Best Ways to Improve Male Sexual Performance

Lifestyle and age can take their toll on a man’s sexual stamina and confidence. The good news is that by relying on healthy diet choices, lifestyle changes, and a few other natural remedies you can improve it.

In today’s article, we will share all the tips and tricks that guarantee higher sexual stamina, long-lasting erections, and of course, higher sexual satisfaction on both ends.

Masturbation can help build up endurance

Masturbation continues to be an important factor in both female and male sexual health. If you want to know how to increase sexual stamina, you may want to try masturbating more often. 

Remind yourself of those adolescent days when it was up to you to explore your body and satisfy your sexual needs. Regular masturbation can help improve your sexual endurance and make it possible to last longer in bed. You may want to experiment with different techniques or even use sex toys. Stimulating your prostate may help as well, as much uncomfortable it may seem at first. 

Exercise can help build up strength

Did you know that exercising results in increasing sexual stamina levels? It is true when we say that bigger muscle strength equals higher stamina levels. But exercise will not stop there.

Daily exercise is often the recommended method of treatment for most sexual health issues. Many erection- and ejaculation-related problems can be relieved with daily workouts. 

Exercise also results in weight loss, muscle build-up, better sleep, and, thus, better self-confidence. Both your physical and mental health, in addition to sexual health, will be transformed, and you will be able to feel it.

Exercise will also relieve your stress levels, anxiety, and depression symptoms that may be caused by your poor sex life. This is a great way to improve your flexibility as well. All that it takes is around 150-minute of weekly exercise. 

There are many options to choose from. From high and moderate to low-intensity workouts, whatever you may prefer. You do not necessarily need to spend hours at the gym. Going on a weekly run, doing yoga, or lifting weights at home can do wonders for your health and sex life. 

You may also be interested in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic muscles are the ones that control the sexual organs. This means that they have an important role in terms of your sexual function.

Kegel exercises are among the best pelvic floor muscle exercise. And the best of all is that they do not require any special equipment. In fact, you could be doing your Kegels at the office, and nobody would ever notice.

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Key nutrients for overall performance

Poor diet is often the reason we encounter the mid-day slump, headaches, low immunity, and sexual problems.

We often see diets filled with way too many simple carbs and way too little protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Because of the severe impact of a poor diet on one’s sex life, we decided to share some of the key nutrients for healthy sexual stamina, health, and overall performance.

  • Protein – If you want to boost your energy levels, start adding more protein to your diet. Protein will keep you full longer and secure long-lasting energy levels, the energy that you can use to boost your sex life, that is. Rely on protein-rich sources such as eggs, chicken, tofu, nuts, fish, Greek yogurt, etc.

  • Complex carbs – Another big no-no are simple carbs. These can be found in white bread, white pasta, white rice, energy drinks, and sugary snacks. What they do is instantly boost your energy levels until they reach their peak. Then it all goes downhill from there. You will feel tired, irritated, and in no way ready for sex. Complex carbs, on the other hand, work on securing long-lasting energy. Find these in oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, corn, beans, etc. 

  • Fiber – Did you know that your testosterone levels are closely associated with your fiber intake? Research has shown that consuming enough fiber helps to reduce the amount of sex hormone-binding globulin. The sex hormone-binding globulin binds typically to testosterone, which can seriously damage the free testosterone level in the case of low testosterone production. Luckily, with fiber, you do not have to worry about that. Fruit, oats, beans, and nuts offer high amounts of fiber as they do of simple carbs as well.

  • Potassium – Potassium is one of the essential minerals in our body. As such, it takes part in many critical bodily functions. From metabolism and recovery to proper hydration – maintaining healthy potassium levels is the secret to maintaining your sexual stamina high and rising. Spinach, quinoa, bananas, broccoli, and tomatoes are great sources of this important mineral. 

  • Zinc – Speaking of minerals, we cannot forget how vital zinc is. Did you know that zinc deficiency is among the most common causes of hypogonadism in men? Hypogonadism is just the medical term for lower or no testosterone production whatsoever. Luckily, this issue can be easily reversed by adding more zinc to one’s diet. Doctors refer to the dramatic increases that they see in patients with low testosterone levels after recommending a zinc supplement. Seafood, beans, nuts, and whole grains are excellent natural sources of zinc in case you are not interested in using a supplement. 

  • Magnesium – The last mineral that we will mention is magnesium. Researchers from the University of Parma have shown that magnesium directly affects one’s total testosterone activity in the body. Magnesium supplementation can improve every aspect of your sex life, resulting in more satisfying sexual intercourse. 

  • Omega-3s – Healthy fats are just as important as any other nutrient on this list. Omega-3 fatty acids are the perfect addition to your diet. Their daily use will improve numerous aspects of your life, including your libido, sexual stamina, and overall sexual functioning. Flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and fatty fish will give you all the Omega-3s that you need.

  • B-complex – All B-vitamins play an important role in terms of regulating your sex hormones. You should pay special attention to Vitamin B1 to Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B9 as well. All of these are available in dairy products, avocados, eggs, and lean meat. 

  • L-arginine – If you struggle with erectile dysfunction due to poor blood flow, you need to consider adding more L-arginine to your diet. L-arginine is a special amino acid that has the power to give your blood flow a real boost, thus boosting your sexual stamina and many other aspects of your sex life as well. This amino acid is often used to tackle any erection- and ejaculation-related problems. Whole grains, beans, and dairy products have all the L-arginine that you need.

  • L-citrulline – L-citrulline is what your body later converts into L-arginine, thus securing enough L-arginine for daily needs. Studies suggest that L-citrulline can enhance one’s sexual stamina and muscle strength and overall physical and mental performance. Find L-citrulline in watermelon, onions, garlic, dark chocolate, salmon, or take a supplement.

  • Nitrates – Do not miss out on the nitrate-rich foods as well. The list includes carrots, eggplant, arugula, beets, and celery, among others. All of these foods will work towards securing better blood flow, thus ensuring long-lasting erections that you can be proud of.

  • Capsaicin – And last but not least important is capsaicin. Capsaicin is naturally found in chili peppers, ginger, and sweet peppers. It does not only make you sweat, but it also gives your endurance an incredible boost as well.

Herbs for overall performance

Other than adding these nutrient-rich foods, we highly recommend using the gifts from Mother Nature as well.

Over the years, many herbs have been identified as true boosters to sexual stamina, endurance, mood, and overall health. Let’s see which herbs exactly will do the trick and boost your libido as well.


Maca is an ancient Peruvian root that just so happens to be incredibly nutritious. It is rich in several amino acids, iron, magnesium, and iodine. As such, it is a great addition to anyone’s diet. But Maca is also perfect for boosting your sexual function as well. 

There are three types of Maca to choose from – black, red, and yellow. As research has shown, black Maca does a great job of lowering your stress levels. If you did not know, stress has a big role in reducing your sexual performance quality. By eliminating stress, Maca has the power to enhance your sexual activity.


Believe it or not, Ginseng is a 2,000year-old Chinese herbal remedy capable of treating several health issues. Studies have demonstrated Ginseng’s ability to enhance the male libido, duration of erections, and overall sexual satisfaction. 

Ginseng works as an antioxidant that releases nitric oxide, which helps improve your blood circulation. This, in return, results in the benefits that we listed before. Ginseng is a great remedy for erectile dysfunction and is even used as a cream to treat premature ejaculation.


If low libido and low sexual stamina are on top of your worries, you need to add guarana to your daily diet. Guarana is a popular Brazilian plant that is commonly found in many energy drinks. It has an amazing ability to improve one’s stamina and energy levels and give their libido a real boost. 

Similar to Ginseng, guarana, too, is rich in antioxidants. This means that while being able to boost your blood flow, it can eliminate any oxidative stress and free radicals.

Often unaware of the damage that oxidative stress does to our bodies, we are also unaware of the consequences that are left behind. In men, it is their erectile function that suffers the most other than also being exposed to the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and many other common health issues. 


Before Viagra ever existed, our ancestors were using natural remedies to increase their sexual arousal. Damiana is an ancient aphrodisiac that is used to this day. While there is no actual scientific proof, damiana is said to boost our sexual energy effectively. 


Catuaba is yet another great natural aphrodisiac. It is often used by those who want to stay away from Viagra and other medicinal solutions to low libido and sexual problems. This Brazilian tree will take advantage of your sex life and finally allow you some peace after dealing with erectile dysfunction and other erection- and ejaculation-related issues.

Other tips and tricks

Quit smoking 

Smoking is a nasty habit and, as such, it ought to be eliminated as soon as possible. Not only will your lungs thank you, but you will also experience great improvements in the bedroom. Several studies suggest that smoking endangers male reproductive and sexual health in more ways than you could ever count. Smoking reduces your body’s ability to carry oxygen. 

Oxygen plays a pretty big deal in terms of sexual stamina, sexual endurance, and overall sexual experience. If you consider quitting smoking, you can expect effects such as boosted libido, higher stamina, and better sperm quality. Smoking is a great risk factor for erectile dysfunction as well, so quitting smoking would result in firm, long-lasting erections that will do both you and your partner some good.

Limit your alcohol intake

Drinking red wine is indeed capable of improving our blood flow. However, drinking too much of it will have an impact on your sexual stamina and performance. And this is a rule that extends to all alcoholic beverages. So, if you are interested in having a better sex life, you need to limit your drinking. 

Having just a few too many glasses of beer can seriously dull your sensations. In that state, it will be more difficult to experience an erection and get sexually aroused. According to the Mayo Clinic, men’s recommended alcohol intake is no more than two glasses per day. We kindly recommend you to follow these guidelines.

Use a numbing cream

A trick that many men with premature ejaculation rely on is using a numbing cream. There are many over-the-counter numbing creams to choose from.

These creams can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes to start working. It all depends on the brand, so do remember to read the provided instructions carefully. All that you need to do is apply the cream to your penis and allow it to work its magic by lessening the sensations, thus preventing premature ejaculation. 

Eliminate stress

Stress is a great risk factor that threatens your mental, but also sexual, health as well. Numerous studies link stress and anxiety to sexual dysfunction, low sexual stamina, and low sex drive among men.

Stress can contribute to the occurrence of chronic erectile dysfunction. Knowing that it is up to you to do whatever you can to lower your stress levels. Whether it is daily exercise, yoga, or even asking for professional health, do your mental health a favor and eliminate stress. 

Do not avoid foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of everyone’s sex life. However, we often see our sexual partners skipping over that part in order to get to the main event. Foreplay does not have to take ages if you do it right. Simply allow a few minutes to explore your partner’s body. This will surely allow for your sexual desire to build up, thus improving your overall sexual performance and sexual satisfaction on both ends. 


Sexual stamina, being as important as it is, is threatened by several factors. Poor diet, smoking, alcohol, and stress are some of the most important factors of them all. Many health issues can interfere with your testosterone production, thus interfering with your sex life as well. Whatever it may be causing your sex life to suffer, we hope that our tips and tricks have helped you to enjoy sex and all of its benefits once again fully. 

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