Crateva Nurvala (Varuna): Ayurvedic Treatment For BPH

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common condition among older men. The condition causes an enlargement of the prostate gland, which puts pressure on the urethra.

This is why the most common symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia are urinary problems, incontinence and difficulty urinating.

Several treatment options have been developed to help men with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Some treatments are more effective than others. Several pharmaceutical options can cause side effects, however.

This post focuses on a herb known as Varuna. The herb is also called Crateva nurvala. There are several potential benefits that Crateva nurvala (Varuna) may offer including:

  • maintaining kidney efficiency

  • preventing the formation of urinary tract stones (Urolithiasis)

What Is Crateva Nurvala?

We should start by taking a look at what exactly Varuna is. The botanical name of this herb is Crateva nurvala.

Sometimes, the Varuna plant is also called the Borun or the Baruna. The plant is most common in India. The sub-Alpine areas of India have quite a large number of these plants. This generally includes rivers and streams. The herb is very popular in Ayurvedic medicine. It is believed to possess many beneficial healing properties.

The tree can reach a maximum height of about 50 feet, making it quite a large plant. Various parts of the plant are used to produce medicine. The bark of the plant features a brown color with a smooth texture. The branches tend to have white patches.

In some cases, these patches may also contain additional colors, including yellow and purple. This is a flowering tree that produces a cream-colored flower. Sometimes the flowers can have a light yellow color or a greenish-white color instead.

The bark, root, and leaves of the Crateva Nurvala plant are used for medicine. Many supplements contain Varuna extract as an active ingredient. The ingredient is especially popular in herbal products that focus on the urinary tract and the kidneys.

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What Health Benefits Does It Offer?

Varuna is a herb that has been researched in multiple clinical trials and scientific studies. The product is prevalent among people who struggle with urinary problems.

In men with benign prostatic hyperplasia, the use of this herb may assist in reducing the symptoms the person is experiencing. Notably, the product may ease up the urinary symptoms that tend to develop with an enlarged prostate.

We take a look at a few of the most essential health benefits of Varuna for men with BPH. This helps a man understand whether this particular herbal supplement would be helpful for them.

1) Urinary Tract Health

One of the primary reasons why people tend to use Varuna is due to its diuretic properties. This means the herb can help expel excess fluids from the body. The general health of the urinary tract may also improve with the use of these supplements.

Varuna contains several natural chemicals that may be useful. These include:

The combination of these produces anti-inflammatory effects in the human body. It also provides a diuretic effect and can be useful for men with urinary symptoms due to an enlarged prostate.

2) Urinary Symptoms Associated With Prostate Enlargement

Many urinary symptoms develop when a man has an enlarged prostate. An overactive bladder is one example. Some men experience urinary incontinence. There may also be difficulty initiating a urine stream. Some men find it hard to maintain a urine stream.

These symptoms can be particularly uncomfortable. A large number of men with an enlarged prostate also discover that they have to get up to urinate frequently during the night.

The use of Varuna may help to ease the symptoms caused by prostate enlargement. The specific symptoms experienced should be taken into account. This should be compared with the potential benefits of the Varuna herb.

One study2 explains that Varuna can provide a reduction in two, particularly important symptoms. The symptoms that improved in the study consisted of the following:

These are two common symptoms among men with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The study also explains that general lower urinary tract symptoms seem to be treatable with this plant extract.

The study lasted for a period of eight weeks. A total of 150 people participated in the study. There was an improvement in several lower urinary tract symptoms.

Urinary day frequency improved. There was a reduction in the frequency of nocturia among the participants. Symptoms of urinary urgency improved too. There was also an improvement in the overall quality of life among the participants.

Two other herbs were combined with Crataeva nurvala in the study. These herbs consisted of Lindera aggregate root extract and Equisetum arvense stem extract.

3) Kidney Efficiency

The kidneys play a crucial part in renal function. Some men may experience renal problems when they have an enlarged prostate. This may happen when the bladder does not empty properly. It may also occur when there is too much pressure on the bladder. This causes pressure in the kidneys too.

The use of Varuna, as a diuretic, may be beneficial for kidney function too. One scientific paper explains that the plant is highly effective at preventing kidney stones.

The product helps to minimize the deposition of certain chemicals in the kidneys. These chemicals are the cause of the development of kidney stones. When kidney stones develop, a man may suffer severe pain and accompanying symptoms. The herb makes it less likely for a man to develop these kidney stones.

In cases where kidney stones have developed, Varuna may still be beneficial. The product might be able to assist in dissolving these stones. This acts as an effective treatment without the need for pharmaceutical products.

4) Prevent Formation Of Stone In Urinary Tract

In addition to kidney stones, Varuna may also be helpful for urinary tract stones. This condition is often referred to as Urolithiasis. Stones that develop in the urinary tract can be just as bothersome. The symptoms may include pain and discomfort. There may also be blood in the man’s urine.

One study4 looked at the efficacy of Varuna in the treatment of Urolithiasis. The researchers found that Varuna may be able to assist in preventing this condition in the first place. Furthermore, the use of this herb could also help to treat existing Urolithiasis.

People with Urolithiasis often experience a recurrence every five years. This accounts for about 50% of all patients. In these cases, Varuna may be advised as a preventative strategy.

Side Effects And Possible Interactions Of Varuna (Crataeva nurvala)

Understanding the safety of a natural herb is important before taking the product. Even though all-natural, some herbs can still produce unpleasant side effects. This is why men should understand the risks associated with the use of Varuna supplements.

Research regarding the safety of Varuna is still somewhat limited. This makes it hard for people to understand what side effects they should expect. In most cases, it does seem like the herb is safe.

The body is able to tolerate the active ingredients that are in this herbal extract.

A person must follow the dosage instructions provided, however. Limited details are currently available on the toxicity of the plant. Thus, it is not yet known if the herb may cause toxicity or harm to the body when taken in large doses.

Furthermore, there is limited data available on potential interactions. A person should be cautious when using this herb with pharmaceutical drugs they take to manage chronic conditions.

A doctor will be able to determine if this herbal product is safe for a person to use. It is also important to be cautious when mixing this herbal supplement with other natural products. You should take careful consideration of the effects into account. This can help a person avoid unpleasant side effects and interactions.

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The Varuna plant may provide an effective way of reducing symptoms often associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The herb is in many supplements that focus on improving urinary symptoms.

Supplements with Varuna may also help dissolve kidney stones. It may also be useful in cases where a man develops a stone in their urinary tract. We considered what the Varuna herb is in this post. We also looked at what this herb can do for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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