How To Lower Your Estrogen Levels With Supplements

Sex hormones are essential for males and females in many ways. 

But this is not a straightforward topic because all males have some estrogen, and all females have some testosterone. 

But which one is dominant? In males, estrogen levels shouldn’t impair testosterone signaling.

When this hormone balance is altered, the affected sex hormone and its metabolites disrupt the communication with different organs and tissues. 

It sounds complicated, but it’s not.

After reading this article, you will clearly understand sex hormone imbalances in males. More specifically, estrogen dominance. 

You will also know how to flush out excess estrogen using science-backed supplements for estrogen dominance. 

If you’re experiencing low testosterone symptoms, these recommendations may help you find the source and fix the problem naturally.

What is estrogen dominance?

Estrogen dominance in males is an increase of estrogen levels beyond the normal threshold. Males also have some circulating estrogen, and the average levels suffer fluctuations as we age:

  • In puberty, it is usually below 16 pg/mL.
  • In adult males, estradiol levels are between 10 and 40 pg/mL.

This is minimal compared to the upper limit of 350 pg/mL in women and should not cause any problem as long as it is contained. 

Estrogen dominance is detected in a doctor’s office through hormone testing. But you may also suspect the problem by turning on your estrogen radar.

The symptoms of estrogen dominance include:

When estrogen is high and you still have normal testosterone levels, lowering estrogen levels can be enough to solve the problem. An estrogen detoxification program can do the trick. It combines supplements and a series of lifestyle modifications.

estrogen blocker for men

What supplements can lower estrogen levels in men?

Do you have the estrogen dominance symptoms mentioned above? If so, talk to your doctor and measure your testosterone and estrogen levels.

Discuss the best treatment course with your doctor if estradiol or estriol levels are causing these symptoms. In some cases, natural supplements to lower estrogen levels in males are enough to solve the problem.

For instance, we have these estrogen blockers:

Wild nettle root

This is a natural estrogen blocker typically used in patients with prostate issues. It has aromatase inhibitory effects. 

In other words, it blocks the activity of an enzyme that transforms testosterone into estrogen. Thus, it can be used as a supplement for estrogen dominance (1).


This phytonutrient comes from honey and passionflower. There is still some evidence to be collected in human trials, but studies so far suggest it might also block the aromatase enzyme. 

A new line of research is trying to isolate the compound and create chrysin derivatives to maximize the effect on the aromatase enzyme (2, 3).


This Peruvian food has become popular to enhance fertility and promote sexual behavior. Some authors suggest that it may also block estrogen in males. 

Maca is entirely harmless and contains extra vitamins and nutrients that may contribute to the solution.

Grape seed extract

Grapes are beneficial foods for hormonal imbalances in almost every way. They contain resveratrol, an antioxidant with some antiestrogenic capacity. 

Moreover, grape seed extract has been found to suppress estrogen synthesis. It is very effective. So much so that researchers are trying to use it as therapy in estrogen-dependent cancers (4).

Calcium D-glucarate

Calcium D-glucarate is also a natural ingredient in fruits and vegetables. It reduced estrogen levels by up to 23% when administered to animal models. 

It is also known to increase testosterone levels, and studies have found an increment in urinary testosterone after using these anti-estrogen supplements (5).


This supplement is becoming famous among Asian researchers, and there are a few studies in English, too. It contains potent aromatase inhibitors

Thus, your body will stop producing estrogen from your circulating testosterone. More importantly, your testosterone levels will increase, as studies show. It stimulates your pituitary and gonads to produce sex hormones in adult males (6).

Talk to your doctor if you’re planning to use a product that contains these ingredients. They are safe, and some have additional health benefits for the liver and other organs in the body. However, it is always good to check for interactions, especially if you are receiving multiple drugs for chronic disease.

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Other ways men can naturally reduce their estrogen levels

We mentioned that estrogen detox programs to reduce your estrogen levels include supplements and lifestyle modifications.

These lifestyle modifications are also essential for estrogen detox. Nowadays, we have a strong environmental influence and don’t even realize it. But we can make at least four changes to correct the problem:

Avoiding environmental estrogens

There are plenty of endocrine modulators in our environment. We may not be able to avoid them altogether, but we can do our best. 

  • For instance, we can avoid eating meat from animals injected with hormones. Organic meat can be a good option whenever possible. 
  • Also, use glass containers instead of plastic to store your food. 
  • Take a look at your cleaning products and shampoos, and make sure they don’t have endocrine modulators called parabens.

Maintain a healthy weight

Detoxing estrogen can be a bit difficult if you’re obese. The aromatase enzyme is found in the adipose tissue. 

The more body fat you have, the more active this enzyme will be. So, as you correct the problem, try to reach a healthy weight. Doing so will reduce estrogen levels and improve your cardiovascular risk.

Adopt an estrogen dominance diet

An estrogen dominance diet is a diet with foods that lower estrogen. Food is not only a source of calories and energy. It also protects your endocrine system and balances the chemicals in your body. 

In some cases, what you eat contributes to flushing out toxins and excess hormones.

For instance, we know that cabbage and broccoli sprouts contain DIM, which balances your estrogen levels. Fish oil helps your body produce more testosterone. Besides helping constipation, fiber regulates your gut microbiome and contributes to toxin elimination, too.

You may also want to consider reducing the intake of soy products and ground flaxseeds. They have phytoestrogens that may not be a good addition if you already have a hormonal problem.

Limit alcohol intake

Some foods and drinks inhibit aromatase function. Others have the exact opposite effect. Alcohol is one of them. 

Studies show that heavy alcohol consumption activates the enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen. 

That’s one of the reasons why alcoholic males tend to have lower testosterone levels than the average. 

It also explains the association between alcohol intake and breast cancer. So, if you want protection and a hormone cleanse, it is a good idea to start by reducing alcohol intake.

The best part is that most of these modifications are easy to make without extra expenses. 

However, these natural measures are sometimes not enough if your problem is severe. Therefore, if your estrogen levels don’t reduce with foods and supplements, visit your doctor again to evaluate your options and see what is going on.

How long does it take to naturally reduce your estrogen levels?

Now you know how to lower estrogen naturally. But how long does it take? In most cases, it only takes a matter of weeks to reduce your estrogen levels if you are using supplements or prescribed medications. 

For instance, a study published in the Journal of the American Naturopathic Medical Association showed a 47.88% reduction in estradiol levels after ten days of receiving a supplement with Cyperus rotundus, Curcuma zedoaria, and Astragalus membranaceus (7).

Your results may depend on your problem’s severity, the combination you’re taking, and how your lifestyle factors influence your hormone detox. Even the best estrogen supplements may fail if you don’t follow the recommendations.

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Males have testosterone, and females have estrogen. It should be as simple as that, but it is not. 

Men still have some circulating estrogen, and that is normal. But when the threshold is crossed, we talk about estrogen dominance, and men start experiencing uncomfortable symptoms.

Estrogen dominance is sometimes severe and requires medical treatment. In other cases, you can achieve a solution with a few natural products and foods.

We have reviewed in this article different supplements to lower estrogen naturally. Most of them inhibit an enzyme in the body that converts male sex hormones into estrogen.

A complete hormone cleanse should also include a few lifestyle modifications. They include staying at a healthy weight, eating healthily, and avoiding environmental estrogen sources. 

Consume selected foods to lower estrogen and stay away from hormonal disruptors. Doing so will help you reverse estrogen dominance naturally.

In severe cases, you might need high estrogen treatment, which your doctor prescribes. Luckily, most of us only experience a minor imbalance that is corrected with lifestyle measures, a healthy diet, and a science-backed supplement.

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