How To Find The Prostate

Many men don’t know that a prostate massage has a few benefits to consider. 

Stimulating the prostate gland may lead to a powerful orgasm. 

Some patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia may also find some benefits.

Regardless of why you want to try a prostate massage, you need to locate the prostate gland first. 

Where is it, and how do you know you’re in the right spot? In this article, you will learn how to find your prostate.

What is the easiest way to find the prostate?

Finding the prostate gland shouldn’t be difficult if you know where it is. The gland is adjacent to the rectum with no space in between. 

That is why the digital rectal examination is one of the screening methods for prostate cancer. Doctors need some practice before locating the prostate gland, but it is not hard. 

Here’s what you can do (1):

  • Take your hands to the anal region. Use lubricant and a glove to reduce discomfort. Make sure that your nails are clipped and smooth.
  • Insert your finger and search through.
  • Push gently to the front with your fingertips. Do this alone so you can concentrate and take your time.
  • Try to feel a different sensation using your fingertips. They are more sensitive than the rest of the finger.

Finding the prostate will be easier if you try a few positions (1):

  • Fetal position: It is an excellent way to start, and the one recommended by doctors is to perform a rectal exam. Lay on your side and curl your body with your legs drawn up.
  • Doggy position: It is a suitable option for couples if you want your partner to give you a prostate massage.

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How far up is the prostate?

Prostate stimulation does not require inserting your fingers all the way through the anus. Quite the opposite, because going too far will make you miss the prostate gland. 

After going into the rectum, you will find the prostate around 2 inches within. That is only 5 centimeters and usually corresponds to two-thirds of your index finger.

When you’re trying prostate massage for the first time, you can try four different tricks to hit the right spot (1):

  • Take a ruler and measure your fingers to know how far you need to go. Remember, the standard is two inches within.
  • Be flexible and try with your fingers all around the area. It is not always found in the same spot.
  • When you find the prostate gland, mark the exact spot and measure again.
  • Next time, use the same measure to increase accuracy until you find the prostate gland instinctively.

Remember that we all have anatomic variations here and there. Thus, your prostate can be found in another area. This is the tricky part of prostate stimulation. But once you locate the prostate gland for the first time, it will be easier next time.

How do I know if I found my prostate?

The tips and tricks above will give you an advantage if you’re trying a prostate massage for the first time. But even if you do it right and follow the instructions, you still depend on your touch and sensibility.

Doctors train their finger sensibility. They sometimes need weeks or months of practice before noting the difference between the prostate and the rest of the tissue. 

Using gloves can make it even more difficult. Thus, you may want to take them out initially until you locate the gland for the first time.

This is how you will know you’re stimulating the prostate gland (1):

  • It feels different with your fingertips. The prostate gland feels bulbous and fleshy. It is smooth and should be symmetrical if you are healthy.
  • If you still don’t feel the difference, use the prostate location tricks mentioned above and try a prostate massage.
  • You may also know you found the prostate if you feel a difference in orgasm or experience prostate milking. Orgasms are more intense when stimulating the right spot. In the case of prostate milking, a milky fluid comes out when the prostate gland is stimulated.
  • If you have gloves on, try to feel the contour of the prostate. Move to the sides very gently instead of pushing through.

How do I find my prostate from the outside?

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of sticking your fingers to your bottom, don’t worry. You can also do it from the outside. This is what you should do:

  • Follow your penile shaft when you’re erect and find the spot where the area becomes softer. This spot is located between your scrotum and anus.
  • Even if you don’t feel the gland, you may experience a voiding sensation if your bladder is full.
  • Some practitioners may also rub the area above the pubic bone to perform a prostate massage from the outside. However, this method is more indirect and may cause intense voiding urgency.

Keep in mind that direct stimulation is more effective. Thus, doing it from the outside may not give you the same results. A direct prostate massage is preferable if you’re trying prostate stimulation to enjoy an intense orgasm.

What you should know about prostate massage

We gave you plenty of details about what to do and how to locate the prostate gland. Now that you’re in the right spot, what do you do? The first thing you should know about prostate massage is how to perform it correctly. But there is no absolute rule about what to do.

 Try these techniques once you’re there:

  • Press on the prostate by pushing to the front of your body. Push gently and then a bit harder to experience the difference and work your way through it.
  • Use round movements and press gently in a concentric motion and to the sides.
  • If you are open to experiencing something new, try using a prostate massager and other sex toys designed for prostate stimulation.

What are the benefits of prostate massage?

The field of prostate massage is still under research, but there is anecdotal evidence of its health benefits. There is also one study in benign prostatic hyperplasia that requires confirmation. 

The benefits of a prostate massage and prostate milking include (2):

  • The main reason males try a prostate massage is to achieve a prostatic orgasm. This type of orgasm is very intense because the gland has many nerve terminals. Prostatic stimulation provides an additional source of pleasure, and it is often regarded as the male G spot.
  • Prostate stimulation may help achieve an orgasm and reduce the burden of sexual dysfunction. Some users mention it works for erectile dysfunction.
  • Prostate massage stimulates the circulation of prostatic fluid and may solve minor blockages in prostatic ducts. Such improvements in prostatic circulation may relieve painful ejaculation.
  • Additionally, enhanced movement of prostatic fluid may relieve prostatitis. In many cases, this condition is caused by stagnant prostatic fluid and the formation of prostatic calculi (prostate stones).
  • A prostatic massage may also reduce the intensity of lower urinary tract symptoms. They are common in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer.

How do doctors perform a prostate exam?

Digital rectal examination and the PSA test are the most common prostate cancer screening methods. They also detect benign prostatic hyperplasia. Thus, doctors are trained to detect the prostate gland, even with their gloves on. This requires weeks or months of practice before they can master the technique.

The routine prostate exam goes something like this (3):

  • The doctor will ask you to bend over an exam table and adopt a fetal position
  • With a lubricated glove, the doctor inserts the finger into the rectum
  • After locating the prostate, the urologist will evaluate the consistency and size of the gland
  • The prostate exam only takes a few minutes and shouldn’t cause pain or significant discomfort


Prostate stimulation can be an alternative way to enjoy sex. It triggers a prostatic orgasm and has extra health benefits. However, locating the prostate can be the first obstacle to a prostatic massage. 

The prostate is located two inches into the rectum. It is felt as a bulbous, smooth, and fleshy structure compared to the rest of the rectal tissue. 

A prostate massage is performed by sticking a lubed finger into the rectum and performing circular movements or gentle pushes forward when you find the prostate gland.

With enough practice, prostate stimulation and locating the gland will become easier. So, take your time and be patient. Remember that doctors also need to practice for weeks or months before developing the skill to perform a prostate exam.

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