Milky Oat Seed Benefits For Male Sexual Health

Oat is one of the most common cereal crops all over the world. It is easily cultivated in various soils, and global production is mainly found in Canada and Russia. 

However, it is used as food worldwide as one of the most reliable and cheapest sources of soluble fiber.

But is there anything else in oats that we can highlight? Lately, we have seen a variety of essential oils based on oat. 

They are known as milky oat seeds, and some people use them to improve sexual health. What is this essential oil, and how is milky oat seed different from regular oats? Is it beneficial to enhance male sexual health, and what other benefits can you expect?

You will find the answer to those questions throughout the article. After reading, you will know when milky oat seeds are beneficial for your health and whether they will help your libido problems.

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What is milky oat seed?

All of us know oatmeal is a widespread food in a healthy diet. It is also an excellent option to feed the livestock. It is a grain or seed of the oat plant, Avena sativa, and you can find it crushed, rolled, or ground in flour. 

Oatmeal does not have the usual appearance of a seed because dried oat is crushed before selling. Besides, some parts of the oat seed are taken out to make it more palatable. Still, it is considered a whole grain cereal because it preserves oat bran. 

Depending on the location, regular oats are harvested when the plant has grown entirely around August or October. They have been growing for over six months by that time, and the crop now has a picturesque golden color.

Milky seeds should be harvested before that time from the same plant. Farmers only have one week to obtain milky oat seeds. During this brief period, oat seeds are filled with fresh white milk, which is why it is called milky oats. 

Thus, before the seeds dry up, they should be quickly harvested and turned into essential oils or milky oats tincture. That is what differentiates milky oat seeds from regular oats in your diet.

Since milky oat seeds require a closer look at the seeds, they are not processed in mass. Instead, each plant needs care and close attention to determine when they reach the milky stage (1).

How does it work?

Milky oat seeds are used in herbal medicine as a trophorestorative agent of the nervous system. In other words, it is used to re-establish the vital capacity of the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves. It nourishes the nervous system acting as tonic medicine and stabilizing the function of these organs.

It reduces a variety of neurologic symptoms, especially mood swings, nervousness and agitation, and anxiety. Many herbalists apply milky oat seed benefits to facilitate drug withdrawal and relieve nervous symptoms. 

Others use milky oat seed in menopausal women and younger females with premenstrual syndrome. When combined with other adaptogens, milky oat seeds act synergistically and calm down various nerve-related issues (1).

The reason why milky oat seeds work as a tonic agent is due to their phytonutrients. Moreover, there’s a higher concentration of fatty substances in milky oat seeds compared to the usual oats we eat every day. 

Fresh milky oat has a higher vitamin B content and other minerals in common with oats, such as phosphorus, calcium, manganese, and zinc (2).

In most cases, you will find milky oat seeds in the form of essential oils or tinctures. The dosage depends on the concentration of the product and ranges between 40 or 50 drops. They are taken two or three times a day. Be sure to differentiate milky oat seed from oat straw, which is an entirely different herbal remedy. 

How can it help male sexual health?

Oats have been added to the formula of various remedies to improve male sexual health. It is thought to be a male aphrodisiac, especially when combined with other supplements. 

For example, you can find Ginkgo, Ginseng, Yohimbe bark, and saw palmetto along with milky oat seeds. Altogether they have a synergistic effect and improve libido and fertility.

Oat seeds in the milky stage have a different endosperm with a milky substance, as noted above. Anecdotal evidence from men who tried milky oat seeds reports that erections improve and testosterone levels increase. 

Even regular oats have been found to increase the firmness of erection and other parameters. Moreover, if you have more fatty acids and other phytonutrients in milky oat seeds, you could expect an even better result (3).

But maybe one of the most important contributions of milky oat seeds to male sexual health has to do with anxiety. Studies show that different hormones can influence male erection. 

When you feel anxious or stressed, a surge of cortisol and adrenaline kill erections automatically. That’s why young men sometimes have erection problems when their sexual life is just starting. 

They could experience performance anxiety, which kills erection, makes them feel insecure, and the process feeds itself into a growing vicious cycle (4).

Milky oat seed performance in the nervous system is enough to relieve withdrawal syndrome symptoms. Thus, it will quickly relieve these performance anxiety symptoms in males, helping them achieve stronger erections.

What the studies say

There are currently no clinical trials using milky oat seeds. Most evidence comes from findings in regular oats. They are extrapolated to milky oat seeds according to the nutrients they have in common.

For instance, one study published in the Journal of Oleo Science reviewed the applications of different types of oats. Upon reviewing the constituents in oats, the authors mention that oat lipids are deposited in the endosperm. 

When the seeds are still green with a milky endosperm, 84% of lipids are deposited. One of these lipid groups is known as type II chitinases. They protect the body against fungi and yeast, including Candida albicans, a common sexually related infection (5,6,7).

Another study evaluated the antioxidant activity of the main phytonutrients in oats. They are avenanthramides. These phytonutrients have many applications and protect against circulation problems, diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and more (8). 

Milky oat seeds share the same phytonutrients. They will likely reduce the risk of atherosclerosis in the pelvic region, a common cause of erectile dysfunction in older adults. 

Milky oat seed also has triterpene saponins and a flavonoid known as isovitexin. According to studies, they are present in sprout plants and early seeds of different plants, including oats. This flavonoid can reduce anxiety levels. It is actually one of the main components in Passiflora (9).

Altogether, the calming effects of isovitexin and the antioxidant activity of avenanthramides may improve male sexual health. It mainly works as a preventative measure to avoid the consequences of atherosclerosis and anxiety in libido and erections. 

Other health benefits of milky oat seed

Milky oat seed is usually recommended as a tonic and calming agent for the nervous system. Thus, we can list the following as the main health benefits of this extract:

Natural relaxant

This is probably the most common application of milky oats. It is recommended to manage stress and improve sleep. It calms the nerves, reduces anxiety, and treats nervous debility. 

Additionally, it might be useful to treat adrenal fatigue and similar problems. In patients with anxiety and depression, it may also reduce depressive symptoms. A very recent study shows that the physiological response to stressors reduces after administering milky oat seed extract (10). 

Nerve and brain tonic

Milky oats can help improve the functions of the nervous system. Studies show a significant role in facilitating cognitive tasks in older adults. This is a popular application and has been studied in clinical trials. 

According to the authors, it helps older adults focus and keeps their attention. They also report memory improvements after using the extract. A recent study published in the journal Nutrients says that the effect starts right after the first administration. However, it is more marked in patients receiving milky oat seed for four weeks (10).


Oat grains are popular as food for humans and livestock. However, there are also medicinal herbs based on oat seed extracts. They are known as fresh milky oat seed, wild oat, or green oat. 

This herbal extract is taken out from the Avena sativa plant when the seed is in a specific stage of development. It has a milky substance during this stage, and it should be harvested before it dries, one week after.

Milky oat seeds can treat nervous exhaustion, anxiety, and the effects of stress. It is also a brain tonic and improves cognitive function in older adults. 

The applications on male sexual health are based on the components of this herbal medicine. It has the primary antioxidants found in oat seeds, the calming effects of isovitexin, and activity against Candida albicans and other fungi.

It can be useful to treat performance anxiety as a cause of erectile problems. Moreover, it may also reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis in the pelvic region and penile blood vessels. 

Moreover, milky oat seeds may reduce the incidence of certain sexually transmitted diseases, especially Candida albicans. These effects should be replicated in clinical trials before drawing any conclusion.

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