Customer Story: Bryan’s Experience with Ben’s Total Health for the Prostate

Bryan, 71, had a raised PSA level which led to a transrectal ultrasound scan (TRUS) and two transperineal prostate biopsies.

He talks about how these procedures affected him, his encounters with his doctors, and his experience using our prostate supplement, Total Health.

My Story

My name is Bryan, and I live in North Devon on the edge of Exmoor. I am 71 years old, retired, and enjoy walking, woodturning and woodwork, and building websites. I ran my own businesses all my working life.

I’ve been taking Total Health for The Prostate for many years. Why? Because my father died from prostate cancer and my two older brothers both have had prostate cancer, but now under control.

With that family history, I decided to get tested for PSA levels when I was around 50 years old, and the reading was 5.5. This was the start of my prostate adventure. I went for a TRUS, and they found my prostate very smooth but large.

Over the following years, my PSA readings went steadily upwards and have now plateaued at 19-23. In all this time, I have almost no symptoms, except after the TRUS and two transperineal, which all gave me full prostate cancer symptoms, which lasted about 3 weeks before it all settled down.

They all came back negative, with no cancerous cells. I have also had 3 MRI scans, all showing a very large prostate but nothing else.

Until recently, my urologists have been young, so covering themselves with all these tests (I believe). My last appointment was with a much older urologist; he wondered why I had had so many invasive tests as it is BPH. I am now 71 years old and still healthy. 

“Natural remedies like Total Health give no side effects and are gentler on one’s body but need to be taken continuously.”

My Experience with Ben’s Total Health

I am a great believer in natural remedies rather than the harmful drugs offered by urologists, such as Flomax. These drugs can have unnecessary side effects. The younger urologists scoffed at me taking Total Health, while the older urologist accepted me doing this. 

I found Ben’s Natural Health on the Internet while searching for a natural remedy. Natural remedies like Total Health give no side effects and are gentler on one’s body but need to be taken continuously.

I rarely have to get up during the night, but if I do, I can usually relate it to stress. Stress makes one urinate more anyway. If I get up in the night because I am being told to pee, I usually find I cannot pee, or very feebly, but with no pain. But it stops the urge to pee until the morning. On getting up in the morning, I can then pee normally. 

Normally does not mean like when I was young; it is more at its own pace! It is as though my brain is not awake enough to send the message to relax the muscles to allow me to pee. Also, when I go on holiday, I have no symptoms at all, going right through the night for 8-9 hours. This backs up that stress has a major part in the symptoms. 

So, Total Health has not changed this, but one wonders that if I was not taking this remedy, where would I be now?

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