What Are The Best Supplements For Male Sexual Health?

For many years, men have taken an interest in male sexual health supplements to enhance or improve their sexual health, libido, or general sexual function. 

Many men have looked for natural alternatives to medications like Viagra since they can create the exact same results with less risk of side effects.

This article discusses the best natural supplements for male sexual health. 

What Are Sexual Health Supplements?

Sexual health supplements are those that have been actively studied and shown to have specific benefits for sexual health. 

Prior to choosing supplements, one should evaluate the reason for the supplement′s use and read studies about to determine if it is suitable for your purpose.  

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How to Choose an Effective Supplement

Choosing an effective supplement is a two-fold process. First, you need to evaluate the problem you are attempting to solve, and second, you need to evaluate related studies to the supplement and your specific problem. 

After identifying the reason that you feel you need a sexual health supplement, you should review the science to make a judgment if it will help you or not. 

It is important you check the science of the ingredients rather than the claims made by the manufacturer. 

Reputable manufacturers provide most herbal supplements in a standardized extract form. When studies show a high degree of success for the product, and you use it in the same form, the chances of success are magnified.

4 Best Supplements For Male Sexual Health

This section lists the most well-researched male sexual health supplements, along with the science backing their use.

Maca (Lepidium)

Maca is an annual plant native to Peru. Maca’s reputation comes from a history of folklore of several hundred years. The Peruvian Inca people regard it as a herb that can increase strength and stamina, as well as libido and sexual function.  

Today, Peruvian maca is still in high regard for its sexually enhancing abilities and is cultivated and shipped worldwide for use in supplements.  

Human studies show that the herb increases sex drive and ability. They show a substantial improvement in sexual satisfaction after using maca, as well as an increase in sexual desire and performance after eight weeks of use.  

As a food, Maca is loaded with nutrients. It has a high arginine level, which is essential for the production of the nitric oxide needed for an erection. 

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris has been used for hundreds of years to treat both male and female sexual problems. 

A 2017 study tested the effects of 12 weeks of a Tribulus extract on men with mild or moderate erectile dysfunction.

The researchers found that those who took Tribulus had a significant improvement in sexual function (including erectile dysfunction).

Ginseng (Panex ginseng)

Ginseng is an Asian herb with an extensive reputation as an aphrodisiac and sexual tonic.  It is one of the most studied herbs. 

Studies have shown it to be effective in modulating blood pressure, enhancing immune response, raising libido, and generally helping improve health and sexual vitality. 

There are several different varieties that are commonly called Ginseng. As a male enhancement supplement, Asian (sometimes called Korean) red panex ginseng has the most significant value. It is considered an adaptogen in herbology, quite safe, and has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Panex ginseng has been shown in multiple studies to enhance erectile capacity. 

One study looked at several previous clinical trials on men with poor erectile function. The focus of the research was also to gain more details on how the use of ginseng would affect a male patient’s mind. In particular, if it would increase their sex drive.

They found that red ginseng seems to be an effective option for men with erectile problems. The erectile function in men with previous signs of erectile dysfunction improved.

Furthermore, the use of red ginseng also improved their libido. This could further contribute to improved performance during sex. This would also mean more rigid erections that could last longer.

Horny Goat Weed – (Epimedium) 

Aside from the provocative popular name, horny goat weed has had a strong use for several centuries. Its traditional use as a sexual supplement is to boost erectile function and libido.

The legend is that ancient Chinese goat herders noticed their animals becoming more sexually active after grazing on this weed, hence the name.

Several studies have noted its reputation for increasing libido, but there are many theories as to how horny goat weed works. Chinese herbalists believe it helps the body restore levels of free testosterone. 

Ben’s Sexual Health Supplements

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For many years, men have taken interest in male sexual health supplements to enhance or improve their sexual health, libido, or general sexual function. 

If you plan to use a sexual enhancement product, then select one from a reputable manufacturer whose ingredients have been proven to work in scientific studies.

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