Prostate Cancer Survivor Sharing: How Lifestyle Change Makes A Difference

Meet Ray, a resilient 60-year-old who stared down low-grade prostate cancer five years ago and emerged with a compelling tale of transformation.

His remarkable journey led him to our blog, where he generously revealed the lifestyle adjustments he embraced following his diagnosis.

Ray urges men in a similar situation to educate themselves and research their options so they can make an informed decision about their health. His resounding message? Empower yourselves with knowledge, dive into comprehensive research, and forge a path to informed decision-making.

Ray’s Story

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with a low grade of prostate cancer. I actually did the biopsy in which 3 of my 12 samples came back positive for cancer with a Gleason score of 6. This, of course, scared me.

I did the biopsy because I didn’t know any better and took my doctor’s word that I needed one. My previous 5 years of annual PSA tests averaged around 2.7. The following year came around and it was 4.4. My doc explained that was a big jump and needed further exploration from a urologist.

The urologist explained the many options of how to move forward. He explained treatments and “active surveillance” to me. I was, of course, curious and began my research that day. During that search is when I came across Ben’s Prostate page and products. 

I learned quickly that I probably should not have done the biopsy, but luckily I recovered fine and at least confirmed I had prostate cancer. Nonetheless, I was anxious about the diagnosis and researched whatever I could find. 

I didn’t want to just believe Ben, so I looked elsewhere too. But low and behold, I kept seeing the same themes about how most men are over-treating their prostate problems and making things worse. I know Ben has something to sell us, but his research and products make a lot of sense if you compare them to others. 

I’ve had great success with his products and diet suggestions. I swear, within 3 weeks of turning to a more plant-based diet, taking “Total Health For the Prostate” and “Prostate Power” at full doses, my issues of frequent urination went away. 

I literally thought that getting up 4 or 5 times a night to pee was just going to be a way of life as I aged. Now I get up once and maybe twice here and there, and I still drink lots of water.

“Once I started on Ben’s products and changed my diet, all those problems lessened significantly or completely.”

Ray’s background pre-cancer diagnosis

Now I think I should give you some background so that maybe you’ll learn from my mistakes and successes. I’m about to turn 61 and was diagnosed at 55 years old. I have been a competitive bodybuilder since my early 20s. 

At age 52, I became a powerlifter because it was getting tough to compete against those younger physiques, and the 50 year old class was being phased out. I still compete and have set records for my age group and weight class (82.5 kilos or 181 lb class).

Throughout my lifting career, I ate tons of red meat, chicken and drank gallons of milk. I did this for the protein and bought the cheap commercial stuff because that’s what I could afford. And I wanted to win. I had no idea I was ruining my prostate health by ingesting all those hormones, antibiotics, nitrites, etc. I did this for years. 

But as soon as I got diagnosed and changed to plant-based eating (including plant protein and organic eggs) significant health changes occurred immediately. Normal weight went from 195 down to 180. Blood pressure dropped from 138/85 to 125/68. Cholesterol came down from 195 to 125. 

Ben talks about lessening the inflammation in your body by not eating certain inflammatory foods. I did that and the results have been remarkable. 

I train very hard and heavily to compete. Pre-diagnosis, I was always sore. I always ached here and there. I have a minor tear in my left meniscus and, of course, had to pee often. 

Once I started on Ben’s products and changed my diet, all those problems lessened significantly or completely. Not that I thought I had a problem, but even sex with my beautiful, gorgeous wife has more energy. I should have been doing this years ago! My frequent urination started around 45 years old. I thought it was because I drank a lot of water for my training reasons.

“Before you decide to just throw in the towel and have the surgery, educate yourselves and do the research. Ben has done a lot of it for you. Make an informed decision no matter what you do.”

His message for other men

Here is the lesson guys. I thought I was eating healthy and training like a champ, but I was woefully wrong. 

All that commercially raised red meat, chicken, and dairy were literally killing me slowly. I’m glad I found my cancer early so that I can at least fight with Ben’s products and eat a more plant-based diet. I also make sure I sleep well and take time to just sit and meditate about how I will beat this. 

Your attitude is so important so please, gents, make it a point to be well for yourself and your loved ones. And if you think you are just going to buy Ben’s products and not make those life changes, you will most likely fail and wind up under the knife. 

Now I know that I am on the extreme side of the spectrum with competitive training and dieting, but it will work for you with moderate exercise. The diet is key, though. Ask any competitive bodybuilder or weightlifter and they will always look back to their diet for a win or loss before passing judgment on their gym time.

The diet and life changes for me were not that hard for me because I was already kind of doing it. Other than eating the wrong things, I pretty much lived a clean life. 

I drank little alcoholic drinks. I didn’t do any drugs, didn’t smoke, and always kept my weight in check. For those of you who never exercised, dieted, or lived cleaned, this life change can be a daunting task. I have seen it myself. 

His friend’s experiences with prostate cancer surgery

I have personally taken 2 friends with diagnosed prostate cancer (Gleason Scores of 6) by the hand and showed them how to make life changes. Both were in their late 50s with moderately active lives and about 40 lbs overweight. 

I took them to the store. I showed them what I buy and eat. Then, I showed them in their own kitchens how to prepare and make many different kinds of healthy plant-based meals. 

They started out ok for weeks, but then started to waiver and went back to the easy frozen dinners, fast foods, sweets, and occasional beer and wine drinking. 

Soon, their PSA’s kept rising well into the teens (I’m still down in the 5’s and 7’s). Soon their doctors were pressuring them to remove their prostates or else. They both decided to have the robotic surgery. They each did it about 4 months apart.

Their surgeries are about 2 years old. Their quality of life has certainly changed. Both are still impotent and have to wear a pad because of occasional urine leaks. Especially when they cough, sneeze, strain, or laugh too hard. 

They are both glad to have 0 PSA scores and the prostate cancer gone, but they fully admit they are not able to get full erections just yet. 

Now, I can’t say for sure that clean living, eating, and Ben’s products would have prevented this for my friends, but now they wish they would have tried harder.

“I swear, within 3 weeks of turning to a more plant-based diet, taking “Total Health For the Prostate” and “Prostate Power” at full doses, my issues of frequent urination went away.” 

Making natural lifestyle changes

My point here, guys, is this. Making life changes to clean, healthy living is not easy. Especially if you have never really lived it. 

Yes, you are going to have to learn how to cook. Yes, you are going to have to shop almost every day for fresh food. You will spend hours in the kitchen preparing, eating, and cleaning. Yes, you are going to eat broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, kale, berries, apples, oranges, bananas, certain nuts, seeds, and many other foods like that. And yes, it is for the rest of your life. And no! It is not an all-or-nothing game. 

You can still have your favorite sweets, fast food, cheeseburgers, tacos, red meat (make sure it is grass-fed), liquor, beer, but it will be very limited. Moderation is key. Hell! I do it. For me, I gotta live every now and then. 

So guys. Before you decide to just throw in the towel and have the surgery, educate yourselves and do the research. Ben has done a lot of it for you.

Make an informed decision no matter what you do. You do not have to be afraid. Prostate cancer can be managed, but it will take work. Supplements alone will not help you. You have to make that LIFE change. 

Trust me, it does work. You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, you’ll sleep better, you’ll love better, and you’ll just plain be better. 

Prostate cancer does not have to be a death sentence, guys. You can get better. So make a choice. Get busy living or get busy dying.

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