Calcium D-Glucarate: Sources, Benefits, and Interactions

Cancer is a disease that puts a burden on the worldwide population. The disease can affect many areas of the body. Sometimes, a person can recover from these diseases.

Unfortunately, many cases of cancer lead to fatal complications. Millions of people die from cancer each year.

Among men, prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent types of these diseases. The prevalence of the disease increases with age. An estimated 60% of prostate cancer cases are found in men who are older than 60 years1.

There are many ways to prevent or at least reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. Additionally, several strategies have been found to work effectively at treating the disease.

In this post, we turn our focus to Calcium D-glucarate. There are many uses for this chemical, one of which includes removing toxins that are known to cause prostate cancer. Other types of cancers may also benefit from the use of Calcium D-glucarate.

What Is Calcium D-Glucarate?

We should start by looking at what exactly Calcium D-Glucarate is. The name of the chemical makes a person think that it is related to bone health. Calcium is a critical mineral in maintaining healthy bones, after all.

The compound does not have anything to do with promoting bone health or density. Instead, this is a chemical that is often used in the management of toxins in the body. There is also strong evidence that links this compound to a reduced risk of cancer.

Calcium D-glucarate is actually a specific type of D-glucaric acid2. To be more specific, this is a calcium salt derived from glucaric acid. Sometimes, the chemical is simply called calcium glucarate.

D-glucaric acid is a natural compound. The human body produces small amounts of the chemical naturally. Some several fruits and vegetables contain small amounts of glucaric acid.

Grapefruit, oranges, and apples have the highest concentrations of glucaric acid. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, and spinach are also known to be high in this chemical.

There are medicinal uses for Calcium D-glucarate. Oral supplementation is sometimes provided to a patient. This may assist with certain conditions and is known to be useful in the detoxification process of the liver.

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Who Should Take Calcium D-Glucarate?

Several people may benefit from the use of Calcium D-glucarate.

Any person who seems to be at high risk for certain cancers might consider taking this type of oral supplement.

It is particularly effective against hormone-dependant cancers. This would generally include the following cancers:

Prostate cancer solely applies to male patients. Breast cancer is most prevalent in women, but the disease can occur in male patients, too, even though only on rare occasions. Colon cancer can develop in both men and women.

The chemical is not an essential nutrient. For this reason, there are no details on a deficiency of Calcium D-glucarate. Tests for a deficiency will generally not be conducted. Thus, it is not viable to provide recommendations for people to take the product if they are deficient in the chemical.

There are other cases where Calcium D-glucarate may also be useful.

Men who experience estrogen dominance may sometimes benefit from the product. It can be provided with oral supplementation of the chemical.

The use of the chemical might help to lower estrogen in the body and restore hormonal balance. In women, estrogen reduction can sometimes help to prevent complications from hormone-dependent cancer. This is most often the case with breast cancer in female patients.

Some steroid hormones may also reduce by using Calcium D-glucarate. This further adds to the benefits. Especially when considering the effect of certain steroid hormones on the risk of cancer.

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What Is Calcium D-Glucarate Used For?

In a medical setting, healthcare providers use Calcium D-Glucarate for specific purposes. When a patient may benefit from the chemical, a doctor may prescribe the patient with a daily dose of the product.

In most cases, a doctor will prescribe the product to patients with certain cancers. Most of these scenarios apply to patients with hormone-dependent cancer. A healthcare provider may also prescribe a patient with Calcium D-Glucarate supplementation. This is the case when the patient is at high risk for these cancers.

A healthcare professional may also tell a patient to use the product to reduce high estrogen levels. In men, this may help to prevent complications of estrogen dominance.

There are also cases where people use it as a lipid-lowering agent. Some studies have found that it can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol. In one study, subjects experience a reduction in LDL cholesterol of up to 35%3. Total serum cholesterol also decreased by 12% to 15% in the study subjects.

How Is It Made?

It is important to note that it is not a natural chemical. Glucaric acid is naturally in some foods, as well as in the human body. Calcium D-glucarate, however, is a chemical that we produce in a laboratory setting.

Calcium combines with glucaric acid to produce Calcium D-glucarate. We then use the chemical to produce medicine. Then, doctors may prescribe this medicine to a patient in certain conditions.

Health Benefits

Certain health benefits may come with the use of this substance. In many cases, a healthcare provider might prescribe a patient with this medicine. There are other use cases too, such as in people who want to take advantage of the preventative effects that the chemical could have in their body.

Several studies show the potential effects of Calcium D-Glucarate in the body. Many of these studies focus on the preventative effects the chemical may have on cancer. There are other benefits, too.

Here, it would be essential to consider the mechanism of action linked to the chemical. In the digestive tract, Calcium D-Glucarate converts into a compound, D-glucaro-1,4-lactone. This is an important compound as it inhibits the activity of an enzyme-linked to certain adverse effects in the body. The enzyme is beta-glucuronidase.

The enzyme beta-glucuronidase links to poor detoxification function by the liver. This can increase free radicals4 in the human body. The enzyme also causes more toxins to re-enter the blood circulatory system from the liver. This is one way that the risk of cancer and other diseases that link to toxins can increase.

A person may also find that Calcium D-Glucarate is able to protect their blood proteins effectively. The product may also be useful in reducing the build-up of toxins from pharmaceutical drugs. Environmental toxins may also reduce.

How Does It Lower Estrogen Levels?

There is a strong link between certain steroid hormones and the risk of cancers. With this in mind, it is crucial for people to understand how Calcium D-Glucarate may affect these hormones. There is primarily an effect on estrogen in the body when it uses the chemical.

The effects may not be as significant when obtaining glucaric acid from fruits and vegetables. The man-made chemical Calcium D-Glucarate seems to be highly effective at reducing levels of estrogen in the patient. This provides an improvement in the regulation of certain hormones in the body5.

Natural Sources

Even though a doctor can sometimes prescribe Calcium D-Glucarate, people are able to buy the supplement both online and at certain physical stores.

When it comes to obtaining more of the chemical through a natural route, a person must understand the fact that Calcium D-Glucarate itself is a man-made chemical. There are still ways to gain a similar activity in the body. Consider the fact that D-Glucarate simply combines glucaric acid and Calcium.

Several foods contain glucaric acid. This is the main component of Calcium D-glucarate. In fact, only 9% of the chemical consists of elemental Calcium.

Thus, adding foods that contain glucaric acid to a person’s diet may yield beneficial effects. You should do this in a way to ensure the person still meets their appropriate dietary needs.

Fortunately, the majority of sources for glucaric acid tend to be fruits and vegetables. This means the foods are already high in nutrients. Increasing the intake of glucaric acid may help to rid the body of environmental toxins, as well as toxins from drugs.

It may also be useful in cases of estrogen dominance. Excess estrogen could effectively reduce with the increased intake of this natural compound.

When the steroid hormone reduces, this may reduce the risk of certain hormone-dependant cancers. Furthermore, the detoxification process may help to reduce free radicals in the body. This may also help to reduce the risk of other cancers – not only those that link with hormones.

Interactions With Vitamins, Supplements, And Other Compounds

When used according to provided recommendations, Calcium D-Glucarate may be completely safe for a person.

It can help to reduce estrogen in the body. It can also assist in removing free radicals and improve detoxification. This is a great option for cases where a person is at risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer, for example.

In some cases, however, a person with estrogen dominance6 at risk of hormone-dependent cancer may want to look at alternative options too. Certain interactions associate with the use of Calcium D-glucarate.

An important interaction to consider is the interaction between Calcium D-Glucarate and alcohol. When alcohol is used with the chemical, it may expel from the body at an accelerated rate. This makes the Calcium D-Glucarate supplementation less effective. We may also need a higher dose as the alcohol may reduce the bioavailability of the chemical.

Medications that the liver changes in any way can also interact with the chemical. These medicines are classified as Glucuronidated drugs. Examples include Camposarr, Tylenol, Ativan, Serax, Valium, Lipitor, Mevacor, and more.

Generally, you can use Calcium D-Glutarate with sulforaphane supplements. In fact, many products tend to combine the two for a more effective way of detoxifying the liver and reducing the risk of certain cancers. Both compounds derive from cruciferous vegetables.

Some supplements could, however, interact with Calcium D-glucarate. A person needs to see a doctor before they start using this chemical as a supplement. Full disclosure of both pharmaceutical drugs and supplements should be provided to the healthcare provider. The physician should be able to determine if there may be any serious interactions that the patient should be concerned about. Interactions can cause the effects.

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