10 All Natural Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is a healthy part of adulthood. Studies have shown that sexual intercourse helps to improve cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular disease risks tend to appear only later in life among those who are sexually active. Both men and women can benefit from frequent sexual activities with their partner. 

While sex is generally great during adulthood, many people start to experience problems as they become older. Women often develop low sexual desire.

Men also have a similar problem, but also experience a risk of erectile dysfunction. Studies suggest that a lack of sexual desire is more prevalent among women.

In one study, the prevalence was 26.7% among women who have not yet reached menopause. Among menopausal women, more than half experienced a low libido. 

By 40, an estimated 40% of men experience erectile dysfunction symptoms. This is often coupled with low libido, as well as mental complications. 

We look at the best male enhancement strategies that do not involve the use of Viagra. 

What is low libido?

When it comes to sexual activity, men should have an understanding of what libido is. This is essentially the starting point of an erection, after all. Libido is also known as sexual desire. When the man experiences sexual stimulation, the process of participating in the event starts in the brain. 

A man with a healthy libido will find that their brain sends a signal to their penis. This causes blood to flow into their penis and results in an erection. 

Low libido is a case where the man does not feel a desire to participate in sex. There is no drive in the man to initiate sexual intimate activities. 

It should be noted that simply not feeling in the mood now-and-then, especially after a stressful day, is considered quite normal. In such a case, there is only a temporary case of low libido in the man. 

When the frequency of low sexual desire increases, however, it may be a call for concern. The reduction in libido often happens gradually. Eventually, it can start to affect the man’s ability to have a normal erection. This leads to erectile dysfunction symptoms. It could also affect the emotional health of the man and cause problems in his sex life. 

How men’s sex drive changes with age

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It is also considered a gonad hormone and made by the testicles. The hormone has many roles in the male body. It assists with muscle growth, the production of sperm, and it is involved in the regulation of libido. 

As men age, however, testosterone levels naturally start to decline. By 30, men tend to reach the peak of their testosterone. After this age, there is a gradual decline in how much testosterone their body continues to make. 

Research shows that there is a drop of 1% of the average men each year once they reach the age of 30. 

This drop-in testosterone is usually not enough to affect a man’s sex life. In some scenarios, men tend to experience a more rapid decline in testosterone development. These are the cases where the man may find that low hormone levels cause complications. 

A low sex drive is often one of the first signs that testosterone levels are dropping. As the low libido gets worse, the man may also start to experience symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction. 

Improving male enhancement naturally

Four years from the initial release date of Viagra, a 312% increase in its use was noted. Usage among people between 18 and 45 had increased even more significantly compared to older men.

While Viagra is often considered the go-to treatment for erectile dysfunction and libido problems in men, the drug comes with serious side-effects. 

Men with low libido are advised to seek a more natural approach to treating the symptoms first. There are effective strategies shown through scientific studies to enhance libido and improve sexual function in general. 

1) Exercise

When looking at ways to increase testosterone, exercise is often noted at the number one spot. There is a good reason for this – several studies have already shown that insufficient physical activity is linked to a low testosterone level. With testosterone being a key to a healthy libido, men should ensure they are fit. 

It should be noted that not all exercises will increase testosterone, however. Research shows that strength training exercises are the most effective. This does not mean cardio exercises should be avoided. These activities are known to further help with burning calories. This improves weight control and also boosts blood circulation. 

2) Diet

Turning to fast foods as a way of skipping time spent in front of the stove is useful, sure. At the same time, these foods are also killing a man’s libido and erections.

Saturated and hydrogenated fats in fast foods cause arteries to become clogged. It raises bad LDL cholesterol and ultimately harms blood circulation. When blood flow to the penis is low, there is a lack of blood during an erection. 

Instead, men should ensure they take the time to prepare healthy meals. Several foods are considered critical for keeping testosterone levels high. Tuna has healthy fatty acids that keep LDL cholesterol low. It also raises HDL cholesterol. 

Other useful foods include oysters, beef, shellfish, egg yolks, beans, and fortified cereals. 

3) Maintain A Healthy Weight

Studies show a severe link between obesity and erectile dysfunction. There are several reasons why obese men may have a poor sex life. Blood vessels are damaged in men who are obese. Testosterone levels also tend to decline with obesity. These are two of the most essential parts of a healthy sex life. 

Maintaining a healthy weight is a very useful way for a man to continue experiencing a great sex life as they age. This helps to prevent drops in testosterone due to excess fat and keeps blood vessels healthier. When a man prevents obesity, it also keeps their heart-healthy and their mind sharp. 

4) Stress Management

Stress causes a release of cortisol. During an acute moment of stress, the cortisol puts the body into a fight-or-flight response. It is beneficial, as adrenaline is released, causing a heightened level of senses. This increase focuses temporarily and brings about other benefits. 

Stress that becomes chronic no longer has these beneficial effects in the body. Unfortunately, chronic stress is becoming a major public health concern in the modern world. There is a consistent release of cortisol in the body, which promotes inflammation and other negative effects.

Chronic stress leads to a reduction in testosterone and can affect the mental health of a person. By managing stress more effectively, these effects are reduced. In turn, testosterone levels remain healthy. 

5) Masturbation

Masturbation is often viewed with negative thoughts. What men often fail to realize is that this activity could actually help improve their sex life. Research shows that masturbation is an effective strategy for reducing stress levels. A lot of men find that they can relax more effectively when they masturbate. Furthermore, it is also an effective strategy for some men who have trouble sleeping. 

This is because masturbation releases certain chemicals in the brain. These are often called “feel-good chemicals.” When released, a feeling of relaxation can be expected. The reduced stress and improved sleep may be just what a man needs to experience improvements in their sex life. By keeping themselves sexually active, the man may also find that their libido returns to a more normalized state. 

6) Get Good Quality Sleep

Sleep is important for a large number of reasons. It is a time when the mind can reset and consolidate the memories made during the previous day. During sleep, the body goes through several processes. It is also a time when healing occurs. 

Sleep deprivation has become a serious issue around the world. Millions of men are unable to fall asleep at night. Some fall asleep but wake up frequently. When sleep duration and quality are not sufficient, some complications can develop. This includes a possible reduction in testosterone levels. Research has shown that testosterone levels tend to increase while a man sleeps. During times spent awake, testosterone levels gradually decline. 

There are numerous ways to improve sleep. Drinking tea for relaxation before bed is a good option. Exercise has also been shown to help promote healthier sleep in men. It is also important to participate in stress-relieving activities, such as yoga and meditation. 

7) Initiate Intimacy

When a man has a low libido and develops ED symptoms, performance anxiety is often the next complication. The man has a lack of confidence in the bedroom. This causes them to avoid participating in intimate activities with their partner. Unfortunately, this activity encourages the effects of performance anxiety

Men should avoid feeling too afraid to participate in sexual activities. When they do not initiate an intimate moment with their partner, there is no reason for the man to have a sense of sexual desire. For this reason, men should ensure they continue to initiate intimate moments with a partner. This can help to avoid their libido from falling even further, too. 

8) Natural Supplements

Some natural supplements have been proven to work well for men with low libido. Some of these supplements might even be useful in boosting testosterone levels in the male body. A male enhancement pill will generally be sold as a dietary supplement. These male sexual enhancement pills will usually include a range of vitamins and plant extracts. 

The goal of each supplement differs. Most of them will aim to boost blood flow or help stimulate libido. Some are safe and effective, but careful research is needed. There are a few supplements that may cause unwanted side-effects. 

9) Seek Help

Men should not be ashamed of their lack of abilities in the bedroom. Millions of men experience these problems. Sometimes, it is not possible for the man to treat the problem at home. There are also times where erectile dysfunction and low libido are caused by underlying health conditions

If a man finds home remedies ineffective, they should make an appointment with a doctor. This will allow for a full checkup. The doctor can order a few tests to ensure there is nothing serious causing the ED symptoms. An appointment with a counselor can also be helpful if psychological problems are interfering with the man’s sex life. 

10) Communicate With Partner

Finally, it is crucial for men to understand the importance of communication with their partner. A lot of men avoid talking about this matter due to their sensitivity. This, however, can create confusion in the relationship.

The partner may think the man no longer find themselves attractive, for example. This can even lead to the development of serious arguments and problems in the relationship. Talking to the partner about sexual health and the potential use of sexual enhancement products may be useful too. Including them when gaining a prescription drug from a doctor can ensure the partner feels more included. 


Men often experience poor erections and a lower libido as they age. This is somewhat linked to a reduction in testosterone. There are other reasons for poor sexual function to develop too. Simultaneously, some men continue to experience a healthy sex life well into their older age. Understanding what makes sex better and the right male enhancement tips can help men avoid problems during sexual activities. 

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