5 Ways A Supplement Can Improve Your Sex Life

Men’s health is a complex topic to discuss. It does not only include fertility and prostate problems. 

More than that, erectile dysfunction and sexual performance are common worries in this field. 

Men often think about their sexual function, which is true in younger and older people. 

Most of us have experienced sexual desire variations and wonder if we have libido problems. Even young men with a very active sex life sometimes experience transient erectile dysfunction.

That is why sexual health supplements are so popular, even in young patients. Sexual enhancement pills can help seniors who want to resume their sex life. 

They could provide a little push in the right direction in younger men who need more confidence. Some of them are also beneficial for males with hormonal problems.

In this article, you will learn more about sexual health supplements and how they can improve your sex life.

What are sexual health supplements?

Sexual health supplements or male enhancement supplements are pills you can take to counter hormonal and sex-related problems. Depending on their ingredients, they could improve erectile dysfunction, increase your sex drive or libido, and even modulate your testosterone levels.

In some cases, this type of herbal supplement improves blood pressure by increasing nitric oxide levels. It all depends on what the supplement offers. 

Thus, before buying any of these, take some time to look at the ingredients. Do your research and find out how each one contributes to men’s health.

You can also read this article thoroughly and take notes to learn how to choose a supplement. We will briefly describe the most common ingredients you can find and how each improves your sex life.

male sexual health supplements

What should you look for when choosing sexual health supplements?

The best sexual health supplements include herbs with a solid scientific backup. So, instead of only trusting the manufacturer’s claims, turn the bottle around and take a look at the ingredients. 

Here’s what you should look for:

Various nutrients

Depending on your goal, you may want male enhancement pills that include some nutrients. 

For example, zinc is an excellent addition to increasing testosterone levels but should be accompanied by medical treatment if you have hypogonadism (1). 

Antioxidant vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin C) are beneficial in the case of erectile dysfunction (2). Vitamin D could be required if you live in northern countries that receive limited sunlight (3).

Panax ginseng

This ingredient is very famous worldwide, and it can help with your sex life, too. Ginseng modulates penile blood flow and is known to improve sperm mobility (4).

Saw palmetto

This is a very common herb in male supplements. You probably want to include saw palmetto if you’re older than 45 years. It will help you with BPH symptoms and can prevent prostate cancer. As such, it makes sense to include this ingredient in male enhancement pills for seniors (5).

Milky oat seed

Some patients have found milky oat seed very useful to counter premature ejaculation. It is also beneficial for people with impotence and low sex drive. The evidence is mainly anecdotal in this case.

Horny goat weed

This is also known as rowdy lamb herb and barrenwort. Horny goat weed is a common ingredient in high-quality sexual health supplements. 

This ingredient boosts your nitric oxide levels, which is fundamental for erections. In doing so, it might even influence your blood pressure (6).

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is an excellent ingredient to increase testosterone production naturally. It does so by increasing your levels of luteinizing hormone, which in turn stimulates the testes (7). 

male sexual health program review

5 ways a supplement can improve your sex life

Depending on their ingredients, sexual health supplements can improve your sex life in many ways:

1. Countering erectile dysfunction

The ingredients above and many others contribute to treating sexual dysfunction. Some of them stimulate nitric oxide production, which dilates the penile blood vessels. 

Increased blood flow to the penis contributes to a stronger erection. Some patients may even report a penis enlargement effect along with improvements in erectile function.

If you’re taking this type of supplement, do not expect immediate results as with Viagra and other synthetic drugs. You could have a slight improvement right after consuming them, but the idea is to take them regularly if you want to see more results. 

Remember that erectile dysfunction sometimes results from low testosterone or can be a side effect of radical prostatectomy. In such cases, you may need medical attention to solve your problem (8).

2. Boosting sex drive

A man’s libido is essential to hold a good relationship. It is a complex element because it includes biological and psychological components. 

You could have all the biological features you need for sexual arousal, but it won’t happen if you have relationship problems or if you’re trying to force it. Supplements can help you with the biological component.

Men’s sexual desire usually results from an imbalance in testosterone levels. Thus, male sexual health supplements usually increase sex drive by boosting testosterone. 

One of the best ingredients to increase libido is horny goat weed. Others include maca root and black pepper, and their mode of action does not always include testosterone. The exact mechanism is not always clear, but most patients notice the difference after a while (9).

3. By giving you sexual stamina

Sexual stamina is defined as your capacity to have sex without feeling exhausted. It is associated with your aerobic capacity, but something interesting happens when you have sex. 

Even if your aerobic capacity is very poor, you could have pretty good sexual stamina. There’s an additional hormonal booster when you are having sex that reduces the sensation of tiredness temporarily.

A sexual enhancement pill may improve sexual performance in two ways. Some will give you more energy and should be taken right before having sex. They work similarly to pre-training supplements, which help your body metabolize nutrients

Others work progressively by modulating your hormone levels. When everything works properly with your hormones, you will naturally feel more energized during intercourse (10).

4. By increasing your testosterone levels

Testosterone is definitely an essential part of sexual health. It keeps your sexual drive and helps you maintain a healthy erection. 

Thus, supplements that increase testosterone production would improve different aspects of your sex life simultaneously.

Another critical aspect of testosterone has to do with fertility. If your goal is to achieve a healthy pregnancy, you want to maintain high testosterone levels. 

This hormone stimulates your sperm cells and keeps them in optimal conditions. Testosterone boosters are particularly important in adults over 50 years and younger males with hormonal imbalances. It does not only contribute to sexuality. Testosterone is also essential to keep healthy bones and reduce your risk of fractures (11).

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5. By improving sperm quantity

Besides improving sperm quality and increasing fertility, sexual health supplements may also increase sperm quantity. 

These penis pills could increase the ejaculation load or volume, which is always good for you and your partner. On the other hand, a higher volume takes longer to leave your penis, and you can feel the difference during the orgasm. Either way, a higher sperm volume is always a good thing.

Keep in mind that the prostate gland has a critical role in increasing semen volume. Around 30% of your semen is composed of prostatic fluid

If your prostate was taken out, you could still have a healthy sexual function. However, you will notice a significant reduction in semen load. This type of enhancement pill might not correct volume reduction (12).


As males, we would be very worried if we experience erectile dysfunction. A reduction in sexual desire feels problematic because we’re supposed to have a healthy sex drive. 

Libido is very important for us and a part of men’s health. That’s why sexual health supplements are so popular.

These pills can have different ingredient combinations, and depending on them, we could get one benefit or another. The 5 top benefits of these supplements include improving erectile function, keeping a healthy sexual drive, giving you more sexual stamina, increasing your testosterone levels, and increasing your sperm volume.

If you ever had sexual function problems, this type of dietary supplement can solve a few uncomfortable symptoms. If you still have issues after using them, be sure to talk to your doctor about it. You could have a bigger problem to solve that is obstructing your sexual life.

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