxide production, which dilates blood vessels for strong erections. We can easily classify watermelon among aphrodisiacs that improve sexual performance. 

17. Arugula

For many centuries, people have used arugula as an aphrodisiac. It contains trace minerals and antioxidants that support sexual health and function. The antioxidants in arugula help inhibit environmental contaminants that negatively affect your libido. 

18. Olive oil

Olives and their oil have been considered aphrodisiacs in the Mediterranean. Consumption of olive oil has a lot of health benefits, which is why olive oil is a major component of a Mediterranean diet

Improved sexual health and libido are among the health effects of olive oil. Additionally, olive oil can enhance your orgasm. 

19. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is among some wonderful aphrodisiac foods that promotes blood flow and improves blood supply to male and female genital areas and nerve endings. 

That way, it could facilitate sexual arousal. Nowadays, it’s easy to find cinnamon dietary supplements, but make sure to read product reviews before you buy them.

20. Pomegranates 

Pomegranates contain a lot of seeds with vibrant red color, which is why the fruit is associated with fertility. These fruits are abundant in vitamin C, vitamin E, and may lower cortisol, i.e., stress hormone levels. Reduced cortisol levels can then lead to higher testosterone production. 

Which foods are good for better sex?

The aphrodisiac foods for sexual stamina listed above work by delivering key nutrients to your body, improving blood flow, thus enhancing your arousal and boosting energy levels. All these food options are good for your overall health too. 

In order to improve your overall sexual performance, try incorporating these foods into your menu as well: 

  • Meat (beef, chicken, and pork) – rich in zinc, carnitine, and l-arginine that improve blood flow and the strength of your erections.
  • Avocado – a powerful aphrodisiac that helps manage erectile dysfunction.
  • Garlic – while this isn’t the most romantic food in the world, it positively impacts your sexual performance through improved blood flow.

organic garlic supplement


Sexual stamina is important for overall satisfaction in bed, and it plays a huge role in your sex life. It’s natural for sexual endurance to fluctuate, go up and down primarily because it depends on different factors. Food is an important factor. 

Ideally, your diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, and fiber, i.e., highly nutritious foods. That way, your body gets energy much-needed for sex, workouts, or just about anything else. 

This post included 20 amazing aphrodisiac foods you should include in your diet for an amazing stamina boost. Since it’s easy to find and buy these foods, start today.

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