Prostate Milking: Definition, Benefits, Risks

If you want to learn about prostate milking, you’ve come to the right place.

This article reviews the basics of prostate milking and how this practice is used, how it feels, and what to expect.

Similarly, at the end of the article, you will find a section of frequently asked questions in which you can learn a little more about the use of prostate milking in prostate-related diseases.

What is prostate milking?

The prostate is an organ of the male reproductive system responsible for producing a fluid, milky substance known as prostatic fluid

This substance provides 30% of the total volume of ejaculate fluid and remains in the prostate for some time, waiting for the gland’s muscular contractions to release it as semen through the urethra.

But this fluid can also be released without completing all the steps for normal ejaculation. This is achieved through a prostate massage, and the result is what we call prostate milking.

Prostate milking is nothing more than the result of massaging the prostate gland with a particular technique until it releases prostatic fluid to the outside. 

This practice is used to obtain sexual pleasure, but it can also be performed for therapeutic purposes or to obtain a prostate fluid sample for further examination.

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Is it healthy to have your prostate milked?

Several benefits of prostate milking have been found, which we will discuss below in this article. 

However, this is not enough reason to list the practice as a healthy habit. It also has some risks that we will evaluate later.

Prostate milking is done primarily to stimulate the gland and feel more pleasure during sexual intercourse. Like many other sexual preferences, they are not considered healthy in and of themselves.

So, is prostate milking healthy? As long as it contributes to the couple’s well-being and does not cause problems, it can be adopted without any inconvenience.

How do you milk the prostate?

To succeed in prostate milking, we must learn how to massage the prostate correctly. This can be done with a finger, a prostate massager, or another type of sex toy designed for it. 

Here’s a series of steps you could take to drain the prostate gland with these tools:

  • Begin by applying lubricant to the instrument you will be using, be it your fingers or a prostate toy. Consider using gloves or a condom for hygiene and apply the lube right after.
  • As you insert your chosen instrument into the anus, gently push toward the anterior wall of the rectum, where the scrotum is located.
  • The location of the prostate is variable, but in most cases, it is between 2 and 7 centimeters from the anus. This may feel a little deep, halfway up the rectum.
  • What does the prostate feel like? This gland has sensory nerve endings. Therefore, touching it triggers a pleasant or unusual sensation that is difficult to describe. After some time, you will locate the prostate gland faster.
  • Once you’ve located the prostate, massage it gently, consistently, and in a pleasant way. You can try to have some kind of sexual contact or masturbate during the prostate massage for a better outcome.
  • After a few moments, you will likely feel a sensation similar to an intense orgasm followed by the expulsion of a milky fluid from the penis that looks a lot like sperm but is not. It is the prostatic fluid.

Best positions to milk the prostate

In addition to the technique, knowing some comfortable positions to receive a prostate massage would also be convenient.

  • Lying on your stomach: After lying on your stomach, slightly separate your legs until you find the perineum or the entrance to the anus. You can apply the massage yourself, but having someone else do it for you is more comfortable.
  • On all fours: Resting all your weight on your knees and hands, bring one of your hands between your legs to your perineum and anus. This position is also suitable for self-prostate stimulation, but it is more comfortable if your partner does it for you.
  • Lying on your back: Once lying on your back, you will have to bring your knees up to your chest and support them with one hand. Bring the other hand to the perineum and anus to perform the technique. This position is more comfortable for self-stimulation.

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What does it feel like?

The milking of the prostate can be perceived differently in two separate people. It all depends on how used they are to the technique and anal stimulation in general.

Done correctly, milking the prostate feels quite similar to an orgasm. However, prostate orgasm is different and often described as a more intense orgasm than the one felt during the climax of regular sexual activity.

It is important to note that prostate orgasm is not the same as the usual orgasm, and sometimes the prostatic fluid can come out without feeling such an intense sensation as the one described above.

For best results, and if you are using this technique for pleasure, use it in conjunction with direct stimulation to the penis, be it through masturbation, oral or penetrative sex.

Are there any benefits of milking the prostate?

There are not abundant studies on prostate milking health benefits and risks. However, some of them can shed some light on the matter.

We can refer to two main articles, one from many years ago in which a device was used to apply prostate massage in people with benign prostatic hyperplasia or chronic prostatitis and a more recent systematic review.

In the first study, the authors found that the practice of prostate massage, with or without prostate milking, can cause a decrease in the symptoms of BPH and chronic prostatitis. For example, an improvement in urine flow (2). 

But subsequently, the most recent systematic review noted that although this may be the case, the issue still needs further study to reach a reliable conclusion (3).

Are there side effects or risks?

Prostate milking side effects are minimal, and most people don’t experience them at all. In most cases, the practice of milking the prostate is not dangerous unless it is performed with a very aggressive technique that can injure the rectal mucosa, the skin around the anus, or the anal sphincter during prostate manipulation.

Likewise, prostate milking doesn’t always feel very pleasant. Sometimes it can be painful, especially if done forcefully or without listening to our body’s cues as to how far to go.

Beyond discomfort or pain, we could also present a minimal risk of infection in the prostate if the technique is performed without washing the hands or the instrument used for it. 

This occurs because the external agent can introduce bacteria to the area or push the rectum bacteria against the prostate’s posterior wall.

Similarly, hygiene after this practice is essential to avoid contamination and migration of bacteria from the rectum to any other body part where they can become potential pathogens.

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Can prostate milking improve fertility?

No. Although the practice of milking the prostate is associated with improvements in the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, this does not translate into an improvement in fertility rates. 

A recent study showed that a prostate massage would not give any advantage to patients with basic fertility treatment, nor is it a method to improve sperm parameters. So, prostate milking for fertility is no more than a myth (4).

Does milking the prostate help an enlarged prostate?

Some patients may experience an improvement in the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia and other types of prostate gland enlargement. However, the massage in question does not shrink the prostate or cause a detectable change in the progression of the disease. 

In addition, the studies are insufficient to give a definitive answer. Thus, the positive results reported so far remain anecdotal evidence (2,3).

Can prostate milking help reduce frequent urination?

It is possible that, in some cases, some types and techniques of prostate milking reduce frequent urination. However, there are not enough studies to confirm or deny it, and it remains an effect that some patients may experience and others may not. 

Depending on the causes of increased urinary frequency, milking the prostate can be completely inefficient, as in the case of urinary tract infections or an overactive bladder (2,3)

Can prostate milking help with prostatitis?

The same study that evaluated the use of prostate milking for benign prostatic hyperplasia also demonstrated similar effects in chronic prostatitis. 

Patients decreased their symptoms, so it could be a viable alternative for some. However, this evidence is insufficient, and more extensive studies are required to confirm the findings. 

Prostate milking should by no means replace antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis (2,3).

Does milking the prostate prevent cancer?

Regular ejaculation could positively affect prostate cancer risks, which is a proven fact. However, the same cannot be said for prostate milking, a practice that does not appear to do much good in reducing cancer risk.

Some studies have suggested that prostate massage might increase the sensitivity of some prostate cancer screening tests. 

However, it can also give false positives in another prostate exam, such as the PSA, which will increase due to practice and make the doctor think that something wrong is happening in the gland. 

So it’s worth asking your doctor before using this technique to help detect prostate cancer with various tests.

Does prostate milking cause cancer?

No study has identified an increased risk of prostate cancer in patients who engage in prostate milking or prostate massage.

Where does the fluid come out of when prostate milking?

The milky fluid you can see during prostate milking is nothing more than the prostate fluid stored in the gland. 

This fluid is static in the gland waiting to be released at the time of ejaculation, which occurs because the gland has a muscular layer that contracts during ejaculation and releases the fluid to the outside. 

However, prostate milking stimulates the same muscle layer. It causes a release of the contents of the prostate in the absence of a full orgasm.


Prostate milking refers to the expulsion of the milky fluid that occurs after a prostate massage. 

This event is usually accompanied by a wave of pleasure similar to an orgasm but described by some as more intense and difficult to explain. 

It’s worth noting that although prostate milking feels similar to an orgasm and can be done alongside an especially pleasurable orgasm, it’s also possible to have this secretion and experience pleasure before the climax.

Prostate milking is a safe and pleasant practice that can be done without major risks. Its associated benefits are still equivocal, and its risks are minor or almost non-existent if the technique is performed correctly and with sufficient hygiene.

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